Wednesday, 25 March 2015

RENDER - Reposting roster members (top guns!)

I had 28 OCs in my original roster. Some of those never saw the mats.

Since I've been here we have two new OCs and a couple of the originals rolling.

There was definitely a bit of a rating systems in my roster. Not everyone was the same.

In fact only four of them were that top flight that would pretty reliably defeat anyone else, challenged only by themselves and each other in a small club.

Let's re-introduce them shall we?


Don't kid yourself. A top flight elite Judoka is possibly the last person on the planet you want to pick a fight with.

An Olympic sport and the "gentle art" often features people unconscious and gasping for air on the ground or others with arms in slings on their way to hospital.

Maybe not so gentle?

Jewell is one of those top flight players. Mess with her at your peril.

"Tap, snap or nap. You decide."


 Kimiko's background is more rounded. She started out in Judo also. Wanderlust and interest took her around the world.

Wrestling in the US.

Kickboxing in Thailand and Holland.

And of course Ju Jitsu in Brazil.

She may not be the very best at any one thing. She is very good at all of them.

"I remember Jewell from an junior meet. She wouldn't tap. So I put her to sleep."

Jessica was always a tomboy growing up. Running and climbing in the yard and the trees graduated to cross country and vertical rock walls.

Some parts of the year weather is less tolerable. It's not by choice but inside for swimming and weightlifting.

Her natural strength is impressive. In power lifting she enters meets and wins as often as she comes second.

Jessica's older sister is doing something else. She doesn't know what it is but there is always a load of laundry going with what look like a set of large white pajamas.

Jessica and her older sister are both attractive and both have to fend off the occasional unwelcome suitor. One day one guy gets more assertive, and it's the older sister who pushes the guy away - hard.

Jessica is pissed now. She's not a fighter, just strong and fit and self confident. Did her older sister have any idea the risk she was taking?

The older sister laughs, and now Jessica is really angry. Deciding it's time to teach someone a lesson Jessica makes the tackle.

A few moments later she's waking up still groggy and her sister is talking to her.

"That thing with the pajamas? It's called Judo. You should try it."

And so Jewell's little bigger sister does exactly that.

It's a bit of catch up on the technique side, but it's coming really fast. So fast in fact that Jewell is using Jessica for a training partner as often as she can.

Jessica would still rather be outside than going to meets. So while Jewell is standing on the podium she knows that on any given day it could have been Jessica.

After school Jessica decides to travel. Before she gets very far she lands in Brazil. Between surfing year round and rolling in the local Ju Jitsu school her game changes quite a bit.

And now it's something else together.

"Sure you wouldn't rather check the weather outside?"

Marielle did wrestling in high school. Then again in college.

But the scholarship was academic - not athletic.

But it could have been athletic. State and regional meets all contribute to the pile of trophies in the basement.

But right now it's Dr. Marielle now thank you. And this house and pool were earned and paid for very fairly thank you very much.

Studying kinesiology Marielle develops more of an interest in how the human body moves, and bends.

With a background in grappling and this new interest she discovers Ju Jitsu.

With her existing wrestling background and superb intellect the basement is getting cluttered as fast as ever.

One year on holiday she's in Brazil when she decides to roll at a local school.

It's mostly guys and she's really not interested. Not in protecting their fragile egos. Not in the bad breath and beard rash.

But here's one other woman. She's not local either so maybe that's how they find each other and make eye contact.

They can't remember who asked first. One does. The other replies sure.

And so they roll.

After a few minutes the rest of the people in the school start slowing down. Stopping. Watching.

After 15 minutes no-one else is training. Everyone is watching.

Marielle seems to have the better technique. Her training partner seems to have better strength and maybe a little better speed.

After 30 minutes the first fall. They go again. Now they're tired. The second, third, and fourth falls all come in the next 30 minutes again.

One of them asks, "tie breaker". The answer is "yeah!"

Where did they find this extra strength?

 It's full speed again. Thirty minutes later the choke hold comes out of nowhere.

No tap - the victim hangs on and fights back. Only to eventually go under.

Collapsing the winner falls onto the mat completely spent.

The loser wakes up after a moment and asks how long.

The answer is just a few seconds. Long enough.

Laughing the two women get up, very slowly, then hug.

After a shower it's a couple of drinks at a quiet nightspot. No one is up for dancing for a couple of days.

And that's how new friends are made.

Marielle and Jessica to be precise.

"I know how the human body is supposed to move. And how it isn't." 


I'm not certain why, but from a pure looks perspective I think Jacelyn is my favorite.

