Friday, 22 January 2016

Pose set update

My latest pose set uploaded now. For those doing their own 3D renders good luck and have fun.  :)


The last time we saw Jacelyn and Jessica it was a bit of a beat up.

Jacelyn said something mean.

Jessica was not offended. Her self esteem is too good for that.

As a matter of principle she does not like mean people.

Jacelyn knew she was about to get her clock cleaned and tried to make amends.

For her efforts she was (instead) treated a bit more "gently".

Other than a certain amount of pain and being choked out a couple of times no real injury.

When all was done Jessica asked Jacleyn if she had anything to say at that point.

To which Jacelyn asked Jessica if she could buy her a drink.

Jessica accepted.

A fun dance spot and a couple of cocktails.

A quieter bar on the way back from that and another glass of wine.

The questions is asked and accepted again.

So now they're in a hotel room.

Jessica asks,

"Is a few drinks how you always take advantage, or were you that desperate to be on top?"

Jacelyn replies,

"Only a few drinks. Better to ensure everyone remembers everything tomorrow."

"And do you always insist on keeping at least half guard? Did I forget to get the lights?"


"It's dark enough already. Leave them on."

Monday, 18 January 2016

RENDER - Jessica and Jacelyn

Fair disclosure up front...

Jessica's suit is not suited for athletic activity. Simply put, things are slipping out quite a bit...

Unfortunately (well in my mind anyway) I wasn't able to easily figure out how to fix/adjust the fit.

In the end I decided I would just render and be done with it.

So the exposure(s) here is(are) an accident.

Some of you may feel it's a happy accident, others may disagree.

Fair disclosure.

If an exposed nipple is likely to give offense you should stop here.


Jessica's mood is pretty foul right now.

She genuinely takes pride in the fact that she's not hung up on looks, makeup, outfits, or any of that.

So she's let her sister hassle her into getting made up and doing this stupid photo shoot.

And as confident and fearless as she may be, wearing next to nothing and being told to "look sexy" is actually miserably uncomfortable for her and she's hating it.

And then Jacelyn tells her she'd look better wearing a parka?!?!!?

Right now she feels the need to seriously vent some frustration.


Jacelyn's mood is little better but for very different (but very related) reasons.

She's had enough time to cool down and figure out that she just signed herself up for a significant ass kicking.

Jacelyn has done her share of modelling and everyone finds their own way in that business.

She's been on the receiving end of more than a few put downs in her time and part of the deal with learning how to fight was knowing she could always give worse than she'd ever receive.

Just today the person she took a shot at is a prominent exception to that rule...


As they get in the ring Jacelyn tries to make apologies and amends.

It wasn't personal. It's just the kind of thing you say when you're tying to compete or win with the photographer with another model. I'm sorry. Please, would you accept my apology.

To which Jessica sniffs.

"I'll go easy on you."

Jacelyn would admit that the mat hurt less than the floor when she lands on her back...

From the mount Jessica does some minor suit adjustment. Jacelyn volunteers that this trick with these suits is either spray on glue or double sided tape.

Jessica shakes her head. The modelling business is crazy...

Sinking down more closely, Jacelyn is defending and trying to avoid giving up high guard.

But Jessica isn't going for high guard. So how is she going to set up for an arm bar or crank?

Well it turns out she isn't Instead of twisting or bending something it's a squeeze.

And just like that the strangler is getting strangled. The arm triangle is a *lot* harder to finish from this position. But then Jessica has better technique and strength than average.

Stronger than just about anyone in fact (certainly in her arms and upper body).

And things are getting really blurry really fast...

And just like that Jacelyn is awake again.

She saw a chiropractor once when she had some problems with a stiff/sore neck.

This is hurting a lot worse.

True to her reputation she doesn't make much noise, but she is tapping quickly.

Alas, tapping doesn't mean the hold is released. Rather it's changed.

And things are getting blurry again all of a sudden...

When she wakes up she's getting hugged.

What the hell is this?

Then all of a sudden she's getting "hugged" a lot more strongly.

We mentioned before that Jessica has won trophies power lifting?

That takes a lot of strength in your back and arms.

The adjective "bearish" may be appropriate.

Something tells Jacelyn that an eye poke or gouging Jessica's face would be an insanely bad idea.

Lucky for her that (this time) the inner voice is heard in time.

Alas it's hard to breathe.

So she taps.

But Jessica doesn't let go.

The cause is different this time. The result is the same though...

