Friday, 15 January 2016

RENDER - Jessica and Jacelyn (so it begins)

A few moments ago Jacelyn made a very denigrating remark to Jessica about appearance.

Specifically the strangler suggested Jessica might look better modelling a parka.

So let's be clear - Jessica is genuinely not hung up on superficial shit.

Whether or not someone else has an opinion about her appearance is unimportant to her.

So this isn't about self esteem, insecurity, or lashing out.

Jessica just doesn't like mean people.

Now here's the thing about falling on your back onto the ground.

The impact is based on the distance you fall.

Starting from your feet the distance is as long as your legs.

Jacelyn has rather nice long legs in my opinion, so that's a little way but probably not too bad.

Sometimes if you are moving sideways and trip you pick up extra momentum.

That's when it feels like you fell off a stool or a chair.

The impact is much more severe and possibility for injury a lot higher.

Fortunately Jacelyn has a top notch break-fall technique from extensive Judo practice. These are the techniques for falling onto your back without suffering injury.

Unfortunately Jessica has an elite, world class Judo game.

So imagine the impact if you fell off the rooftop of a house, and then onto a hardwood studio floor.

Because that's what Jacelyn has just experienced at Jessica's hands.

And while she gathers her senses, Jessica flips her over.

Perry Saturn called this submission hold his "Rings of Saturn". More old school it's called a "tuning fork".

You bend someone's arms back until they make "sounds", just like a real tuning fork.

The strangler doesn't scream. In fact it's obvious that she's not going to tap.

Jessica seems impressed. Having regained her composure she remarks...

"Awesome. You're really flexible in your shoulders. You're also right. Pulling them back like that does make that suit pop with that chest."

"I'm going to let you go. We're going to the gym. We're going to continue this discussion."

Jacelyn spits her reply, "Fine! Get your gear and I'll see you in the ring!"

To which Jessica replies...

"I don't need to change. Were you looking for a reason to stall or something?"


to be continued...