Odd.... I mean seriously - pretty much all women are beautiful, and normally I've probably noticed blondes more often. I remember seeing pics of a couple of different Asian fitness models. The long straight jet black hair, the black bikini, the toned physique.

Go figure. That's me anyway.

Jacelyn has always liked the choke out.

Final and solid. Someone taps out or they go to sleep. When she takes your back and sinks her hooks you are almost certainly going to the showers or to sleep.

 With a top ground game based in eastern grappling basics she even dabbles a bit in MMA.

Everyone needs a nickname. Hers is "The Singapore Strangler".

Pretty soon people notice something else. Jacelyn does loose the occasional fall and she will tap out. But she never yells or shouts or screams. No matter how much something hurts.

So soon she is "The Silent Strangler".

Jacelyn isn't just good at her ground game. She has another reason for enjoying it so much.

In her private moments away from the mat she'd still prefers the company of other women. Dressed to wrestle or not. Or not...

"I don't like injuring other women. That's why I'd rather put them to sleep."

Monday, 23 March 2015

RENDER - New OC Violet

Many years ago if you were a fan of competitive female wrestling, genuine competitive, I think there were only two producers.

VideoSports Ltd is actually still around and a lot of their old catalog is available online for download and DVD.

My fave was CandB Video. Alas they are gone it seems. I liked them better for a few reasons. First off the wrestling standard was typically a bit higher. Secondly they used sleepers, and I have always had a real thing for those. Finally, I was never as much into topless (Video Sports). I liked the bikinis and one piece suits at CandB.

And of all the CandB women (and Silver Sun), beautiful though they all were, I did have a favorite.


I got a couple of her vids. Not all of them, ergo not enough. She has done a few vids elsewhere. I bought one of the vids she did a Les Femmes Fatales. She was looking awesome as usual in a red bikini, scored one fall with a sleeper, then a lot of simple scissor holds.

I understand she started in gymnastics, then got onto power lifting before getting into wrestling.

She was "ok", but when she tangled with a legit submission grappler I understand she got owned pretty clearly (vs Mistress Josephine). From what I read it sounds like she really didn't know how to defend from guard and gave up her back twice for a choke out before having to stop due to injury.

I wish there was someplace you could still get her FvF videos from CandB and I wish there was someplace I could get the video of her match with Josephine.

An insane sexy looking woman smoking either bikinis or one piece suits and working the sleeper hold long before any other production company or crew of wrestlers did.

I hope she's doing well.

So that all said - our latest addition to the roster.

Violet is also has a background in gymnastics and then power lifting. Her technique is pretty good but a bit one dimensional. She likes to choke out her opponents. She also tends to rely a bit much on flexibility and power. When it works she can be a bit of a bully.

From anywhere she can bring her legs up and around you. Once she closes her ankles, the fall isn't far off.

"When the can't speak, only squeak. That's when I know I've got them."

Violet has picked her opponent well.

Jessie also relies on power. More than Violet even.

And Jessie's game is one dimensional, but pure power has done her ok.

Violet is, deceptively, well out of Jessie's league in the pure power stakes.

Violet likes getting her opppent's head between her thighs. Giving them a close look at that tattoo as she crushes their head and neck.

For Jessie the choke out is a little more technique based. Maybe not applied that well. Well enough.

Power does make a difference.

Violet remembers Jessica. They crossed paths a few times back when they were both lifting.

Violet won those. All of them. She is that much stronger. She wasn't usually very nice about it either.

Jessica is rolling with a few of the newer grapplers. There's a certain method here. She deliberately rolls badly. Tapping out and losing falls.

Yes this helps a newer grappler fine tune some things and build a bit of confidence.

Sometimes it also lulls someone else into a false sense of confidence.

Violet is still a bit of a bully, so between falls she calls out Jessica.

Jessica makes a show of hesitating, then accepts.

The next day they roll, and in about five seconds she figures out what's happened.

While Violet was picking up some amateur wrestling and basic submission skills, Jessica has been perfecting a world class submission grappling game.

Jessica pulls guard and Violet is trying to defend. Jessica transitions her hips first. After that it's pretty easy.

Fuschia has a match with Robin from Femmes Fatales. Robin would up bleeding slightly from her eyelids after Fuschia's fingernails went where they shouldn't.

Violet can be a little nasty when she's desperate also.

So Jessica just asks her.

"And what do you think I'm going to do if you try that crap?"

RENDER - Dani and Corveena

Last time we saw these two Dani was testing the theory that, with patience, she may be able to avoid the finish while waiting for her opponent to exhaust first.

Theory proven. Dani is tired, but Corveena is utterly spent.