Waking up she's at the chiropractor again. Except she's looking at the ceiling.

It takes a moment.

Then she figures out where she is and what's going on.


Time to sleep again....

Her leg hurts and her neck hurts.

Whichever one she pushes or pulls with - the other hurts worse.

Time to tap again.

This time she's let go quickly. She even manages to get into Jessica's guard for a moment.

Spider guard that this. For all the power in those legs Jessica is still very flexible.

And like that there's a gogoplata locked in place.

Simple basic back mount and rear naked choke technique.

Jessica plays and moves. Jacelyn feels like someone is glued to her back for her efforts to twist or escape.

Time to sleep again.

Finally Jacelyn wakes up and there's nothing specifically hurting.

She opens her eyes and looks up at Jessica looking down.

Jessica smirks.

"You said I should pose like this", and she pushes her chest out and puts her head back.

Then she looks down at the Strangler.

"Last time you said I should try a parka."

"What do you have to say now?"

Jacelyn takes in everything Jessica says and everything her eyes see.

Even Jessica is wondering Jacelyn is quiet so long.

When the Strangler speaks finally it's obviously a considered statement.

A question actually...

"Can I buy you a drink?"

To which Jessica replies...


Friday, 15 January 2016

RENDER - Jessica and Jacelyn (so it begins)

A few moments ago Jacelyn made a very denigrating remark to Jessica about appearance.

Specifically the strangler suggested Jessica might look better modelling a parka.

So let's be clear - Jessica is genuinely not hung up on superficial shit.

Whether or not someone else has an opinion about her appearance is unimportant to her.

So this isn't about self esteem, insecurity, or lashing out.

Jessica just doesn't like mean people.

Now here's the thing about falling on your back onto the ground.

The impact is based on the distance you fall.

Starting from your feet the distance is as long as your legs.

Jacelyn has rather nice long legs in my opinion, so that's a little way but probably not too bad.

Sometimes if you are moving sideways and trip you pick up extra momentum.

That's when it feels like you fell off a stool or a chair.

The impact is much more severe and possibility for injury a lot higher.

Fortunately Jacelyn has a top notch break-fall technique from extensive Judo practice. These are the techniques for falling onto your back without suffering injury.

Unfortunately Jessica has an elite, world class Judo game.

So imagine the impact if you fell off the rooftop of a house, and then onto a hardwood studio floor.

Because that's what Jacelyn has just experienced at Jessica's hands.

And while she gathers her senses, Jessica flips her over.

Perry Saturn called this submission hold his "Rings of Saturn". More old school it's called a "tuning fork".

You bend someone's arms back until they make "sounds", just like a real tuning fork.

The strangler doesn't scream. In fact it's obvious that she's not going to tap.

Jessica seems impressed. Having regained her composure she remarks...

"Awesome. You're really flexible in your shoulders. You're also right. Pulling them back like that does make that suit pop with that chest."

"I'm going to let you go. We're going to the gym. We're going to continue this discussion."

Jacelyn spits her reply, "Fine! Get your gear and I'll see you in the ring!"

To which Jessica replies...

"I don't need to change. Were you looking for a reason to stall or something?"


to be continued...

Thursday, 14 January 2016

RENDER - Preview Jacelyn and Jessica

When we first met Jewel's younger / bigger / stronger sister we found out that she was very atheletic provided it was as outdoors as possible.

Inside it was either power lifting or Judo.

Mostly Judo.

And a lot of power lifting.

But mostly Judo, which led to Ju Jitsu in Brazil, which turned into an elite / world class grappling game backed up by explosive strength and power.

In terms of my virtual roster she is an absolute top gun.

She also has little use for things she sees as frivolous.

Her swimsuits are basic and functional - they are all well suited to swimming and surfing.

Her shoes are mostly the comfortable kind. As in running shoes, rock climbing shoes, wrestling shoes, and a couple pairs of boots.

Her makeup box is dominated by varieties of waterproof broad spectrum sunscreen.

Now there was the one time her sister nagged her into entering a fitness contest.

She she was actually winning until one of the other competitors got in her head before the swimsuit part of the contest.

Nervous and self conscious on the stage in a bikini she ultimately lost to another woman.


That's ok. The first time they got on the mats the Strangler didn't know what she'd signed up for and wound up getting put to sleep.



Jessica is that good.

But Jewell is determined to get her younger sister thinking a bit more about looks, so with some nagging and hassle convinces her to try some makeup, hair highlights, and a pretty skimpy suit.

Self esteem and all that.

