Tuesday, 17 May 2016

RENDER - A preview of let's try that again...

The first time Crusher and Corveena rolled pro style it was close.

Lucy still pulled out the win in the end.

But it was really, really close.

Corveena wants to go again.

Lucy says sure.

A bit of a cross between old school (one piece suits) and sexy (from the back especially).

First is the preview photo. Lucy sets a more traditional "fists up" pose.

Corveena's pose is more pin-up than pugilistic.

Lucy decides what the hell, and responds in kind.

The camera clicks twice.

That was 45 minutes ago.

For Lucy much of that past interval is a bit fuzzy.

Slightly concussed...

Lucy is aware that the pressure around her head seems to be interfering with her breathing. Something is definitely not right with her shoulder right now. It might be easier to focus still if not for how badly her legs were hurting from other recent events. It feels like there's more than one thing wrong with her neck and back also...

Obviously Corveena has reviewed and amended her pro-style game plan a great deal since the first match up. It seems Lucy may have fallen behind in that stakes.

I keep doing this to myself. Get an idea, start it, then not finish it...

Add another one to the "in-progress" list. Patience please people.   :)

Saturday, 14 May 2016

RENDERS A friendly round of practise

Jacelyn's promotion to the top tier is the result of a lot of practise with Jessica.

Lots of practise.

Jessica has already told her new partner that she prefers the way she looks in a two piece outfit.

Jacelyn tells Jessica the same thing, and even supplies a white bikini to wear.

Staying back they are still rolling in the ring.

It's late so they just kill the rest of the lights, they only need the ring lit.

After a few minutes Jessica notices that the white bikini becomes sheer as it gets wet from the sweat of rolling around.

Jessica is mildly perturbed and tells Jacelyn as much when she gets her pinned to the mat..

The apology doesn't sound very sincere. When Jessica gives her forgiveness that doesn't sound very sincere either.

A little later we get an example of just how far Jacelyn's game has come.

She's nailed the rear naked choke from the back, arm deep under the chin and both hooks in.

"We met like this. Pretty sure you even choked me out..."

"So why aren't you returning the favour?"

"Well now that I know you I do kinda like you."

It seems Jessica doesn't object to being held like this. Her attempts to escape are a bit half heated. It seems Jacelyn enjoys holding Jessica like this. She's not squeezing to finish the choke.

So it seems no-one is very unhappy with the current circumstance.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

RENDERS - Some stuff I had lying around

Lucy and Priya are both on my mid card.

Across the board a pretty even match up, on paper at least.

On the mats is obviously not the same as on (the?) paper.

To whit, different grapplers and wrestlers have different preferences and favorites.

Once it's on, the question becomes who can better execute their game plan?

For the recently arrived Lucy's thing is some amateur wrestling supplemented with some submission grappling supplemented with a lot of roller derby.

Between her thighs is just about the last place you want to end up. When she squeezes things frequently pop and snap (not exactly like rice krispies, but closer than you want to experience).

Priya's game is straight up Brazilian Jujitsu supplemented with elite Yoga skills. Her ground game is growing, the head start is her ability to bend, twist, and either latch on or escape to/from anything anywhere.

Mind you it's not quite like she can bend her skull. Once Lucy gets her legs tight around Priya's neck there aren't many places to go.

Priya can throw her legs up to score a pretty nifty triangle. She also prefers to avoid MMA gloves.

She's never going to punch someone. Also the gloves sometimes make it harder to get her hands around your neck and throat.

Looks like these are all tap or nap scenarios...