Thursday, 28 July 2016

RENDER - I'm supposed to do what?

Jessica warned Marielle against letting Jewell getting both hands on one of her wrists - that her older sister was like a pitbull when an armbar was in sight. Marielle found that out herself shortly after.

Jessica also warned Marielle, Jewell hates to tap out. Especially to chokes.

Well here we are, and this triangle is locked down very tightly. Jewell is starting to make some weird noises, but she's still fighting and spluttering. Marielle looks to Jessica outside the ring.

"Told you..."

"So what do I do now?"

"I suppose you choke her out."

"This is your sister we're talking about?"

"Remember how we met?"

For those that don't look here.

RENDER - Comic style (finished!)

Many thanks to the crew at Rival Angels for creative license.   :)

And *double* thanks for the improved captions and sound effects even!!!!   :D


RENDER - Next preview

I didn't have a plan when I started doing this stuff.

Well a little bit of one, but not much of one.

As I got ideas and created characters and scenes I had it in my head that I'd spend time as evenly as possible with different characters. I always knew I'd probably focus a bit here and there with particular characters, I just hoped I'd spend a bit with each of them

There are several who haven't had much mat time in months now of course.

What I also had in mind, for some reason, was that I'd have my own favorites and those would probably be the upper tier of my roster. That notion was done in a long time ago when Candi was both one of my more popular OCs and very much a beginner on the roster. Perhaps it was the fact that she was an early fave for a few others?

I remember the first time I used a complete character set with tattoos.

"Corveena" is a complete character preset at the DAZ3D store for Genesis. I didn't even give her a different name.

One day surfing the web I came across a red headed roller derby performer, and inspiration struck again. Using a few bits and pieces I'd assembled over a couple of years I came up with my own red head in roller skates. I have no idea why, at the time it just seemed logical she'd have a braid.

The character needed a little something extra...

A quick google image search there was decently sized rose to become a tattoo on the hip and a flower vine that became a sleeve on the left arm.

And that's how we all got Lucy.

And because I'd brought them both in at the same level (for no reason at all) and because it just seemed a logical thing to do, they became rivals over the past little bit.

And then because Lucy in particular struck a chord with others, and because those chords came from a couple different locations, and because one of those chords came from someone I've followed and respected and been jealous of for some time (the guys at Rival Angels have a thing called talent; I consider myself more of a backyard mechanic)...

Well Lucy has been making a lot of appearances lately also.

And I'm the last person to be unhappy about this.

The last time Lucy and Corveena met was particularly poor in terms of the outcome for Lucy.

Corveena was in a bad mood that day. When she was done Lucy was in a very bad way (that day).

Everything has a cost of some sort. Some of those costs gather interest.

Lucy and Corveena are both checking out different suits in the gym at the same time.

A few others see what's about to happen and intervene before anything really bad happens.

"Go get your boots on and settle this in the ring!"

So they have their boots on.

Seems the second step has been missed.

We've mentioned before that Lucy's balance and control from top is incredible - especially when she can plant her feet (like she has here).

Corveena was a national level amateur wrestler. Not often her shoulders get planted a solidly as this.

Would this be legal at an amateur wrestling meet?

I think the hair pull is a definite no-no...

Before things go too far they're broken up, separated, and kept apart.

"Get it into the ring guys!"

So they do...

Monday, 18 July 2016

RENDER - Alicia Wells / Guest Roster

Born and raised in London, Alicia was trouble from a young age. If the local kids were fighting, there was an excellent chance she’d be at the centre of it and giving as good as she got – if not better. If she wasn’t fighting on the streets, she was probably scrapping with her older siblings. More often than not, she won those too even if Alicia didn’t seem to care about whether she won or lost. She just loved to fight and she was good at it. Her parents really didn’t know what to do with her.

