Tuesday, 25 August 2015

RENDER - To the victor the spoils

So Corveena and Crusher were trying to sort out who got to wear which bikinis, agreeing only that they'd share the black one.

Here's Lucy showing off a few of the exclusives...

RENDER - Pro style preview

Corveena and Crusher just finished rolling on the mats in a straight up submission style event.

I'd been thinking of a few things to do next, and I think I've decided.

Let's have the same two bash it out again, just this time pro style!

So Corveena is a dancer (more or less that kind - yes), and Crusher does Roller Derby for kicks.

Work clothes include shorts, fishnets, tight clothes and some pads.

So let's adorn with a pair of proper boots and continue things.

In the first instance I should make some disclaimers and observations.

If you happen to be a guy who prefers other guys then more power to you.

I am a guy who prefers women.

If/when opportunity presents being flat on my back with a woman on top and pressing down on me is pretty awesome. On a soft surface with a woman's legs wrapped around is also thoroughly awesome.

If you are a guy who prefers the intimate company of the opposite sex I would ask only how you could possibly disagree?

On the other hand, Corveena and Crusher would respectively disagree quite strenuously.

This may take a while. Please be patient.

Oh yeah. Trying a slightly different hairstyle for the Crusher. Let's see how we go shall we?

Saturday, 22 August 2015

RENDER - This is not a glamour shot...

Assuming you have the right figures, poses, props, and textures, this kind of render is very easy to set.

My wrestling renders the same if I have the pose preset (saved from earlier renders), but a lot more work if it's a new hold (I need to set both figures and they need to be set relative to each other).

That said sometimes it's fun just to try something a little different. And this is a little different...

I read about one MMA fighter that said their opponent, with a background in judo, wouldn't understand what they were in for; what does a judoka know about getting punched in the nose?

That opponent's response was that, as a judoka they knew quite a few things. How it felt to have the side of your head slammed into a hard floor and what a broken nose felt like from an accidental (or not) flailing elbow, knee or heel while you rolled.

Corveena's background is amateur wrestling. She's sparring with someone to work her striking game.

The original plan is light sparring, but her opponent knows that, in order to really improve, you need to include full speed and power in the practice.

That opponent had made a similar assumption that, as a wrestler, this would be the end of practice.

That assumption looks like it's about to be corrected...

Friday, 21 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit (fin)

Well this has been an interesting diversion. So much so that I've lost track actually.

Definitely like the black bikini best.

Who gets to wear which suit I've lost track. Who gets to keep more suits? I think it's close but again I've lost track.

The Crusher knows some more exotic submission techniques. Corveena is not above throwing a curve ball. More precisely she's not above throwing her opponent.

In the end it comes down to a last fall where, despite Lucy's success in twisting out of one bad spot, it winds up with our gothic dancer using a technique we'd have expected from the Crusher.

As for sorting out finally who does wear the black bikini?

Well everyone is pretty worn out now.

Let's assume they agree to share and get along.

In the meantime everyone has been stretched and twisted and squeezed a few different ways, so we'll give a few days to recuperate.

Monday, 17 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit (still cont....)

I mean it was obviously a going out of business sale...

Corveena used her superior wrestling to control position and take advantage.

The Crusher has regrouped and, using a few submissions Corveena isn't familiar with, taken advantage back.

So much so that Corveena has become too defensive - only to give away some crude but effective submissions.

Advantage back to the Crusher it seems...

Sunday, 16 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit (cont)?

Crusher and Corveena just came back from the shop with a bag filled with new (matching) bikinis.

Obviously we had some kind of going out of clearance sale on the day...

Let's keep sorting out who wears which one shall we?   ;)

Corveena was an elite amateur wrestler. Her submission game isn't as good. Very few grapplers would be better at controlling position on the ground though.

Crusher is a lot more rounded. Especially her submissions holds. Especially from bottom position. And anything that involves her legs around her opponent...


So far position seems to carry advantage this day.

Quite happy with how that arm triangle turned out.

To be continued further...

Friday, 14 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit?

Ok, this is pretty thin. :)

For those who are fans of pro-wrestling long enough, I'd wager you've seen thinner.   ;)

Luck (aka the Crusher) and Corveena are trying on suits purchased on sale out on the floor mats.

Turns out they both stocked up.

And this has created several awkward situations.

Well only one of them can wear a given suit.

And there's one obvious way for two grapplers to sort that out.

Corveena knows Lucy has a brutal scissors. She's still a little careless in that, with her background in wrestling and bridging, her neck is *very* strong.

Scroll down and I think you can figure out when the surprise happens.

I know that lots of swimwear vendors do lots of swimsuits in different styles, colours and trims.

If there is anything better looking than a simple black bikini or swimsuit I'm unsure I've seen it.

Occasionally a different primary colour (red, blue, white), but black is just about always awesome.

Crusher and Corveena get this I think, so both of them are hoping to win that one.

Wonder who does?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Free content - my pose presets

I've uploaded some updates to my wrestling pose library at ShareCG.

My wrestling pose library

Good luck and have fun guys.

And please let me see your work if you can.   :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

DRAWING - Fan art of The Crusher

One of my OC's, Lucy aka The Crusher has a few fans among my few followers.

I mentioned before the awesome work from Albonia on the Rival Angels web comic.

Turns out he's a fan of the Crusher also.  :)

Go check him out here:

Rival Angels

And here is his jaw smashingly awesome take on Lucy chilling out (but probably about to put a major squeeze on someone).   :)

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