Tuesday, 29 December 2015

RENDER - Crusher dresses up

Eloise is a manager at a restaurant where the service staff have a specific dress code.

Not just the wardrobe, it's how they look wearing same.

Crushed tried messing with Eloise's head during a recent match by asking about the place.

Eloise has taken her up on the question.

Originally Crusher tries something with long sleeves. Eloise nixes that idea quickly.

So hair out and straightened, pumps on, Crusher tries on a few different LBDs (little black dresses).

I think the one on the left if my fave.

"While you're working the tables - it's Lucy. No Crusher."

"At least not unless any of the patrons get out of hand."

RENDER - Eloise and Lucy (aka The Crusher)

My thanks again to JC for help with the write ups here.  :)
The Crusher and Eloise have been rolling for a while now. Neither woman has been able to score a tap but, despite having the better submission game, Eloise isn’t having a great time.

Last we saw her, she’d just twisted out of Lucy’s guard and was fending off a sleeper attempt by the redhead.

Right now? She’s back where she started. Well, almost, because Lucy’s hand on Eloise’s wrist means she isn’t spinning out of this one.

It feels like she has a hydraulic press wrapped around her waist.

The Crusher is grinning up at her.


Actually, she might.

Eloise needs to get out, preferably before Lucy’s vice-like thighs crush her ribs to fine powder.

- - - - -

 After having to tap out to Violet’s scissors, Eloise got some tips on ways to deal with this situation. So she doesn’t panic despite the steel bands tightening around her chest.

First things first. With her free hand, she already has a grip on Lucy’s wrist which she was using to make sure she didn’t get yanked down further into the scissors; now she traps it across her chest.

That means Lucy can’t underhook Eloise for an easy sweep when the blonde posts up, getting her leg under her.

Twisting as best she can and using her momentum, it’s surprisingly easy to pop the Crusher’s scissors at the ankles.

Lucy’s left leg slides harmlessly off her flank. Her right is effectively trapped.

Now it’s Eloise’s turn to smile.

- - - - -

So, we’ve just seen Eloise break – not just slide out of, break – one of the more fearsome holds in the Crusher’s arsenal and do it almost casually.

Pretty impressive.

She’s also had enough of Lucy’s guard. Time to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Falling back to a sitting position, Eloise whips her leg up and over the Crusher’s while the redhead’s still reeling. Then she figure-fours her legs, trapping Lucy’s.

Definitely not comfortable for the Crusher – it doesn’t matter how strong her thighs are, her knees still don’t appreciate the pressure Eloise’s calf is bringing to bear on them here.

She’s not going to tap.

But now it’s the Crusher’s turn to look worried. This is still just set-up.

During the first transition Crusher asked a question about the place Eloise works are a server.

The was a real intent to the question. Ask and the distraction of answering gives your opponent an advantage for a moment.

Time for Eloise to answer the earlier question.

"There's not a policy so much as a guide line. Long as the ink looks "nice" if that makes sense."

And return the favour.

"You looking for a job?"

In terms of the grappling, Eloise has something specific in mind.
And while Crusher's mind wanders for that moment thinking Eloise works that specific.


Crusher manages to pull one of her legs out.

Check that.

Eloise gives up one leg.

That's neither an accident nor a problem.

The plan was to lock down on the one leg and set up the finish.

Mission accomplished.

The look on Crusher's face is pretty clear. She just figured out what's coming.

The realisation that you've been set up is pretty bad. The realisation that you've left it too late to do anything about it make everything so much worse.

Knowing that what comes next is going to hurt like hell?

"I manage the place now. Want me to check vacancies for you?"


Eloise has the blade of her forearm under Crusher's achillies tendon.

Locking down she leans back.

Crusher's foot hyper extends down while the pressure of that forearm blade amplifies and explodes into the back of the largest tendon in the human body.

Crusher decides to tap while she can walk away from the match.

Rubbing the back of her leg Crusher rues giving up the foot hold the way she did, especially that she let herself get that bit distracted by her own trick of asking a question.