Working into high mount Corveena finally finds one last gasp of energy to roll her tormenter off. Now Dani is on her back. Corveena's situation is less improved.

Dani may not be a cut or defined as some women. Her strength is no less awesome. Corveena feels like she has one of those giant South American pythons wrapped around her neck and shoulder.

Dani pushes a few stray hairs out of her face.

Does she sit back up to pull Corveena's head down and make the choke even tighter?

Or maybe she just decides to see if she can finish from here?

A little bit about me...

Hobbyist 3d artist with a specific interest in women (vs women) wrestling.

I used to be at DeviantArt. Left a while ago.

Back again but keeping a lower profile.

Also doing more cosplays. I really like doing scenes based on real people but only if they give me permission first.

Check those out here:

My Deviantart page

I'll be (even) less active than I was before and many of my uploads (esp my wrestling ones) will be going to my blog here instead of my DA page.

I'll also link those on my Google+ page here.

Finally I also have a Facebook page and some stuff goes there also FaceBook.

You can call me Cale (not my real name) or afwfan (is my handle).

My specific interest is singles women wrestling to submission (for preference) or pin.

I don't like seeing injuries. Please tap before something breaks or pops.

I like pro-style or staged if it's well done. Recently WWE has been really good but a couple years ago I wouldn't/couldn't be bothered.

I do have a specific thing for long drawn out sleepers... I do not know why. Here I'm definitely preferring pro style (I know it's not real). Seeing someone choked out for real isn't nearly as much a thing for me, if at all.

I genuinely believe almost all women are beautiful.

In this arena how they roll on the mats is more important than looks by a mile.

Even competitive I'm not particularly interested if the women have no technique (e.g. most DWW?), and if it's hopelessly fake (e.g. Steel Kittens) I can't even watch, regardless of how amazing Belinda Belle looks.

On the other hand, Gia Primo, Veve Lane, Sable (from LWS), Keri Spectrum, Venom (LWS), Laken Fire, Mistress Lina, Tia, Ariel X, and so many more that I can't even begin to name them all...

Well just bloody amazing!!!

I don't want to diminish or disparage any of the real women who compete at any level (for themselves or others) in any way.

I just really like watching two women grappling. I am really sorry if that offends anyone. That is just how I feel.

Regardless of anything else people deserve respect.

If they happen to be wrestling, modelling, cosplaying (or anything else) for themselves or interested observers that entitlement does not change in the least.

I will do my (perhaps very flawed) best to show that to all.

Hope you enjoy looking around here.


Monday, 16 March 2015

RENDER - New OC Ember

Ember is a dancer.

Yes, that kind.

It's fun. It pays the bills. And it's not the guys she's interested in.

Ember prefers to swing with the girls. For her the real fun is watching and hanging with the other dancers.

Especially hanging out. Especially with women who are into hanging out with other women themselves

One day she discovers the women's division in the North American Grappler's Association (NAGA).

It's like an electric current hits her.

Rushing out she finds a BJJ class. Rolling with the guys is no real thrill, but she understands you have to learn somewhere.

Rolling with other women is exactly what she expected... Maybe even more...

She does develop one particularly challenging habit though.

When someone gets Ember in a choke hold - she doesn't tap. She'll go to sleep first.

At the same time when she gets the choke hold she doesn't let go until her opponent is asleep.

Not a nice thing to do to another person, especially one who doesn't expect it.

Wonder what comes of that?

"I like holding a soft woman gently. I like holding a stronger woman too."

Ember has found the gym. The anticipation is pretty intense, but she's heard about and is looking for something specific.

Asking a couple of discrete questions and picking up some hints she comes to Jacelyn and asks to roll.

Jacelyn gets the guillotine from the guard. Ember fights and true to old habits she goes to sleep before she taps out.

She's been playing it pretty easy, so when she wakes up and asks Jacelyn if she can try that hold?

The silent strangler agrees. The new wrestler seems pretty green so she reckons she can escape once it's on.

Too late Jacelyn realises she's been played. Tapping out she realises that Ember isn't letting go either...

When she wakes she's still in Ember's guard and Ember has holding her like a hug.

Jacelyn is pissed and now. And now Ember's real game is out.

Jacelyn feels like she's wrestling an octopus. But Jacelyn is the better grappler.

It takes a few minutes but position is reversed, and now Jacleyn has advantage.

Working high guard Jacleyn is looking for another choke. Triangle or another guillotine.

Ember's head is on the middle of Jacelyn's chest, and something happens that Jacelyn really didn't expect.

She's not complaining though.

Jacelyn prefers to hang with other women also.

Suddenly something else is going on all together in fact...