Saturday, 17 September 2016

RENDER - Settling scores

Corveena and Lucy seem to have picked up a rivalry. After a few close encounters the Crusher was ahead on the winning tally.

The last time they ran into each other though, Corveena was looking to do more than even the ledger.

Simply put, Corveena put a massive hurt onto the Crusher.

That left a mark...

Now I've said before. Anyone who follows professional wrestling (or Jerry Springer) knows that there's only one way for grown ups to resolve their differences.

And where this all started was initially fairly good natured. The question was who gets to wear which bikini.

The obviously isn't a so much problem today.

What is a problem is that when they run into each other it's Lucy who is looking to even the ledger.
Corveena seems happy to let her try.

After the boots are laced they haven't even made it into the ring and things have started.

They get broken up and told to take it into the ring...

Now if someone was yanking on my leg like that there would be a lot of noise.

The ripping and snapping of my hamstring would probably be even louder than the yelling and screaming.

Corveena is a dancer. She can do the splits and a high kick isn't a problem for her. Having the Crusher's thighs on either side of her head is a more significant issue frankly.

Fortunately Corveena is just about that flexible and she does manage to get her head out, then her leg.

Rolling she gets an arm and a neck and even a sweat.

The thing with a submission is that there's a direct correlation between how easy it is to finish and how tired your opponent is.

Which is why Lucy is able to escape.

Now a guillotine choke is a pretty basic and very nasty technique. It's the kind of thing you see in a schoolyard brawl.

This is a gym, not a school yard.

And then Corveena gets her hand on Lucy's face, and her fingers in Lucy's eye.

And just like that it's an alleyway.

Lucy yells and twists her neck. Letting go of the choke with her right arm she gets ahold of Corveena's left.

Then she closes up the choke again, this time with the arm in.

No more eye gouge for you!

Corveena isn't that tired yet either.

So she isn't done... Either.

Escaping guard Corveena moves to side position. From here Lucy can't finish the choke.

Getting her arm free Corveena moves to Lucy's back. Lucy tries to scoot down to escape.

We've said before that Lucy's legs, once they are around you, can often be the end of you.

It's not just the power. With that power comes speed and control. The ability to move her legs where she needs them and close them fast.

Corveena is absolutely no slouch here, and this is a bad spot for the Crusher (one she's not used to being on this side of).

Lucy does escape, and now that they're rolling again she gets side control, then a neck, then an arm.

And with a rock solid base and powerful legs Lucy knows how to balance (perfectly) and push (powerfully).

Corveena has been here before and knows she needs to get out in a hurry.

Hand in the face, fingers in the eyes, and that is taken care of again.

Corveena pulls guard, Lucy passes, escapes, and stands up.

Separated the air between these two is crackling with rage.

Corveena says "I want to smash your face in so badly..."

Lucy seethes back. Without saying anything she jumps out of the ring.

For half a second Corveena thinks she's chickened out, then she sees what Lucy is grabbing off the benches.

Then the Crusher jumps back in and throws Corveena's fingerless gloves onto the mat at her feet.

And while Lucy pulls her own gloves on she replies.

"Bitch. Bring it..."

Gloves on, Corveena shoots for a single leg.

The most basic sort of amateur wrestling technique, the kind she excelled at when she won medals at nationals.

Putting Lucy on her back Corveena gets half guard from the top, one arm under Lucy's neck, and traps her left arm.

Leaning close Lucy's head is held in place. She can't move or turn her neck away.

Corveena measure's a bulls eye in the middle of Lucy's face.

Then,and like there's bonus points for speed, she lets loose...

Lucy is dazed and disoriented by the onslaught. For almost any pure grappler this is end of the game.

No one who's never been hit like this before responds well the first time.

Lucy does roller derby. She knows what it's like getting smashed in the head.

Through the fog and a daze her brain keeps working and reflexes kick in.

Grabbing Corveena's hair is not Marquesss of Queensbury.

I think we all agree we're past that.

Lucy escapes and gets back on top.

Corveena knows she's going to get hit. She's ready for that. The most critical thing is that she stuffs any power shots. The best way to do that is to trap your opponent's dominant arm. It's a lot easy to block the less dominant arm and those shots won't have anywhere near as much power.

Corveena traps Lucy's right arm. Despite this Corveena is not only tagged early. She's tagged hard.

The bell ringing in her head is pretty loud.

Not so loud that she can't hear herself curse all southpaws...