So imagine the surprise when Eloise walks back up.

"Ankle ok to wear a pair of heels? The dress code is pumps and a black dress. Oh and you need to wear your hair out. Do you have something or need a hand shopping?"

"I think your hair would look good straightened..."

RENDER - Preview of a pins only match

Corveena is really good.

Jacelyn is better, and still a big step up.

In a simple submission grappling match up it's a bigger step than Corveena can make in one go.

That said, both women are looking for an opportunity to improve different parts of their game.

So to make it competitive, the match is pins only.

But Corveena has a national level amateur grappling background, so a simple case of putting shoulder blades on the mat isn't a fair match either.

So a compromise.

The pin has to be for a count of five with the loser flat on their back underneath full mount.

Shoulders and hips down on the mat, and pins from inside guard don't count.

Wonder how this is going to go?

Monday, 28 December 2015

RENDER - Test driving some new outfits and a change of style

It's not that I have any sort of thing for blonde hair. I think I just have a slight preference for blondes and redheads.
Then I have a thing for almost all women in general.

So I was curious whether or not Jacelyn could make a blonde look work.

I personally feel that the answer is yes.

I'm sure we'll revert to her normal raven locks at some point.

Couple new outfits I wanted to try out for fit also.

I do like one piece suits with cutouts and plunging necklines.

Nifty little diversion. I'm actually quite happy with the results.

We will resume regular programming shortly.   :

Monday, 21 December 2015

RENDER - Eloise and the Crusher (preview)

From a work in progress...

Eloise is still in her league here, but again a not exactly.

Lucy's famous for her powerful scissors. She can score a tap out simply from closed guard with her legs.

Eloise finds this out the hard way. Her ribs feel nearly split apart.

Despite the language and volume she doesn't tap. Instead she twists and spins.

She's broken guard and, trapping one of Lucy's feet, is safe from the scissor.

Except now she has a slightly different problem.

Patience, she starts working her way out of this.

Lucy asks - "This place you work, what's their policy on tattoos for staff?"

Eloise knows when someone is trying to distract her. It's a fair trick.

"Generally prefer not, but exceptions have been made. Why do you ask?"

And what comes next?

Stay tuned...

RENDER - Eloise vs Priya

Eloise most recently had to do a fair bit of work with Priya's twin sister.

A flexible and defensive grappler it took a bit of subterfuge for Eloise to score the strangle and then the win.

Priya wants to try her luck also. Maybe get one back for her sister.

Having had a bit of time to think about it Eloise tries a different strategy. Against someone who's that good with a closed guard and defense try attacking in reverse.

Of course the assumption is that Priya's game is similar to Rajani's.

That's actually correct, so Eloise has it right again.

Normally it's Priya's opponent who thinks they're wrestling an octopus.

Today it's Priya.

And Eloise knows that a standard arm bar won't cut it.

She needs to keep body control tight. That means a closed leg triangle of some kind.

Like the sort you'd do if you were hunting for a kimura.

And if your opponent was that flexible, the trick is to spin out to the side while holding the triangle.

Then you've got all the leverage in the world to twist as far as a is needed.

Priya is trying rather desperately to open the body triangle and stop that twisting.

In the end the twisting stops when the tapping starts.

From a few different angles (newest pose - I'll need to re-upload my entire set again soon)..

Friday, 11 December 2015

RENDER - Eloise and Rajani

A few moments free and pretty much re-using existing poses and then playing with some camera angles (so this was fairly quick to render up).

In terms of relative ranking, Eloise and Rajani are in roughly the same league.

*Very* roughly.

In more practical terms, Eloise is a lot closer to the league up, Rajani more recently graduated from the league down.

Still it's an interesting contest.

Rajani's technique is particularly strong on defense and escape.

Eloise has learned that the hard way.

Joints shouldn't bend or twist that far without someone tapping out.

Rajani is the exception, and no matter how far past the wrong angle that arm bends she keeps pulling out and coming back for more.

When you get a triangle choke locked in someone should go to sleep.

