Friday, 3 April 2015

RENDER - standing pro style sleeper hold

I think people are looking at these... Any comments gang?

I once read about a woman complaining once that it's hard to "be attractive" when at the gym, what with being sweaty and having messy hair.

For what it's worth I could not have disagreed more. And if you've been fortunate enough to be close and intimate with a special someone then, if you've done it right, you'll know what she looks like sweaty and with messy hair. My opinion they'll never look as amazing.

I remember being interested in women's wrestling... Well forever.

Some of the early (pre-WWE diva era) women's pro style matches were a particular treat. And that was before I discover Japanese women's wrestling, which was another level again (and then some).

Sweaty, messed hair, and long grinding submission holds. Even an occasional sleeper (never enough for my liking)...

Candi and Jacelyn are having a pro style match.

Now not everything is prescripted.

A true match they will script the end and any high spots (dramatic scenes or moves).

The rest they actually make up as they go, the two wrestlers working together using discrete signals and whispers when close together.

It's still hard work. Throwing and getting thrown. Falling and moving around the ring.

One piece suits and boots. Maybe pads for the elbows or knees. Maybe not.

After a few minutes even the fittest athlete will  be sweaty and, most likely, have messed up hair.

Alas my hair props are a bit limited. But I've got the subsurface shaders and tools for sweat at least. ;)

Jacelyn locks in the standing sleeper in the middle of the ring.

Candi is trying to twist. Properly applied Jacelyn will feel both of Candi's shoulder blades on her chest, not just one of Candi's shoulders.

So right now it's not there yet.

Will it be?

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