First, they signed her up for dance classes. That didn’t help, nor did the gymnastics and running that followed. Eventually, having had enough, her mother and father bit the bullet and signed their daughter up for a local kickboxing class. They were hoping that, if they couldn’t stop her fighting, they could at least make sure she was doing it in a supervised environment. Alicia took to kickboxing like a fish takes to swimming. Soon enough, she was doing MMA as well and loving that just as much. Smart, ruthless and aggressive on the mats, she should have been competing at a much higher level but that was a step too far for her parents.

Instead, she ran and did gymnastics until her growth spurt nipped that one in the bud, although she retains her flexibility. As for her fighting, well, there were the matches at the classes. And the ones after hours at school. And the ones in a friend’s basement… Let’s just say Alicia deserved her reputation as a troublemaker. And her school had no shortage of idiots who thought calling her ‘thunder thighs’ or just fat was a good plan. She may not have had the in figure – she’s always been on the curvy side – but she’s never been fat in her life.

Then Alicia was introduced to the bodyscissors by her then-girlfriend and, well, the time she accidentally cracked a football player’s ribs probably had something to do with the nicknames stopping.


The nicknames stopped in a hurry after that one.

After school, it was off to university to study history. Not that her studies stopped her more athletic activities. Less gymnastics of course, but still running and some weight work too. And, of course, kickboxing and MMA, now with a little wrestling into the bargain. That was fun, even if she didn’t take to throws and pins as much as her striking and submission game, but it was still useful.
Her best weapons are still those legs – lots of knockouts scored with kicks and people tap fast if she gets those thighs around them (if they don’t go out first). She isn’t called the Scissor Queen for nothing. But Alicia can back it up with a solid grasp of basic chokes and joint locks, ten years’ experience and a great striking game. On the other hand, while she’s got plenty of time on the mats, most of it isn’t against world-class opponents. But she learns fast, loves to fight and has a smirk a serial killer would be proud of. At university, she could also finally join a team and start racking up a proper score.

Nowadays, with her degree under her belt, Alicia loves to fight as much as ever. She’s happy to challenge anyone although she has a growing reputation – this redhead wants a challenge. Anyone who goes up against her and doesn’t measure up is guaranteed to end the match out cold. Aside from fighting and training, she’s in the middle of a Masters focusing on the decline and fall of the Roman Republic and can as easily talk people’s ears off about that as her last match.
Alicia is actually a pretty nice, cool lady – even if she’s a demon in the ring.

Check out Alicia at her creators page here

Alicia Wells by Veherzak 

Here's the image commissioned by the awesome Yomitrooper (also on DA YomiTrooper)

And here's my 3D version. I think we need to get her on the mats in the AfwFan gym at some point also.  :)

Saturday, 16 July 2016

RENDER - Corveena and Lucy full match (the second)

Thanks and credit to a good friend online for the write ups here.  :)

Thank you James. Thank you mate!



Here we are.

As explained before, Lucy and Corveena have rolled before, both pro-style and otherwise. Their last pro-style match ended with a hard-fought win for the Crusher and Corveena has decided she wants to try again.

Lucy doesn’t have a problem with that and they square off in the ring.


Well, she goes for the collar and elbow tie up middle of the ring. Simple, straightforward, how they started the last time around.

Except, as she does, Corveena goes for the hair instead.

Lucy is a bit surprised – caught off guard, she isn’t sure how to react.



One very stiff knee to the belly later and the Crusher’s legs are feeling a bit wobbly.

While she’s gasping for breath, she finds herself thrown face first to the mat.

Which leads right into Corveena trying to twist her foot right off at the ankle. An ankle lock is simple, efficient and very, very painful.

Way too early in the match for a submission but she is determined to take Crusher’s scissor holds out of the game as soon as possible.

Hey, it nearly worked last time.

And speaking of things that nearly worked last time…

Remember this one?

Lucy definitely does and, judging by the way it feels, Corveena’s been practicing since they last fought. Her knee definitely isn’t feeling good as it’s yanked back in a way it’s very much not meant to go.

She manages to claw her way over to the ropes for the break but her right leg is already in a world of hurt. The Crusher is slow to her feet. Once she makes it, it’s back to the middle of the ring presumably for a proper collar and elbow this time.