Apparently not Rajani. And each time the triangle is locked deep there's a shoulder joint that moves like water and she keeps pulling out and coming back for more.

Which means it takes a while before Eloise figures out how she's going to end this.

The trick is to not telegraph. Rather than take Rajani's back and then go hunting for the rear naked choke, just go for the choke.

And flexible Rajani may be, dislocating her entire head seems a bit much.

So after the choke, then the hooks.

Rajani knows how to breathe, how to stay calm, and how to regulate her own body.

The choke out isn't coming easy. Eloise is doing a lot of work with her arms while Rajani keeps pulling the hooks out.

So rather than using her legs to anchor to her opponent's back, Eloise is using the choke to hold position.

A new one, she seems to be figuring it out.

And when Rajani finally gives up both hooks, Eloise pulls back hard - arching her back and Rajani's.

The effect is like having your torso stretched down. When someone is holding onto the top end with a choke hold things finish up pretty quickly.

And now someone is definitely sleeping...

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

RENDER - Ivy95 rolls with Lien Hua

A stunningly beautiful woman Ivy95 is almost as (maybe more?) cool as she is good looking.

She's very kindly indulged my past requests to create different renders using her as my muse.

My most recent request she very graciously said yes again.

So something a little different for our virtual Ivy95 - let's take a roll on the mats.

Lien Hua is our other grappler here today. She is part of my virtual roster and second rank just behind our top guns. Big ask for our guest...
And a very, very big "Thank you!" to JC for providing our write-ups below.  :)

Our two opponents start out by locking up and it’s not long before they’re rolling on the mats – neither of them feels much to dig into their striking game today. To an untrained eye, Ivy soon manages to get the advantage, given she soon scores the top spot. Except that is deceptive. What she’s actually managed is to land herself in Lien Hua’s guard. Superficially, being on top may seem to be the best place to be, but really the positional advantage goes to the fighter with their legs controlling the other’s movement.

There’s no shame in that, the Hong Kong action star is a very tricky fighter and there are lots of ways to either escape a guard like this or turn it to your advantage. In particular, the redhead’s guard is open, that is to say her legs are around Ivy’s body but not locked tight. Ivy thinks she sees an opportunity and goes to pass guard into mount by moving up and out from between those loosely draped legs.

Doing so carries a risk though. As she moves forward, Lien Hua is able to secure her right arm, lock her own limbs around it and start twisting. This is a Kimura or a keylock hold and, though it’s painful, it’s not going to get a tap as it is. If Lien Hua is able to move her hips over to the side and lock her legs, that’s going to change.

It’s very much in Ivy’s interest to change this up before that happens. What will she do?

Ivy made the right choice and managed to follow through. Looking to relieve the pressure, the visiting wrestler postured up which limited how badly the action star could leverage her hold. Then she rolled forward, taking her out of Lien Hua’s guard and more importantly taking the immediate sting out of the Kimura. Not bad at all. Except that was what might be called the textbook escape. A little obvious, even. Ivy rolled forward. Lien Hua rolled with her. And Ivy couldn’t or certainly didn’t stop her.


To recap, now Lien Hua is on top of Ivy. The visitor’s arm is still locked up and, to make matters worse, the redhead has all the leverage to twist it that 180 degrees to finish the keylock hold. The brunette’s arm doesn’t like being turned like a key. Luckily, one arm is still free and she promptly taps.

One nil.

(Ivy's ponytail has come out a couple of times. She's decided to not bother putting it back in.)
So, the first fall went to Lien Hua. The redhead has serious game and her joint locks are world-class; thus Ivy’s submission to the keylock is not really surprising. Still, not the way she wanted the match to start and she now is definitely motivated to equal the scores. For the Hong Kong starlet, she wants to keep her momentum going, maybe work that arm a little more while the effects linger.

First though, it’s back to the mats. And Ivy is once again on top, but this time she’s managed to score the basic mount and steer clear of her opponent’s guard. Good start. She’s also managed to get her forearm across Lien Hua’s throat and tangle up their legs. Also good, even if Lien Hua isn’t going to let that stand, her own arm already looking for a chance to wrench that right arm off into something nasty.

