Monday, 26 October 2015

RENDER - Happy Halloween

From Jacelyn, Lucy the Crusher, Candi and Dani...

A very happy Halloween to you all and may your trick or treats be as fun and enjoyable as possible.

Friday, 16 October 2015

RENDER - Ivy95

Ivy95 is a cosplayer.

Her Lara Croft is awesome.

Her Princess Leia is awesome.

It's all awesome.

Recently she did a Catwoman set with another Cosplayer doing Black Cat.

More awesomeness.

In the recent Catwoman cosplay she did one scene that was a little more tangled on the floor.

No prizes for guessing may fave.

Inspired accordingly here is my take on Ivy95 doing Catwoman and Black Cat.

And a little bit tangled on the floor.

RENDER - Cassidy Bryce

Cassidy Bryce is a real life gorgeous woman.

Her thing involves being tied up.

Go take a look    :)

I don't know if she does much cosplay. If she did I reckon it would be an awesome Black Canary.

Rolling on the mats even more so?

Our virtual Wonder Woman may disagree...

RENDER - Don't like the way that feels

Kimiko is trying out a bikini for fit.

Jacelyn walks in and makes the observation the suit would look a lot better if there was something in the top.

Kimiko doesn't even look, just answers.

Answer was pretty rude.

Well this is a fighting gym, so Jacelyn reckons she within her rights to take this to the mats.

Jacelyn figures out very, very quickly, that she should have looked more closely.

Now with Jacelyn on her back in a bad spot Kimiko decides to check something for her own curiosity...

Ok so maybe it fills out out top. 

Don't like the way they feel though.