Tuesday, 29 December 2015

RENDER - Eloise and Lucy (aka The Crusher)

My thanks again to JC for help with the write ups here.  :)
The Crusher and Eloise have been rolling for a while now. Neither woman has been able to score a tap but, despite having the better submission game, Eloise isn’t having a great time.

Last we saw her, she’d just twisted out of Lucy’s guard and was fending off a sleeper attempt by the redhead.

Right now? She’s back where she started. Well, almost, because Lucy’s hand on Eloise’s wrist means she isn’t spinning out of this one.

It feels like she has a hydraulic press wrapped around her waist.

The Crusher is grinning up at her.


Actually, she might.

Eloise needs to get out, preferably before Lucy’s vice-like thighs crush her ribs to fine powder.

- - - - -

 After having to tap out to Violet’s scissors, Eloise got some tips on ways to deal with this situation. So she doesn’t panic despite the steel bands tightening around her chest.

First things first. With her free hand, she already has a grip on Lucy’s wrist which she was using to make sure she didn’t get yanked down further into the scissors; now she traps it across her chest.

That means Lucy can’t underhook Eloise for an easy sweep when the blonde posts up, getting her leg under her.

Twisting as best she can and using her momentum, it’s surprisingly easy to pop the Crusher’s scissors at the ankles.

Lucy’s left leg slides harmlessly off her flank. Her right is effectively trapped.

Now it’s Eloise’s turn to smile.

- - - - -

So, we’ve just seen Eloise break – not just slide out of, break – one of the more fearsome holds in the Crusher’s arsenal and do it almost casually.

Pretty impressive.

She’s also had enough of Lucy’s guard. Time to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Falling back to a sitting position, Eloise whips her leg up and over the Crusher’s while the redhead’s still reeling. Then she figure-fours her legs, trapping Lucy’s.

Definitely not comfortable for the Crusher – it doesn’t matter how strong her thighs are, her knees still don’t appreciate the pressure Eloise’s calf is bringing to bear on them here.

She’s not going to tap.

But now it’s the Crusher’s turn to look worried. This is still just set-up.

During the first transition Crusher asked a question about the place Eloise works are a server.

The was a real intent to the question. Ask and the distraction of answering gives your opponent an advantage for a moment.

Time for Eloise to answer the earlier question.

"There's not a policy so much as a guide line. Long as the ink looks "nice" if that makes sense."

And return the favour.

"You looking for a job?"

In terms of the grappling, Eloise has something specific in mind.
And while Crusher's mind wanders for that moment thinking Eloise works that specific.


Crusher manages to pull one of her legs out.

Check that.

Eloise gives up one leg.

That's neither an accident nor a problem.

The plan was to lock down on the one leg and set up the finish.

Mission accomplished.

The look on Crusher's face is pretty clear. She just figured out what's coming.

The realisation that you've been set up is pretty bad. The realisation that you've left it too late to do anything about it make everything so much worse.

Knowing that what comes next is going to hurt like hell?

"I manage the place now. Want me to check vacancies for you?"


Eloise has the blade of her forearm under Crusher's achillies tendon.

Locking down she leans back.

Crusher's foot hyper extends down while the pressure of that forearm blade amplifies and explodes into the back of the largest tendon in the human body.

Crusher decides to tap while she can walk away from the match.

Rubbing the back of her leg Crusher rues giving up the foot hold the way she did, especially that she let herself get that bit distracted by her own trick of asking a question.

So imagine the surprise when Eloise walks back up.

"Ankle ok to wear a pair of heels? The dress code is pumps and a black dress. Oh and you need to wear your hair out. Do you have something or need a hand shopping?"

"I think your hair would look good straightened..."

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  1. Great match and story here. I love it when the ladies can be competitive but still keep it friendly afterwards. Plus, <3 Lucy.