See where Ivy’s caught the redhead’s wrist though? Keep an eye on that, it’s about to be important.

This is why giving an opponent a grip on your wrist is not a good idea, even for elite grapplers like Lien Hua, even if the forearm to the throat seemed like the priority. With that arm under control and her weight on the starlet, it’s easy for Ivy to posture up, turn and drop back to the mat.

Not quite the standard set-up for an armbar but as long as it works…

Certainly, Lien Hua isn’t complaining about proper technique. The sudden sharp pain in her elbow and shoulder might have something to do with that. She needs to fix that and soon. Ivy’s looking confident now, even sparing a hand to adjust her tights as she pushes her hips up.

Our Hong Kong starlet wants to fix that smirk too.

Everyone reading is presumably familiar with the phrase “out of the frying pan, into the fire”? Well, now Lien Hua is too.

Pushing Ivy’s leg up and over her head solved her immediate problem – the armbar definitely isn’t viable. Fine, Ivy doesn’t mind that too much. After all, all she had to do was fold her right leg in, bend her left leg back and presto! Now she’s scored the triangle and the squeeze is on, Ivy arcing her back to pour on even more pressure.

Ivy’s not the Crusher. She’s not up there in terms of sheer thigh power or scissors technique. But this still is not a good place to be if consciousness is your preferable option.

If anything, Lien Hua is looking even less happy. But she’s still not tapping.

Well, that’s fine with Ivy. She was thinking of something a little more Biblical anyway – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth or, as the case may be, an arm for an arm. And that’s the thing about a triangle. Even if the debilitating pressure isn’t enough, even if having your opponent’s arm cutting into their own blood vessels isn’t doing it for you, there’s still an arm trapped within easy reach.

It’d almost be rude not to take advantage. So, she does. Sitting up, she grabs the redhead’s arm by the wrist, slides her left arm right through Lien Hua’s elbow to grasp her forearm and starts twisting.

Hey, this looks familiar.

And she’s still keeping the triangle as tight as she can from the new angle. It’s not particularly pretty. But the starlet’s free arm wavers. Wavers. And then she taps.

Ivy grins and rolls away. The score is now tied.

Our guest wrestler is quite pleased how that went. Deservedly so. On the other hand, Lien Hua is not quite as pleased when the two of them lock up again. Not so much because she gave up a fall, though she wasn’t thrilled about that, but having to tap out to almost the same hold as she used? Well, she is not a fan of that one bit.

But that’s fine. It’s just incentive and, when the two women wind up on the mat this time, the redhead goes back to her playbook. People tend to assume that her fight scenes are faked. They are. They also tend to assume that means she can’t do the things she does in films. If Ivy thought that going in, she definitely doesn’t think it now.

Not with the Asian fighter’s bony forearm pressing on her Achilles tendon like that. This is far more painful than it looks. Painful enough that Ivy taps and taps fast. And just like that, the smirk is very much back on Lien Hua’s face and the score is back in her favour.

And here we are again.

After the two of them lock up, Ivy finds herself right back in Lien Hua’s guard, up close and tight, more or less where things started. This time, however, she’s not about to be fooled by the open guard. Having now been on the receiving end of two of her opponent’s joint locks, she wants no part of a third. And, if she just stays where she is, Lien Hua can’t go for another Kimura or leglock.

Basically, she thinks that, so long as she stays where she is, she can defend against anything thrown at her. Unfortunately, she leaves whatever she had in mind just a little too long.

Render #9:
Ivy’s mistake was that she was so focused on keeping her arm free that she forgot where she was. Suffice it to say, while it is decidedly unhealthy to let Lien Hua get her hands on any limb you want to keep in one piece, it’s also not exactly sensible to linger in her guard.

Ivy lingered in her guard.

