Monday, 18 January 2016

RENDER - Jessica and Jacelyn

Fair disclosure up front...

Jessica's suit is not suited for athletic activity. Simply put, things are slipping out quite a bit...

Unfortunately (well in my mind anyway) I wasn't able to easily figure out how to fix/adjust the fit.

In the end I decided I would just render and be done with it.

So the exposure(s) here is(are) an accident.

Some of you may feel it's a happy accident, others may disagree.

Fair disclosure.

If an exposed nipple is likely to give offense you should stop here.


Jessica's mood is pretty foul right now.

She genuinely takes pride in the fact that she's not hung up on looks, makeup, outfits, or any of that.

So she's let her sister hassle her into getting made up and doing this stupid photo shoot.

And as confident and fearless as she may be, wearing next to nothing and being told to "look sexy" is actually miserably uncomfortable for her and she's hating it.

And then Jacelyn tells her she'd look better wearing a parka?!?!!?

Right now she feels the need to seriously vent some frustration.


Jacelyn's mood is little better but for very different (but very related) reasons.

She's had enough time to cool down and figure out that she just signed herself up for a significant ass kicking.

Jacelyn has done her share of modelling and everyone finds their own way in that business.

She's been on the receiving end of more than a few put downs in her time and part of the deal with learning how to fight was knowing she could always give worse than she'd ever receive.

Just today the person she took a shot at is a prominent exception to that rule...


As they get in the ring Jacelyn tries to make apologies and amends.

It wasn't personal. It's just the kind of thing you say when you're tying to compete or win with the photographer with another model. I'm sorry. Please, would you accept my apology.

To which Jessica sniffs.

"I'll go easy on you."

Jacelyn would admit that the mat hurt less than the floor when she lands on her back...

From the mount Jessica does some minor suit adjustment. Jacelyn volunteers that this trick with these suits is either spray on glue or double sided tape.

Jessica shakes her head. The modelling business is crazy...

Sinking down more closely, Jacelyn is defending and trying to avoid giving up high guard.

But Jessica isn't going for high guard. So how is she going to set up for an arm bar or crank?

Well it turns out she isn't Instead of twisting or bending something it's a squeeze.

And just like that the strangler is getting strangled. The arm triangle is a *lot* harder to finish from this position. But then Jessica has better technique and strength than average.

Stronger than just about anyone in fact (certainly in her arms and upper body).

And things are getting really blurry really fast...

And just like that Jacelyn is awake again.

She saw a chiropractor once when she had some problems with a stiff/sore neck.

This is hurting a lot worse.

True to her reputation she doesn't make much noise, but she is tapping quickly.

Alas, tapping doesn't mean the hold is released. Rather it's changed.

And things are getting blurry again all of a sudden...

When she wakes up she's getting hugged.

What the hell is this?

Then all of a sudden she's getting "hugged" a lot more strongly.

We mentioned before that Jessica has won trophies power lifting?

That takes a lot of strength in your back and arms.

The adjective "bearish" may be appropriate.

Something tells Jacelyn that an eye poke or gouging Jessica's face would be an insanely bad idea.

Lucky for her that (this time) the inner voice is heard in time.

Alas it's hard to breathe.

So she taps.

But Jessica doesn't let go.

The cause is different this time. The result is the same though...

Waking up she's at the chiropractor again. Except she's looking at the ceiling.

It takes a moment.

Then she figures out where she is and what's going on.


Time to sleep again....

Her leg hurts and her neck hurts.

Whichever one she pushes or pulls with - the other hurts worse.

Time to tap again.

This time she's let go quickly. She even manages to get into Jessica's guard for a moment.

Spider guard that this. For all the power in those legs Jessica is still very flexible.

And like that there's a gogoplata locked in place.

Simple basic back mount and rear naked choke technique.

Jessica plays and moves. Jacelyn feels like someone is glued to her back for her efforts to twist or escape.

Time to sleep again.

Finally Jacelyn wakes up and there's nothing specifically hurting.

She opens her eyes and looks up at Jessica looking down.

Jessica smirks.

"You said I should pose like this", and she pushes her chest out and puts her head back.

Then she looks down at the Strangler.

"Last time you said I should try a parka."

"What do you have to say now?"

Jacelyn takes in everything Jessica says and everything her eyes see.

Even Jessica is wondering Jacelyn is quiet so long.

When the Strangler speaks finally it's obviously a considered statement.

A question actually...

"Can I buy you a drink?"

To which Jessica replies...


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  1. Excellent!! That was a great fight. Jessica really worked Jacelyn over, she totally had it coming. XD Great images, angles and poses.