Wednesday, 1 April 2015

RENDER - Gogoplata

I thought I'd kept all of my old renders - alas I seem to have misplaced several of them.

Oh well - time to redo a new one and I found one old one.

A gogoplata is a rather exotic and hard to pull off technique.

From guard (you are on the bottom with your legs around your opponent's torso) or mount (you are on top with your legs outside theirs) you get your shin across your opponent's throat.

Maybe bracing with your other leg you grab the back of their head and pull forward.


From guard it also requires incredible flexibility in your hips.

Dani does a lot of yoga. She is very flexible. Violet realises that now.

One of the highlights of my earlier life was creating renders based on real female wrestlers.

Yvonne is one of those and she is real in the realest possible senses of the word.

Go check her out here.

Or here

She tells me her favourite colour is purple.

She tells me she likes using painful and exotic techniques to finish her opponents.

She tells me she also likes using ground and pound to just smash out the win.

She tells me someday she wants to get in the cage with Christine Cyborg Justino.


So here is my poor attempt at a virtual version of her, and I would not argue anything about her preferences.

In this case it's one of my OCs, Winter, who is finding this all out the hard way.

Yvonne just needs to figure out whether to complete the choke now or maybe a few smacks in the head first.


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