So she really shouldn’t have been surprised when the action star got a little tired of waiting, brought her leg over and secured her left ankle under her right knee. That’s the body triangle locked. Ivy’s ribs protest – Lien Hua may not be built like the Hulk, but she has a deceptive serpentine strength hidden beneath her lithe frame.

Trying to push up and out, her situation goes from worse to even worse when she finds her head tucked under Lien Hua’s armpit as the redhead locks in the choke. Ivy does her best but the result at that point was inevitable – tap or nap. Ivy taps, making it three to one.

Having learned her own lesson about turtling up, Ivy goes into the fifth round determined that she isn’t going to let Lien Hua score a mount or find herself in the action star’s guard – neither has been working out well for her so far. She also knows that she can’t win the match anymore but she can at least win the last fall and salve her pride a little. Lien Hua, on the other hand, knows she’s already won the match but she’s equally driven to take the last fall.

So, when they tussle, it takes a while before anyone gains an advantage. Ivy makes absolutely sure that Lien Hua can’t get on top of her and she’s equally careful not to fall back into guard. Unfortunately for her, the action star’s better ground game means that she may be able to dodge those but Ivy can’t possibly dodge everything. Having gone up against Jacelyn and sparred with the Silent Strangler since, Lien Hua’s strangles and chokes have improved drastically. So, when she sees the opportunity, it’s the work of a moment to slip one arm between Ivy’s neck and shoulder and score the arm triangle.

From where she’s lying next to the redhead, Ivy can hear Lien Hua’s steady breathing, can actually feel it on her ear. This could be the end, right here, if she isn’t quick.

Lien Hua may be good with her arms but she isn’t the best. Twisting and turning in the arm triangle, Ivy is able to roll over onto her right side, relieving the worst of the pressure and forcing our action star to shift as well. That’s the good news – she is no longer in immediate danger of losing consciousness. On the other hand, it’s not all solved yet. She still has those arms around her neck and it would be very simple for the choke to tighten again, putting her right back where she started.

There is also the minor issue that, in turning as she has, Ivy has given Lien Hua her back. If the redhead can drive her hooks in, neutralising the brunette’s legs by bringing her own over her hips and into the gap between Ivy’s, this will be a textbook Rear Naked Choke. So far, Lien Hua has only got one hook in place but if she can get the other in place…

Well, that would be bad. Lien Hua seems confident, a catlike smile of satisfaction on her lips as she adjusts her grip.

But has Ivy noticed? She seems to be a bit preoccupied with those arms right now.

No, Ivy hadn’t noticed or, if she did, she decided she needed to deal with the strangle first. She has, actually, managing to get the fingers of one hand in between her opponent’s bicep and her neck as well as beginning to disentangle the arm holding the chokehold together. That’s great news.

Isn’t it?

If it is, why is Lien Hua the one smirking?

That would be because the action star hasn’t managed to sink her hooks in. She’s scored or – more to the point – been allowed to score the full body triangle, which is even worse. So, no, that isn’t great news (unless you’re Lien Hua); it’s very, very bad news. There are two reasons why this is not where Ivy wants to be. There’s the growing pressure around her waist, where those thighs are clamping down again – the action star can play with scissors too. Ivy isn’t going to be tapping to that, but it’s messing with her breathing. A bigger problem is that she’s now completely at Lien Hua’s mercy. With that triangle locked on, the redhead is clamped to her back like a limpet, giving her all the leverage she could need and complete control. Ivy won’t be rolling out of this one. If she moves her hands to contest the body triangle, of course, then she’ll be surrendering the stranglehold and that is not making anything better.

Someone really should check whether Lien Hua has any mercy. She has a reputation for not being the nicest person ever to grace a mat.

There was a certain irrevocability to how this ends from the moment Lien Hua closed that triangle. So long as Ivy was stuck there, all the starlet had to do was keep waiting, keep adjusting her holds and eventually there’d be that one mistake. And, if she tried to pry her way out of the triangle, then Ivy was giving up the sleeper and she’d have to be absolutely certain she could make her escape before she went to sleep.