Now both of them are marked up, and Corveena is the one that needs to do something.

After a few straight shots that bounce her head off the mat Corveena slips and dodges the next left.

Lucy's anger got the better of her. She was over committing to the head shots.

Which is why Corveena was able to twist and push Lucy while pulling her own legs up.

This armbar is very deep. Corveena can fell the twanging of something getting close to a pop...

The Crusher would be nicknamed the Curser by anyone who didn't know better right now.

Lucy pushes one leg out and traps it. Then she starts working the other leg.

And escapes.

Lining up another barrage Corveena reacts from pure instinct. Unfortunately the reaction is one you'd expect from an amateur wrestler.

Corveena knows exactly what she's done.

Avoid the pin.

Cursing her herself she knows she's given away her back instead.

 Instead of trying to break Corveena's face, Lucy decides to try ripping of her head instead.

Corveena has been here before also. Spitting and sputtering it's one word.

Rhymes with "luck", which Corveena seems to be running out of.

Lucy asks...

"Do you want to give up now? Or would you rather wake up in a world of hurt?"

The breathing is getting ragged.

The response is still pretty clear.

Something that rhymes with luck, something else that rhymes with pew.

The quickest way to revive someone that's been choked out is to elevate their legs above their head.

Not like this.

Coveena feels like she'll never need to see a chiropractor again.

She still manages to twist out.

Now Lucy is sitting high on Corveena's chest.

A gogoplata is a nasty technique at the best of times.

When the shin driving into your trachea has laces on it that makes things nastier.

When someone pulls your head forward by the hair that's just downright dirty.

And for all of Corveena's flailing she's the one that gives up an arm.

Which Lucy takes.

This is an almost exact reversal of where they were a few minutes ago.

Corveena's arm isn't able to hyper extend as far as Lucy's could.

There's a pop, then a soft, almost wet crunch.

Just like rippping the leg off a roast turkey.

Lucy lets go of the arm. Corveena knows what's about to happen.

Last time she got Lucy in trouble she toyed and played.

Turnabout is fair play.

"Want to try another shot in the face now? What do you think will happen if you do?"

Corveena isn't giving anyone the satisfaction. Not even knowing why she reaches for a handful of Lucy's hair instead.

Lucy knocks the hand away, falls backwards, brings her hips up.

And her thighs together.

With only one arm Corveena doesn't have much chance of escaping.

Finally falling forward Lucy brings her own arms up and around also.

Corveena feels like her insides are moving in ways they shouldn't...

"This is a little bit dull..."

"I feel like trying something different."

Corveena agrees this is different.

Unsure she prefers...

With only one arm she can't really break the hold.

At least this doesn't hurt so badly.

She's just getting very sleepy...

 Time to wake up...

"I want to hear you say it..."

"Give up"

Corveena is seriously worried about her neck being snapped.

Not worried enough to overcome her pride.

Lucy decides to try something different again.

Caution first. Better to put Corveena back to sleep first.

The omoplata can dislocate your shoulder from it's socket or cause a spectacular spiral fracture on your arm.

It can also seriously mess up your elbow.

And it hurts.

And when your elbow is already seriously messed up?

"I... Want... To... Hear... You... Say... IT!!!!!"

Corveena is screaming from the pain. Damn near crying in fact.

Pride has a point.

 Lucy lets go of Corveena.

Breathing deeply she starts to calm back down, and the rage starts to clear...

Corveena winces and groans as she uses her good arm to take her left glove off.

After a few painful moments to futility she gives up on her right, and instead extends her hand.

"Would you take this off my hand please?"

Lucy's a bit confused. Did Corveena just say "please"?

Not saying anything she goes over and does as asked.

Corveena looks her in the face.

"How's your nose?"

Lucy reaches up to her own face...

"Just cut and bruised."

"Nothing broken?"



"I play roller derby. I know what a broken nose feels like."

Corveena nods slowly, then asks another question.

"Do you need any help or advice on covering the bruises with makeup for work?"

"I'm good. My boss can help me if needed also."

Corveena extends her right hand again.

"Cool. No more hard feelings?"

Lucy shakes her head and chuckles. What the hell do you say to that?

Taking Corveena's hand in her own... "I'm good."

To which Coveena replies finally...

"Excellent. Let's not do this again shall we?"

And now they are both laughing.

Which is why Lucy helps Corveena out getting cleaned up and to the doctor to get her arm slung.

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Lucy and Corveena RA style

 Really nothing else to add.  :)

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