Monday, 21 December 2015

RENDER - Eloise and the Crusher (preview)

From a work in progress...

Eloise is still in her league here, but again a not exactly.

Lucy's famous for her powerful scissors. She can score a tap out simply from closed guard with her legs.

Eloise finds this out the hard way. Her ribs feel nearly split apart.

Despite the language and volume she doesn't tap. Instead she twists and spins.

She's broken guard and, trapping one of Lucy's feet, is safe from the scissor.

Except now she has a slightly different problem.

Patience, she starts working her way out of this.

Lucy asks - "This place you work, what's their policy on tattoos for staff?"

Eloise knows when someone is trying to distract her. It's a fair trick.

"Generally prefer not, but exceptions have been made. Why do you ask?"

And what comes next?

Stay tuned...

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