Except not this time either.

No, as she goes to lock up this time, she gets a fist to the face instead.

Lucy tries to respond in kind, but she’s not quite fast enough before Corveena snaps a kick to the back of the knee. Luckily, she had her good leg forward but it still buckles and her punch goes wide.

Crusher straightens right back up into a roundhouse kick that puts stars in her eyes.

The redhead is left staggering, guard completely down. Which leaves her easy prey for the Super Kick to the jaw that follows.

Those stars are now the arena lights. And Lucy is already on the back foot, with one leg hurting and her skull definitely rattled from two hard kicks in rapid succession.

Corveena could probably go for the pin here. She might not get a three count, but she could definitely make Lucy waste some more energy kicking out. Or with Crusher flat on her back, she has a golden opportunity to go for a sneaky triangle.

But no. She goes right back after that right leg. Maybe she has a game plan.

Or maybe she’s in a very bad mood. Crusher would have a strong opinion, but she’s mostly just in a lot of pain.

The spinning toe hold is deceptively simple and very old school. Grab the leg, put your own above your opponent’s opposite hip and spin three-sixty degrees. It hits the ankle and the knee and – remember – Crusher’s knee and ankle are already in a bad way.

If you’re feeling particularly mean (to put it nicely), you can then spin around again to torque the hold more.

People have had their legs broken this way.

Guess what Corveena does…

Somehow, Lucy manages to work free without anything popping but she’s not out of the woods yet.

It’s back to another hold from their last match. The STF, stepover toe hold facelock, does absolutely no good whatsoever for the neck or the back – they get stretched pretty mercilessly.

For some reason, it’s the way it’s stretching her right knee that has Lucy wincing though.

That leg is now in a very, very bad way, enough so that standing hurts.

Which is a problem because Corveena promptly scoops her up and goes to her playbook for the first time in the match.

She was an amateur wrestler, remember?

So, staying behind Lucy, it’s arms around the waist and up and over and down right on the Crusher’s head, neck and shoulders.

It’s a German Suplex.

Well. At least it gave her leg a rest?

Corveena doesn’t feel like giving her too much of a rest though before she pulls the redhead back to her feet. Lucy is again too dazed to resist and Corveena’s arms go around her neck this time.

The sleeper hold has Crusher struggling again.

She fights back as best she could but, before long, she’s down on one knee with Corveena’s noose tightening. 

And then she’s sitting down.

Still tightening…

That’s not a very healthy colour either – looks like Corveena is working for the finish here.

Things are starting to blur.

Could this be it?

Lucy’s arms waver, her eyes flutter-

And Corveena… 

She lets her go.



Crusher would be a lot more confused about that if she was a bit more awake.

But she’s pretty groggy. So she doesn’t really struggle as Corveena drags her across the mat.

So, what does our Gothic dancer have in mind this time?

Well, the reason Lucy got that nickname – one of them – is because she’s the local scissor ace.

That’s why Corveena’s been going after her legs.

Right now though, she’s looking to show that she can ‘crush’ things pretty well herself.

She’s also feeling like showing off and she’s still sore from losing last time.

Really not a great place for the redhead. Corveena’s legs aren’t anything to sniff at either. Her head’s trapped between the ropes, she can’t force her way out with her arms and her own legs are basically helpless. And she doesn’t exactly have time to spare even if she wasn’t still half-dozy from that enforced nap a minute ago.

Still she tries. You’ve got to give her that. Lucy’s still fighting.

Corveena just leans casually against the ropes, enjoying the way Lucy’s struggles weaken, not even looking at her.

Let’s just add humiliation to the reasons for this hold.

But the end’s definitely in sight now.

It’s got to be.

Except Corveena lets Lucy go again.

Very odd. This is the sort of thing you’d expect from Jacelyn, not so much Corveena.

Seriously, what’s going on here?

Well, that was a double underhook piledriver – just when Lucy was starting to shake off those kicks too.

