Friday, 11 September 2015

RENDER - Crusher and Corveena Pro style

Lucy and Corveena have decided to test their rivalry in a different manner.

Pro style.

Not just submission grappling and holds. Throws and even strikes.

Wonder how this goes?

Does Corveena's superior wrestling background and knowledge of throws give her the advantage with the shift away from submissions?

We've mentioned that Lucy does roller derby. Had we mentioned she'd done a bit of pro wrestling before also?

First up is the collar and elbow in the middle of the ring.

Corveena may know throws, but the collar and elbow is a new technique for her. So when theCrusher goes for the single underhook our medal winning wrestler is off guard. Next thing she's off her feet.

Text book hip toss.

The throw isn't that powerful. Corveena is back on her feet quickly. Unfortunately for her she's allowed Lucy to get behind her.

Turning around she walks right into the clothesline, which feels like it's nearly taken her head off.

Welcome to the pro game - Corveena is down on her back...

For the count?

No. You don't win trophies at national meets because it's easy for someone to put your shoulder blades for the count.

Unfortunately kicking out of one situation moves onto another.

Corveena is pretty resilient though, so she's smart enough to not allow the reverse triangle.

Not quite anyway. With both arms in the scissor the choke is blocked, but this is still a massively uncomfortable spot to be in...

Corveena works her way to the escape and they break at the ropes.

Standing it's time to resume another collar and elbow.

Corveena has a different idea. Pulling one out of her bag of tricks is nothing too fancy.

Just a textbook fireman's carry.

Now the Crusher knows what it feels like to fly.

Before the Crusher can even regroup Corveena has gone back to her own play book again.

The fireman's carry was a setup only after all. With Crusher dazed Corveena can set the real play.

Crusher knows what it feels like to fly again. This time the crash is more pronounced.

And now Corveena is going to the playbook the pros use.

Crusher has picked up her nick name for a few reasons. One of those is to do with what happens when she gets someone between her legs and squeezes.

Roller derby will do that.

A spinning toe hold will put a crimp in all of that however.

The spinning toe hold is pretty satisfying. What would be more cool would be showing off a few things Corveena has learned since they last rolled on the mats.

A knee-bar for example.

Like the one Crusher used on Corveena.

Well obviously you need to learn things someplace.

Lucy is forced to twist and spin. Finally she gets Corveena's back and the leg bar is released.

This almost instinct. A side headlock is an ok technique to rest and wear down your opponent, but against a top flight wrestler you won't keep this position.

Sure enough. Twisting and turning Crusher may have held onto a headlock but both women are on their feet.

Turns out she's held it too long. Corveena gets her centre under the Crusher's.

Time to lift. Time to lower. Or is that drop?

A shin breaker on the Crusher's leg. Corveena seems to have a game plan here...

In the middle of the ring Corveena sets the Indian death lock. Crusher knows what's coming.

That's why she doesn't wait.

She's making a lot of noise right now!

Lucy still has a lot of stamina. Brute force alone she powers to the ropes.

Corveena breaks the hold and makes the ultimate rookie mistake.

She turns her back as she walks back to the centre of the ring.

The error of her ways is driven home with an enzurgi.

Just like that this match has taken a big swing.

Pressing her advantage the Crusher pulls out a very old school technique.

Old school but very effective. Sitting Corveena up the Crusher lets her opponent's head hang forward.

This next part isn't very sophisticated.

More or less a belly flop if you will.

All of the Crusher's body wait diving onto the mat.

And coming down on the back of Corveena's neck.

Did we just hear something crunch?

Lucy reckons maybe something did crunch. But better check to be certain.

This is about as unsophisticated as it gets.

And there's definitely something very wrong going on in those vertebrae.

But Corveena doesn't tap.

So time for the Crusher to go to her playbook.

Corveena has been inside Crusher's figure four headscissor before. Last time she barely managed to tap out before her eyeballs popped out of her skull.

But that time Crusher was walking around on two good legs.

Turns out that those earlier attacks to the leg have made a difference.

Even with her neck in a bad way - this isn't a finish...

Twisting and using brute force, Corveena turns the hold and pulls her head out.

The Crusher is face down and Corveena has Lucy's legs tangled with her own arms.

Taking her time, Corveena gets to her feet.

She's still holding the Crusher's legs. Lucy is in a bad way right now...

The angles and leverage are all wrong, Crusher escapes this one and they're back to their feet.

Another collar and elbow, and again Lucy's experience in pro style tells. Corveena isn't

familiar with this setup.

Crusher is. Including how to transition to a standing wrist lock.

Corveena grimances in pain, turning her head away.

Well that was a mistake.

The pressure on her arm is relieved suddenly. Just long enough to turn back.

Turning right into a superkick...

Does she stay on her back for the three count this time?

No. Simple blind dumb instinct perhaps, but from someplace something twists and lifts a shoulder.

Crusher moves back to another side headlock.

Corveena's neck has to be in a bad way now. Maybe this time it's more than a resting technique to wear Corveena down.

Corveena is getting very tired of this. Getting back to her feet her hands find the Crusher's face.

Her thumbs find the Crusher's eyes...

The spinning toe hold facelock, or just called the STF. Corveena is working the finish.

Crusher is grasping for the ropes.

Lucy gets to the ropes. After the hold is released she's hanging on like her life depends on it.

Which leaves her entire side and rib cage unprotected.

Corveena isn't above kicking someone when they're down.

Especially not if it's right in the liver.

Lucy gasps with the impact. The blow to her liver sends stabbing pain up and down her entire body, paralysing her completely.

Corveena knows what this feels like from an accidental knee in training once.

So she knows that the Crusher is helpless to defend against being dragged back to the middle of the ring.

Helpless against whatever she might want to do.

Helpless against a figure four leg lock.

Corveena's neck is still hurting though...

Somehow - somehow....

Lucy drags herself - and Corveena - to the ropes.

Another break.

How the hell?

Corveena is furious. Really angry.

Crusher knows to hang onto the ropes, defend, and gather her senses...

As long as it takes...

Another collar and elbow. Close to the ropes. Surely the Crusher can't defend from a bad leg.

Lucy still has a trick or three. Falling backwards she pulls Corveena off balance.

Bouncing off the ropes forward, she slips her arm around the back of Corveena's neck.

Catching the opposite elbow of the arm attached to the hand that's now over Corveena's mouth and nose.

Corveena is mostly thinking about the way her neck is feeling right now.

These are not nice thoughts...

Corveena manages to twist - back into a standing headlock.

She knows what she needs to do.

She needs to centre.

She needs to get her balance.

She needs to get her centre of gravity.

She needs to lift Lucy up and slam her headfirst back down.

She needs to get the side of Lucy's breast out of her face.

Lucy knows all of this.

She's not waiting for it to happen.

Another quick twist, then a spin.

This is how you deliver a neckbreaker - old school indeed.

And now Corveena is the one on the mat with stabbibng pains across her body - helpless and unable to defend.

Lucy's leg is really bad. She can't close the scissor.

But her arms are fine, and the dragon sleeper is locked in.


Corveena feels like her head is being ripped off her shoulders.

She feels her own pulse slamming inside her skull as the circulation to her brain is cut off.

She feels Lucy's breast against the side of her face still....

And now Corveena feels nothing at all...

Lucy would celebrate more. If she could stand up anyway.

Sitting is fine...

Thursday, 3 September 2015

RENDER - To the (other) victor the (other spoils).

While they were sorting out who wears which bikini we should note that Corveena won a few falls also...   ;)