Sunday, 10 July 2016

RENDERS - Gabi and Diana

To say that life has been crazy busy lately would be an understatement.

I recently completed a full match set (about 30 renders) with Corveena and Lucy going pro style; I've needed to ask an online friend for help with the write ups.

Out of nowhere I get a few hours spare.

So Gabi is added to the roster first. Then she rolls with Dani.

And now she's rolling with Diana.

Now we mentioned earlier that Gabi works for a video company that specializes in very adult female wrestling. We also mentioned earlier that Diana is into other women (not men).

So it turns out that Gabi has a fan in the gym.

The women had met earlier, albeit briefly. Diana manages an adult dance club and Gabi was featured a few months back.

Diana asks if they could get to know each other better?

Gabi is comfortable on her back working from full guard. The same even she has to admit having someone like Diana on top of you can be a distraction.

Diana moves to half guard, and then...

Gabi isn't sure what just happened. Her arm is trapped, Diana has got full weight on top, she can't turn or twist, and Diana has her right arm completely free.

Diana plucks at Gabi's bikini string. She glides her nails gently up Gabi's torso, detouring to brush across the side of Gabi's breast. Diana gently pushes Gabi's hair out of her face.

And Gabi is acutely aware of the feeling of Diana's breasts pushing into her own chest.

So Gabi says, "I need you to show me how you set that up. I'm going to use it the next time I shoot a video session."

To which Diana answers "No problem. I've got a couple more things to show you first."

Diana pulls her leg out and moves to full mount. From here even Gabi has an idea what's coming.

And now the arm triangle is locked in from full mount.

For a fast submission you'd move to your opponent's side to increase the pressure. Diana's upper both strength is such that she doesn't need to do this. Instead she keeps Gabi pinned flat with her legs stretched and grape-vined.

And still Gabi seems acutely aware of Diana's breasts and the bare skin of her stomach and legs tight to her own.

Gabi manages to twist and escape, except now she's given up her back.

Diana gets both hooks in deep and starts working the rear naked choke.

Gabi is defending when...

"What are you doing with your foot?"

"I buffed my heels just for you today. You like?"

"Now a good time to tell you I prefer guys?"

Stopping, "Shame. I hoped you were flexible about that sort of thing."


"Actually I am flexible, so how about we finish this someplace more private?"

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