And that is a camel clutch. So now her back is joining the chorus of things that hurt.

But that’s not how Corveena wants to win either. So she breaks the clutch, pulls Lucy back up off the floor and goes back to her playbook.

She gets Crusher in a front facelock, drapes the redhead’s arm over her own shoulder and hooks the leg, going for a fisherman’s suplex-

Turns out pride does go before a fall.

Also turns out that Lucy had something left.

She blocks the suplex, reverses it and, while Corveena is in shock, rolls her up into a sneaky Spider Clutch.

And suddenly Corveena is the one in trouble.

Crusher’s right leg is in bad shape. Doesn’t matter. She’s got both her opponent’s arms trapped. And she’s got Corveena’s neck pressed between her linked hands and thigh.

This is what nearly happened to Jacelyn. She got overconfident, gave Lucy a chance and nearly paid the price for it.

Lucy is in considerably worse shape here. But Corveena’s no Jacelyn and her grasp of exotic submission techniques isn’t as good as Lucy’s. Unless she gets out fast, she might not be getting out at all.

Wrenching back with everything she’s got, Crusher goes for it knowing she might not get another chance.

Can she pull off the upset?

No, no she can’t.

Corveena manages to escape. The raven-haired grappler isn’t home free yet – Lucy still has her in half-guard – but it’s a lot better than her position a minute ago.

Not that she really had to worry. But she just had a bit of a scare and she’s angry and embarrassed and in no mood to play nicely.

Being considerably fresher than Lucy, she has no trouble posturing up.

From there, with Crusher’s left leg out of position, it’s pretty easy for her to fall back, grab Lucy’s foot and this is another hold Lucy’s getting very familiar with.

Much to her regret, it must be added.

Corveena traps that battered right leg between her own, wedges her forearm under that big tendon at the back of the ankle and leans back. We saw Eloise score a win over Lien Hua recently with just this hold and Lucy’s scream shows just how painful it is.

There’s the pain from the Achilles tendon being pressured between Corveena’s forearm and the bone behind it in the leg. There’s the pain from Lucy’s foot being hyperextended at a truly agonising angle.

Given the abuse that leg’s already been through, this is basically torture. Lucy is almost instantly on the verge of tapping.

Her hand hovers over Corveena’s leg as her pride and common sense battle. It rises and goes to fall-

And Corveena lets go. Again.

So now Lucy can barely stand. So much for that comeback.

Now that she’s conclusively taken out Lucy’s vertical base, Corveena decides to show off her power some.

So she gets Lucy on her feet (sort of) and scoops her up onto her shoulder. She holds her there for a moment, rubbing her dominance in just that little more, and then brings her down.

Scoop slam.

Actually, no.

Corveena posts her knee out as she brings Lucy down.

Scoop slam into a backbreaker!

Already tenderised by that Boston Crab, there’s now something seriously up with her back.

Crusher twists off, falls to the mat where she writhes in pain as Corveena watches with a slight, satisfied smirk.

Surely she’s done this time.

Seems she isn’t.

So, what does she have in mind this time?

Whatever it is, it looks like something more out of Lucy’s playbook…

Normally a basic triangle like this…

Ok, it’s always dangerous. But Lucy would have options.

But Corveena’s got her good, that calf muscle pressing firmly into her throat and her shoulder pressing tight into the side of her neck.

It’s a recipe for a quick knockout so it’s really no surprise when Corveena shifts position.

It’s been about three quarters of an hour since they started rolling.

Lucy’s feeling less than ideal. She’s slightly concussed, not helped by repeated near-choking and blood chokes. Her right leg is mangled, her neck and back are in a bad way too and her shoulder is now being twisted as well.

And she’s still effectively stuck in a triangle choke.

This stopped being a match several holds ago.

But Corveena still hasn’t worked out her issues, whatever they may be.

Maybe this would be a fun way to win?