Frankly Jessica knows better. Most people do.

But sometimes you just gotta let someone grab the damn makeup brush so they will shut up.

Jessica isn't particularly comfortable in front of the camera. With coaching and a lot of prodding she strikes a couple of poses.

Jacelyn is booked with the same photographer and in the room.

She's pretty complimentary.

She asks Jessica if she'd like a couple of tips?

Jessica shrugs. This really seems silly to her. What the hell... Why not.

So then Jacelyn pops a few poses herself.

Then she offers her advice...

Too bad you can't fill out that suit properly. Next time maybe try a parka.


Did someone just let their mouth write a check that their ass probably can't cash?

I think we'll find out pretty soon...

RENDER - Full match between the Strangler and the Crusher

That's Jacelyn (The Strangler) in sporting blonde locks matched up with Lucy (The Crusher) sporting her red hair in a new "do"...

Earlier they posed for a photo, and Lucy hogged the camera.

Jacelyn is more the (much) more experienced grappler.

Maybe that was a bad idea?



Jacelyn's ground game is well ahead of Lucy's.

We're talking serious daylight and a different league.

So how does Lucy plan on staying competitive in this?

Lucy's game may be rounded, but it's what happens to people that end up between Lucy's thighs that got her the nickname "Crusher".

In boxing when someone is badly outclassed they will be beaten.

Sometimes though, the lesser fighter can still hit hard enough.

If they get lucky and land that one shot to the chin...

In boxing it's called the "puncher's chance".

No matter how good the other fighter is, you may get that one shot on the button to score the win.

So what's the wrestling equivalent of a "puncher's chance"?

If Lucy can hold on long enough, maybe she can pull guard...

First she needs to keep her neck attached to the rest of her spine.

So far this has gone fairly easy for Jacelyn.

She's keeping control and maintaining top position with either mount or side control.

She has also noticed though that Lucy's balance and ground position are both very good.

Strong legs don't just squeeze. They push and turn also.

Lucy's time on the roller derby rink means she has formidable balance to go with that leg strength.

So twisting and shoving Lucy works position...

In the end Jacelyn isn't able to hold the neck crank and she's working hard to keep that control.

For all of that the Silent Strangler is still pretty relaxed.

From mount she gets Lucy's head and an arm, and then leans to the side and squeezes.

Not too hard though.

She'd still annoyed about that photo earlier and thinking she wants to squeeze the Crusher a little while first.

Again Lucy's ability to move and turn makes a difference and she twists.

Jacelyn isn't letting go yet though, and decides to grab that arm.

Jacelyn is thinking this has gotten pretty easy.

Maybe she'll try and rub things in a bit here?

One of the Crusher's signatures, Lucy is being reminded what a figure four head scissor feels like on the receiving end.

Jacelyn is no weakling either. Not by a long shot.

Lucy knows she needs to break this one, and she knows how she needs to do it.

She's also thinking this may be her chance - best make full use of it.

Lucy's power and balance show again.

The Crusher turns herself and Jacelyn over, both onto their stomachs on the mat.

Jacelyn has gotten a little too confident.

That kind of simple figure four head scissor is almost simplistic enough to be embarrassing, which is exactly why she used it.

That may have been too arrogant.

For all that she's actually not that familiar with using it against someone who knows how to defend it.

And now face down she's holds the scissor while trying to figure out what to do next.

Lucy does know what to do next. Using her arms she creates space between Jacelyn's legs, and then pulls her head out.

Then cat like she jumps onto Jacelyn's back and takes rear mount.

Jacelyn doesn't realise yet the problem she's got, but the way that head is being shoved into the mat has her a bit distracted.

That arm is a little uncomfortable now also.


Lucy's been given her "puncher's chance", and has every intention of grabbing (squeezing?) things for all they are worth.

Now the "Silent Strangler" didn't get that nickname for yelling and screaming.

Quite the opposite, the most noise she normally ever makes is a short gasp, and even that isn't very often.

I guess we all need to mark the date then.

Jacelyn needs to work position.

With the Crusher holding the scissor the advantage on controlling position has shifted, and now Jacelyn is controlling where the two wrestlers moving.

So with her teeth gritted Jacelyn is now in top.

Lucy is still holding on with the scissor for all it's worth.


Jacelyn gets her elbows into Lucy's thighs hard and fast, breaking the scissor hold.

Now the Crusher still has Jacelyn in guard, but it's open and both wrestlers are working position.

