Monday, 23 March 2015

RENDER - Dani and Corveena

Last time we saw these two Dani was testing the theory that, with patience, she may be able to avoid the finish while waiting for her opponent to exhaust first.

Theory proven. Dani is tired, but Corveena is utterly spent.

Working into high mount Corveena finally finds one last gasp of energy to roll her tormenter off. Now Dani is on her back. Corveena's situation is less improved.

Dani may not be a cut or defined as some women. Her strength is no less awesome. Corveena feels like she has one of those giant South American pythons wrapped around her neck and shoulder.

Dani pushes a few stray hairs out of her face.

Does she sit back up to pull Corveena's head down and make the choke even tighter?

Or maybe she just decides to see if she can finish from here?

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