Usually Crusher’s on the giving end when it comes to figure four headscissors, as Corveena’s neck is painfully aware.
Seriously, Lucy nearly popped her head that one time.
Turnabout is fair play though and Corveena feels she’d like to show Lucy she has a pretty good handle on this hold too.
Not as good as Lucy’s. Crusher isn’t going anywhere near as purple as Corveena did.
Not as good as Jacelyn’s even. The Strangler’s strength is pretty deceptive.
But still plenty good enough. Again, dancers have strong legs and, while Lucy is pretty awesome at slipping holds like this, that damaged wheel is really impeding her ability to work position.
That and everything else that's damaged.
But Corveena isn’t done playing catch and release here.
To be clear, this is very mean.
She doesn’t seem to care much.

What we have here is an unusual choice for Corveena. Either called the tuning fork or the Rings of Saturn, it’s all about wrenching your opponent’s shoulders back until they start to twang. 

Like a tuning fork.

Lucy would very much like to tap now but the positioning makes that tricky. She tries anyway.

Corveena just ignores her.

Lucy’s also screaming. Her shoulders are definitely in a bad way now.

Corveena, by contrast, is playing at this point.

Lucy doesn’t like this game much.

Most pro-wrestling fans ought to know this hold. It’s another of the simple but insidious variety – once the arm is trapped, getting out absent a rope break is pretty tricky.

And having the neck pulled back at that angle is agonising even if it hadn’t been put through a STF, suplexes, piledrivers, chokes, scissors…

Crusher’s not getting to the ropes here. 

It’s not happening, much as she tries. So she’s quickly tapping again.

Predictably, Corveena’s not letting go until she’s ready.

She’s still not done though.

Back up only to be flattened by a clothesline.

Normally a fairly simple move but, with Lucy’s neck as it is, she really didn’t need that.

It’s actually a bit reckless.

Not as reckless as this though.

Peeling Lucy off the canvas again, Corveena stuffs her head between her thighs and poses.

Seriously, like something out of a magazine.

It’s all Crusher can do to stand.

Then she finds arms around her waist and leg, she’s pulled up.

And Corveena sits down sharply to deliver the piledriver.

Piledrivers – worked, pro-wrestling piledrivers – have ended careers before thanks to head and neck injury.

That, just so everyone’s clear, wasn’t a worked piledriver.

Corveena just spiked Lucy’s head into the canvas, jarring her neck and risking serious injury.

Ok, seriously, what’s going on with Corveena?

The chokeout here is entirely academic. Lucy’s already all-but unconscious and probably concussed.

Corveena goes for it anyway. The redhead doesn’t even struggle.

And finally, finally, she doesn’t let go until Crusher isn’t moving.

Because, if there’s one benefit to being knocked out, it’s that she can’t feel everything hurt.

It’s over.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

RENDER - Nice spot for a holiday

Jessica and Jacelyn are an item now. Have been for a little while.

Time for a weekend away. Looks like a nice spot.

"Your top has gone see-through from the pool."

"Yours seems to  gone invisible from the sun."

Render done twice at different times of day/angle of sun, unsure which one I like best so I've uploaded both.

RENDERS - Gabi and Diana

To say that life has been crazy busy lately would be an understatement.

I recently completed a full match set (about 30 renders) with Corveena and Lucy going pro style; I've needed to ask an online friend for help with the write ups.

Out of nowhere I get a few hours spare.

So Gabi is added to the roster first. Then she rolls with Dani.

And now she's rolling with Diana.

Now we mentioned earlier that Gabi works for a video company that specializes in very adult female wrestling. We also mentioned earlier that Diana is into other women (not men).

So it turns out that Gabi has a fan in the gym.

The women had met earlier, albeit briefly. Diana manages an adult dance club and Gabi was featured a few months back.

Diana asks if they could get to know each other better?

Gabi is comfortable on her back working from full guard. The same even she has to admit having someone like Diana on top of you can be a distraction.

Diana moves to half guard, and then...

Gabi isn't sure what just happened. Her arm is trapped, Diana has got full weight on top, she can't turn or twist, and Diana has her right arm completely free.