Jacelyn feels like some of her internal organs have been rearranged, and while she recovers and catches her breath she's at less than full game.

Now she's worried.

So when Crusher pulls tight and moves to a higher guard position it's because Jacelyn is distracted and hurt.

And when Jacelyn finally realises where she is relative to the Crusher that worry turns to mild panic...

The Silent Strangler never screams.


She hardly ever makes any noise at all.

It's pretty freaking amazing that Lucy squeezed a gasp of pain out earlier.

So now let's imagine a large water balloon hitting the pavement after a drop from the rooftop.

Imagine the sound that water balloon makes when it bursts on impact with the concrete driveway.

Imagine replacing that sound with a word.

Imagine that the word is "FUCK!"

Except a lot louder.

The panic just stopped being mild, even if the Strangler hasn't actually screamed.


Jacelyn needs to do something to force Lucy's ankles apart.

Rolling over to give up full mount isn't normally a good choice.

It's the only choice available and it needs to be made immediately.

And it works.

The pressure of that scissors has quite literally squeezed her internal organs hard enough to leave her wanting to puke.

Gasping Jacelyn struggles to not throw up while concentrating on her insides moving back to where they should be.

It feels like her ribs have been separated on both sides and the pain is nearly paralytic.

Jacelyn is hurt and in a terrible position. She knows she can only hope to defend while she tries to recover.

She also knows she cannot get herself in Lucy's leg scissor again.

So far Jacelyn is not off to a good start.

Lucy has taken the stranglers back again.

What is the Crusher trying to do from here?


What they Crusher is trying to do is very straightforward.

She's following the scent of blood.

She's got her legs around Jacelyn's waist again.

Rolling to the side Jacelyn has blocked the worst of the Crusher's strength by forcing Lucy's foot and ankle into the mat.

So now she just needs to defend the Crusher's attempts to squeeze her neck instead.


Jacelyn needs to make a desperate gamble.

She has to prevent Lucy's legs closing around her waist or chest again.

Giving up the choke she works for Lucy's ankles instead, trying to get out from between the Crusher's scissors...

For most people this would be a bad place.

On this day...

Jacelyn is most people.

Bad as it may be, it's not worse than where she was a few minutes ago.

Using every bit of self-discipline and control she can muster, Jacelyn focuses.




Keep working.


Stay calm.



If Lucy had her legs around the Strangler's neck it would be quite different. Her arms are hardly weak or flabby.

Quite the opposite…

Lucy is still well stronger than most women.

It's just that her legs are something else again.


Lucy isn't letting go of Jacelyn's neck.

Quite the opposite - she's hanging on with all her might.

Jacelyn is a master at the sleeper hold.

She's a master at resisting it also.


Stay calm.

Lucy's arms are getting weak, and the Strangler hasn't gone to sleep like she should have.

Not yet...

Jacelyn may not be asleep, but she's hardly very awake either.

Lucy drops Jacelyn face down and swarms onto her back.

She sinks the choke again.

This time she gets her hooks back in also though...

Still the Strangler refuses to be strangled.

Jacelyn manages to pull Lucy's arms out of position.

Then she manages to get her own legs under her.

Lucy is trying to flatten the Jacelyn back onto her belly and flat on the mat.

Even from this position, it's not just power.

It's more balance and technique.

And as impressive as Lucy's balance is when she can put her feet on the ground, from here Jacelyn's experience is better.

And without knowing quite how it happened, Lucy starts sliding off Jacelyn's back and onto the mat...

Jacelyn is moving fast now. She knows that from here the Crusher could quite litterally finish this.

But before she spun the Crusher onto her back she managed to loosen Lucy's strangle.

She just needs to turn and get Lucy off her back.

And now the Strangler has turned - the immediate job is done.


Jacelyn is still hurting - badly.

And back inside the Crusher's guard she knows she needs to change position immediately - or else.

But she's also got her senses back and can focus again.

She knows she needs to move at speed.

She knows what she needs to do.

She knows what she wants to do.

She knows what she needs to avoid.

And between all of those things she immediately knows what she is going to do.


Lucy experienced this recently with Eloise.

One moment you're holding guard.

The next moment the person on top has thrown them-selves back and grabbed your foot.

Jacelyn has her forearm underneath the back of Lucy's chillies tendon.

Her toes aren't quite in Jacelyn's armpit, so the leverage isn't perfect.

Jacelyn can't injure the Crusher's foot like this.

She can cause a lot of pain though.

