Sunday, 19 April 2015


Have I mentioned before that, among pro wrestlers, she is possible my fave?

Lots of awesome submission moves and a signature cross face chicken wing she uses as a sleeper hold (the Kana Clutch).

See it here vs Sarah Del Rey.

And again vs Lin.   :)

Monday, 13 April 2015

RENDER - Should she work the arm or the leg? The clock is ticking...

Since I originally created my OC Rose she hasn't seen a lot of mat time.

Maybe a couple of renders?

So here she is now with our newest addition Violet.

Violet has Rose's back and one hook in.

The position isn't perfect, and from here an escape is possible.

The operative work being possible.

Violet is still very strong in her arms. Even imperfectly applied, the choke is still tight.

Rose knows that she needs to dislodge the hooks (what it's called when an opponent gets their legs locked around you). She's worked one free so far.

At the same time Violet does have very strong arms, so Rose can't help trying to pull those free also.

From the looks of things though, Rose does need to sort one or the other, or both.

And fairly soon I reckon.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

RENDER - Corveena and Janelle

We'll need a proper re-introduction at some point.

So far I've done this for our "guns", Marielle, Jessica, Jewel and Kimiko.

There are others in the roster. Not as good maybe, but not slouches either.

Corveena's game is based in high school and collegiate wrestling.

Janelle's game is rooted in catch wrestling. Look it up if you're curious.

In this instance it's Corveena's speed, strength and stamina that make the greater difference.

This isn't that well applied as a choking technique.

But it's certainly well enough applied to be very uncomfortable.

Corveena is catching her breath and resting a bit.

Does Janelle escape and get hers back?

Or is the next stop the showers for them both?

Friday, 3 April 2015

RENDER - standing pro style sleeper hold

I think people are looking at these... Any comments gang?

I once read about a woman complaining once that it's hard to "be attractive" when at the gym, what with being sweaty and having messy hair.

For what it's worth I could not have disagreed more. And if you've been fortunate enough to be close and intimate with a special someone then, if you've done it right, you'll know what she looks like sweaty and with messy hair. My opinion they'll never look as amazing.

I remember being interested in women's wrestling... Well forever.

Some of the early (pre-WWE diva era) women's pro style matches were a particular treat. And that was before I discover Japanese women's wrestling, which was another level again (and then some).

Sweaty, messed hair, and long grinding submission holds. Even an occasional sleeper (never enough for my liking)...

Candi and Jacelyn are having a pro style match.

Now not everything is prescripted.

A true match they will script the end and any high spots (dramatic scenes or moves).

The rest they actually make up as they go, the two wrestlers working together using discrete signals and whispers when close together.

It's still hard work. Throwing and getting thrown. Falling and moving around the ring.

One piece suits and boots. Maybe pads for the elbows or knees. Maybe not.

After a few minutes even the fittest athlete will  be sweaty and, most likely, have messed up hair.

Alas my hair props are a bit limited. But I've got the subsurface shaders and tools for sweat at least. ;)

Jacelyn locks in the standing sleeper in the middle of the ring.

Candi is trying to twist. Properly applied Jacelyn will feel both of Candi's shoulder blades on her chest, not just one of Candi's shoulders.

So right now it's not there yet.

Will it be?

RENDER - miscellany stuff

Is that even how miscellany is spelled?

Violet is in the ring again. This time with Jodie.

Not a fair match up this time either. Jodie is out of her usual one piece kit and into the bikini top. No more reason than because of that.

Violet scores the figure four headscissor. She's got background in power lifting remember.

Jodie should have tapped faster.

Marielle and Jacelyn are rolling in a pro style match up. Jacelyn gets a little cocky and pulls a small shoot. That's when pro wrestlers go off script and do something "real" in a worked match.

Not the best person to try this with. Marielle returns the favor. She doesn't let go either.

The silent strangler is famous for not making sound during her matches. She'll tap if trapped, but she doesn't yell.

Waking up from the sleeper in a figure four she's true to her word and tapping quickly.

Marielle doesn't let go.

"If you want me to let go you need to say so."

So Jacelyn says so.

To which Marielle replies...

"Louder please."

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Why aren't there more women's wrestling matches like this?

I've said before that I like sleeper finishes, especially long drawn out pro style ones.

But I am picky. The rest of the match still needs to be "worked" well.

Yes I understand that pro-wrestling is pre-determined.   ;)

But most of the US style stuff (WWE is worst offender) is sloppy and just too spectacularly fake.

Thank you to the professional female wrestlers from Japan.

Lucky find for me, here is an example of exactly the kind of finish I most like seeing.

I wonder why?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

RENDER - Gogoplata

I thought I'd kept all of my old renders - alas I seem to have misplaced several of them.

Oh well - time to redo a new one and I found one old one.

A gogoplata is a rather exotic and hard to pull off technique.

From guard (you are on the bottom with your legs around your opponent's torso) or mount (you are on top with your legs outside theirs) you get your shin across your opponent's throat.

Maybe bracing with your other leg you grab the back of their head and pull forward.


From guard it also requires incredible flexibility in your hips.

Dani does a lot of yoga. She is very flexible. Violet realises that now.

One of the highlights of my earlier life was creating renders based on real female wrestlers.

Yvonne is one of those and she is real in the realest possible senses of the word.

Go check her out here.

Or here

She tells me her favourite colour is purple.

She tells me she likes using painful and exotic techniques to finish her opponents.

She tells me she also likes using ground and pound to just smash out the win.

She tells me someday she wants to get in the cage with Christine Cyborg Justino.


So here is my poor attempt at a virtual version of her, and I would not argue anything about her preferences.

In this case it's one of my OCs, Winter, who is finding this all out the hard way.

Yvonne just needs to figure out whether to complete the choke now or maybe a few smacks in the head first.