Monday, 13 April 2015

RENDER - Should she work the arm or the leg? The clock is ticking...

Since I originally created my OC Rose she hasn't seen a lot of mat time.

Maybe a couple of renders?

So here she is now with our newest addition Violet.

Violet has Rose's back and one hook in.

The position isn't perfect, and from here an escape is possible.

The operative work being possible.

Violet is still very strong in her arms. Even imperfectly applied, the choke is still tight.

Rose knows that she needs to dislodge the hooks (what it's called when an opponent gets their legs locked around you). She's worked one free so far.

At the same time Violet does have very strong arms, so Rose can't help trying to pull those free also.

From the looks of things though, Rose does need to sort one or the other, or both.

And fairly soon I reckon.

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