And given Jacelyn's personal pride in a reputation for not making noise when something hurts, it seems she needs to make sure that Lucy makes some noise instead.

Jacelyn's feet are exposed, so Lucy goes hunting for a foot look or toe hold of her own.

Turns out that strangles aren't the only way Jacelyn knows how to score the advantage.

Turns out she knows a few submission locks of her own.

Lucy's legs are very dangerous weapons.

When fighting your opponent you need to know what those weapons are and, chance permitting, disarm those weapons.

Or in this case, dis "leg" them

Not finished yet, Jacelyn wants to make sure that Lucy's scissor holds aren't a threat again.

So after wrecking the ankle she turns and attacks the knee.

Lucy wasn't able to win with her arms earlier, but then her "puncher's" chance was always most likely going to come from her legs.

I think things just got really bad for the Crusher.

Jacelyn still wants to mess up the Crusher, but she's not taking the same chances again.

All the better reason to make Lucy has helpless as possible so that she can finish things how she wants.

Now it's an arm bar.

Not perfect, but if Lucy has lost a leg and an arm, what happens next?

Lucy pulls the arm out. Jacelyn is impressed.

Still being careful Jacelyn keeps things low to the mat and away from Lucy's legs.

Full mount is careful.

And this time, rather than give away a good position, she takes an opportunity where she can keep it.

So Jacelyn keeps the full mount, and sinks the arm triangle from top position.

Lucy is struck by the feeling of Jacelyn's breast pushing into her neck.

Seems an odd thing to notice considering how much everything else is starting to swim in her head.

Odder perhaps, Jacelyn is thinking similar thoughts also.

But then when it comes to this kind of proximity the Strangler does does actually prefer other women.

Maybe Jacelyn let herself get too distracted.

No matter, Lucy manages to pulls her arm out.

This is a nastier, rougher technique.

Full mount, Jacelyn drives the blade of her forearm into Lucy's neck.

In some competitions this would be considered a "dirty" or illegal technique.

This is why Lucy doesn’t feel bad about throwing a punch into Jacelyn’s ribs from the bottom…


Now how much power can you get into a punch from that position?

The answer is hardly any.

Even you or I could handle that shot.

No problem at all.

But what if your ribs were in fact actually separated or fractured and the punch landed above your liver?

True to her reputation, Jacelyn hardly makes a sound.

It's just that, for the Strangler, everything has just completely stopped working while her brain processes an overload of pain signals.

And with that the Crusher moves from bottom mount to guard and grabs hold of Jacelyn's neck.

Not sophisticated. Not at all.

Done properly? Still very effective...


Not effective enough.

Jacelyn manages to pull her neck and head out just before she goes out.

Still groggy, now she's given up a full nelson.

The pressure on her upper back isn't so bad.

The way that pressure extends into her ribs is excruciating.

If Crusher could close out with a body scissor she'd hardly need to squeeze at all and that would be that.

Can she close with that injured leg?


No she can't.

So Jacelyn escapes again.

No more chances. Now the Strangler has her legs around the Crusher.

And now she's trapped the Crusher's arm.

The original arm bar was escaped before much damage was done.

Jacelyn cranks the Kimura until she feels the tendons in Lucy's arms twanging like guitar strings.

We are officially down to one wheel and one wing.

And we come back to someplace we've been before.

Positions are a little different. Situation is the same.

Jacelyn has the Crusher in a very bad place.

Good thing for Lucy that it's her good arm that's free.

Which is how the Crusher pulls Jacelyn's legs apart to get her shoulder up and through - out of the choke.


But not out of back control.

So now Jacelyn has Lucy's back, the only question is what to try next.

When your opponent has a bad arm and a bad leg, maybe try something a little more esoteric? Practise for real.

The Pentagram choke is a real thing.

Lucy will vouch for that.

But right now she just wants to escape.

Admire her heart, she's still struggling.

Jacelyn on the other hand is actually playing.

She just decided she wants Lucy to be looking her in the face when the match is ended.

Jacelyn releases the Pentagram choke.

From a mounted position she applies the triangle.

Looking down at Lucy she waits for the redhead to go to sleep.

Even on one leg, Lucy's ability to control balance and position is freaky.

Forcing her way out of the mount now it's Jacelyn on her back.

Except that the triangle is still locked in perfectly tight.

Lucy continues to struggle and fight.

It's almost desperate and grasping.

Then like car driving on the road when the engine fails - all of a sudden everything is moving so much more slowly.

Then it stops.

* Fin