It would be a bit of an issue for anyone but, given the disparity in skill, it was really just a question of time. Distracted by a particularly sharp squeeze of the body triangle, Ivy’s attention wavers. Feeling the grip on her wrist falter, Lien Hua twists her arm free and, before anything can be done, uses it to force her opponent’s head forward. That’s the Rear Naked Choke fully locked in and, despite Ivy’s frantic efforts, that’s the fifth fall. The grinning redhead keeps the hold tight, but not for very long at all. That tap-out happens pretty fast.

Final result – four falls to one.
Last render...
No hard feelings. Maybe Ivy will visit us on the mats again someday?

RENDER - Jewell and Kimiko unified MMA rules

That means punching and kicking is allowed also.

This is going to hurt!


Depending on how rough they go, it’s almost 50/50 between Jewell and Kimiko.

In a straight up grappling match Jewell has the slight advantage.  Kimiko occasionally scores if she grabs a leg but Jewell’s elite Judo means that arm bars and chokes are a big ask to pull off, and a pretty big ask again to escape.

But Kimiko is more rounded. A lot more rounded, especially if you count kick boxing and striking.

Even Jewell wants to know. So what happens if they put on the hand wraps and light gloves?

First is a clinch. Kimiko stats with some in close shots to the body.

Jewell pulls out a trick her younger sister taught her. Rather than keep taking punches to the kidneys let’s try a hip toss instead. Then trap one arm and the neck to try for the compression choke.

Kimiko is familiar with this technique also, which is wht she knows to jam her forearm into Jewell’s throat.

Really hard...

Kimiko break s and scramble back to her feet. It’s a straight stand up for them both, and Kimiko figures out why Jewell made the challenge. She’s been working on her striking; and it’s come a long way.

Kimiko mixes things up with a change in stance to southpaw. Right away she sees it. Jewell is suddenly off balance and her footwork is wrong.

The right jab is almost too easy.

Jewell falls back, Kimiko chases pressing the advantage.

Jewell hasn’t just been working her hands in the gym. The low kick is fast and solid.

Kimiko’s knee will feel that one tomorrow.

And now this?

The kick is fast. Really fast. And it has power also. Now Kimiko is falling back.

Now it’s Jewell shooting forward.

Kimiko pulls open guard, but from here she needs to sweep herself into mount or get free.

It’s Jewell on top. She’s not going to get the submission from here.

Especially not with Jewell’s fists coming down on her face and head.

Back on their feet, both have traded shots and advantage.

Kimiko is looking for those kicks and throws. She also knows that she can keep Jewell off balance with a southpaw stance.

Jewell knows to look for the lead right jab. She needs to find her range and her shot. Kick from a distance or close and throw.

Kimiko knows how to kick also. In fact she’s got years of experience on Jewell.

Fake the right – Jewell steps back and winds up flat on her feet.

Which is why she isn’t able to move again when the lead right leg comes up next.

The power kick is supposed to come from the back leg. It takes a lot of skill, experience and technique to throw a knockout from your lead leg.

Kimiko is very, very nearly that good.

Jewell knocked clean on her back by the blow.

Kimiko goes for the finish.

She’s in a hurry. She wants this before Jewell gets her composure back.

Turns out Jewell has been doing the right things in training.

That includes spending as much, maybe even more, time on situations where you are at the disadvantage so that you know how to respond.

Jewell blocks the punches, grabs the arms, and starts stuffing Kimiko’s  striking game.

Jewell has pulled Kimiko back down. Absent the posture up the ground and pound loses most of it’s effectiveness.

Slowly Jewell is getting her senses and composure back.

This is more like it. Turning position Jewell now has top position. Even from inside guard she can re-orient and figure out what to do next.

Kimiko is pissed about the lost opportunity.


Jewell has moved to half guard. Kimiko has a scissor on one leg only and, although the leverage is wrong, from here Jewell can sink the triangle arm choke.

So she does.

A lesser grappler would be done here, especially when it’s Jewell applying the choke.