Diana plucks at Gabi's bikini string. She glides her nails gently up Gabi's torso, detouring to brush across the side of Gabi's breast. Diana gently pushes Gabi's hair out of her face.

And Gabi is acutely aware of the feeling of Diana's breasts pushing into her own chest.

So Gabi says, "I need you to show me how you set that up. I'm going to use it the next time I shoot a video session."

To which Diana answers "No problem. I've got a couple more things to show you first."

Diana pulls her leg out and moves to full mount. From here even Gabi has an idea what's coming.

And now the arm triangle is locked in from full mount.

For a fast submission you'd move to your opponent's side to increase the pressure. Diana's upper both strength is such that she doesn't need to do this. Instead she keeps Gabi pinned flat with her legs stretched and grape-vined.

And still Gabi seems acutely aware of Diana's breasts and the bare skin of her stomach and legs tight to her own.

Gabi manages to twist and escape, except now she's given up her back.

Diana gets both hooks in deep and starts working the rear naked choke.

Gabi is defending when...

"What are you doing with your foot?"

"I buffed my heels just for you today. You like?"

"Now a good time to tell you I prefer guys?"

Stopping, "Shame. I hoped you were flexible about that sort of thing."


"Actually I am flexible, so how about we finish this someplace more private?"

Friday, 8 July 2016

RENDER - Introducing Gabi

Sometimes something enters the head and you just need to get it out.

I mentioned in an earlier post(s) that I prefer legit / non topless women's wrestling.

I have heard of the company Ultimate Surrender.

In part this is because I found out that's where Ariel X had gotten started.

Now I get that many of the grapplers on the mat have legit technique and all of that.

No matter - most of what the Ultimate Surrender crews does is not my thing.

No judgement here by the way. I'm just saying it's not for me.

But then a thought falls into place and gets stuck...


Gabi started working tables in school.

Grades were good and college was next.

Then she found out that she could make better tips at places like Hooters.

Then she found out that the tips were even better places where you're willing to take your top off.

And then there's up on the stage.

Degree is finished, and by now Gabi is doing just fine dancing and taking her clothes off. The audience and the attention that cause others nerves don't trouble her at all.

And of course she enjoys the attention, which leads to meeting a few guys.

So at this point she knows how much she enjoys sex, which is a lot.

Now there's another income source and between the clubs and private dates she's enjoying life and earning heaps.

No delusions though. All things pass so she knows to save for a rainy day.

Meeting others and working the business she discovers that by getting into adult video work she can headline clubs and charge a premium for private engagements.

And it's not like a camera is that different to an audience.

Gabi has no delusions. She does have sense. She looks after herself (no drugs) and learns to avoid/deal with the trickier producers and private clients.

Specifically an early piece of advice was to take up grappling classes. In this business there are a lot of ways to end up on your back and need to know how to handle yourself.

Along the way she starts doing video wrestling work now also.

This stuff is definitely adult themed. The bonuses are for things like taking your opponents tops off.

Gabi has heard she can develop her technique here. She meets Dani and they agree to roll.

Gabi has game. Back and forth she's trading falls. Looks like another tier-3 grappler here.

And now Gabi has Dani in a camel clutch.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Sorry. gotta practice for my video company. Just a little groping. It's not like I'm taking your top off."

Dani manages to roll out. Now Gabi still has her back and her neck. And one hand is still fondling her breasts.

Depending on your perspective Dani grabs at the wrong hand. There's an arm around your neck.

Too late, there are two of them.

Gabi doesn't crank down on the choke. She just holds it, tightening slowly to run the hold longer.

In fact Dani ultimately escapes, then reverses.

Now Dani is on top.

And now Gabi is grabbing hair and trying to pull Dani back so she can breathe.

Nah. Tap out it is.

Dani can see the lighter side of the situation.

"Does that kind of submission count for more this company you work for?"

Gabi laughs. "You need another job? I know someplace you could make serious coin!"