Kimiko is very much in the elite on the ground herself, so what happens next is reflex...

As her head starts to fuzz, it’s concentrate on breathing. Relax. Go to that happy place in your mind and stay calm while you avoid blacking out.

Now get yourself out of this situation...

Back to their feet again, but Kimiko is still wobbly while she gets the blood flow back in her brain.

She quickly moves to southpaw again, but the jab is too sloppy.

This time Jewell has her footwork right, and she slips the jab past her head while turning and leaning in.

The she straightens up – turning back.

With her right hand in a perfect cross to the chin.

Wobbly as she is – Kimiko sees it coming. She just manages to turn her own head.

Just enough to avoid getting nailed exactly right on the button.

Still a lot of light and black flashes in the head all of a sudden...

It really doesn’t get much worse than this.

Face down with your opponent on your back and both hooks in.

Your own legs are lifted, so your hips might as well be belted to the mat.

And the woman on top of you is taking shots at your head.

Jewell has been working on her striking. Standing she can knock you on your ass. On her back she can defend with the best of them.

How is her striking on the ground?

Actually... Not so awesome. It’s hard to defend when you’re face down but Jewell’s shots don’t have a lot of power.

Kimiko weathers the storm and manages to turn over.

This is improved.

It’s not great.

She keeps her arms in tight. Always with one elbow into Jewell’s chest to prevent her coming down full weight with a strike.

Now all she needs to do is dislodge an elite Judoka with a full mount off her chest.

So what’s next?

Kimiko can weather the storm, but from here she can’t mount any offense. Jewell’s shots aren’t going to end it, but Kimiko is getting more and more exhausted trying to defend and she is completely unable to buck Jewell off or change position.

Desperate she attempts a gamble.

That’s a long way to put your arm out defending a punch when the person on top is that good at judo...

Before reaching up with that arm Kimiko positioned her knees.

When Jewell goes for the arm bar Kimiko catches one leg between her own.

This isn’t merely uncomfortable. Jewell can still wreck Kimiko’s elbow if she gets deep enough on Kimiko’s shoulder.

Kimiko has to work fast and get the top leg over her head so she can properly escape.

Back on their feet, both women have their composure.

But Jewell is a lot fresher and Kimiko nearly spent after spending that much time with Jewell sitting on her chest and punching at her face.

This time the stance is orthodox. Short left jab to the face, another and another – rat a tat tat.

Then the clinch.

Jewell goes for another hip toss.

Kimiko turns her right hip back as if to block the throw and grabs the back of Jewell’s head.

Then she turns back with her hand rising.

Jewell is looking to block the right cross, and turns to the left herself to slip the punch.

She completely misses the muay thai knee that was the real attack.

And because of the way she’s turned she not only gets nailed flush – the impact hits her liver.

There is a crackle of pain like electric fire radiating from the right side of her body – all the way to her hands and feet.

Suddenly nothing is working.

This is neither neat nor elegant.

Kimiko is too tired to attempt much.

If she can’t end this here she’s so gassed she’ll be hard pressed to defend anything.

Jewell’s problem is that her arms and legs won’t do what she’s telling them too.

Jewell turns.

Sort of.

Kind of.

She wants to get her knees under her. She’s only made it part way there.

A bulldog choke isn’t terribly flash.

Locked in tight it is terrible effective.

Jewell still can’t get her knees forward under her. It’s almost like she’s hanging by her neck.

Kimiko’s arm is the noose.

With her left hand she tries to push up off the mat – but she can’t reach.

Instead she tries to push up off Kimiko’s knee.

It’s slippery with sweat – and her hand keeps sliding off.

Jewell knows the routine too.

Breathe deeply. Go to that happy place. Concentrate on escaping the hold.

Or maybe, after you go to that happy sleepy place, you just stay there.

A few moments later Jewell wakes up with what feels like a bruise the length of her right rib cage...

“How long was I out?”

“Long enough...”

“You were good. Want to go again?”

“I was lucky, and I need to rest for a week.”

“Well then I’ll see you in a week.”