Friday, 30 December 2016

RENDERS - Corveena and Diana pins style

You can find out more about Corveena and Diana both here.

If you don't already know them you need to read up for (all of) the rest of this to make sense.

Mid tier roster members

Both have elite national grade backgrounds in amateur wrestling. In fact that's how they originally met.

A spiteful affair where Corveena basically managed to wrestle dirty better than Diana.

A long time ago and lot of water under the bridge all is cool now.

Talking about it the obvious question is, want to try that again?

Both still have a top flight game.

It's long and hard and dead even.

Then Corveena's shoulder blades both touch the mat.

"Yes!" is the response from Diana.

Corveena's response is a bit more chilly.

"You pulled my hair...."

"Oops." The grin is a pretty poor attempt at contrite.

"No hard feelings still?"

"Hmmm... Best of three? Keep it clean this time - yeah?"


Both are grappling clean again.

Corveena gets one of Diana's feet, and doing something Diana has seen only once before. She'd forgotten. Now she remembers...

And now she's on her back and her legs are tied in a knot with Corveena.

Twisting to keep one shoulder up, Corveena gets one arm under Diana's chin.

For anyone trying to keep up go read Diana's bio in the link about...

"Now this brings back some memories..."

Diana is trapped and going no place.

Except instead of making the choke illegal, Corveena does keep it clean.

Doesn't mean it's not rough. So leaning forward down onto the mat her arm scissors on Diana's neck.

Diana has two choices.

She can roll back to avoid choking out. That means a pin fall.

Or she can go to sleep...

The inspiration for this render is from the video here.

Freestyle pin

I'm unsure I have the words to explain how awesome this particular pin is. I'd only add that I hope the poor young woman who loses the fall is ok. It is no joy at all for me to see her upset or injured, which is odd because it is "something" for me to see her struggling the way she must before the eventual loss.

When all is done not much is settled today. At least it ends of a laugh. Still no hard feelings.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

RENDERS - NSFW (seriously NSFW)

I'm unsure if anything I ever upload here is "SFW" per se?

Some things are definitely less "SFW" than others.

Some are simply NSFW full stop.

I'm going to wager these fall into the latter category.

If you scroll far enough down you will see what I mean.

As in topless.

And this isn't what was actually requested, it just seemed the way to go when I did them.

Fortunately this did not generate significant objection.

In response to a commission request from someone who deserves it, and then some.

My pleasure.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

RENDER - Clearing up some things

Lena is trying out a green bikini for an upcoming fitness show when the other woman approaches her.

"Hi, you're new here."

Lena picks up that this is a statement, not a question. Lena checks out the person speaking to her pretty quickly, says "hi" pretty curtly, and resumes checking herself out.

The other woman, wearing a bikini also, gets to the point pretty quick.

"Let's roll."

Again this is not a question.

In fact it's not even an invitation. It's a statement of what's going to happen next.

Lena sighs and rolls her eyes. "Fine. Give me 5 minutes to change and I'll see you in the ring."

"I don't need to change and I don't need a ring. The mats right here will do fine."

 Now Lena is paying attention.


Fit but not that big. Lena reckons she's got this.


"So when was the last time you rolled with someone stronger than you were?"

Jessica shrugs, a little bit embarrassed.

"Now seriously, when was the last time you rolled with guys?"

"It's been awhile I guess."

Have you never rolled with a guy, one that had solid technique, that was stronger than you were?"


"Did you manage to tap them out?"


"And how did you do that?"

"By being better than them."

"Better how?"

"Faster, smarter, better technique."

Jessica is getting frustrated. She knows exactly where this is going and wishes someone would just get to the damn point.

"So trying to overpower someone that's stronger than you are doesn't work so good. You need to use better technique."

*sigh* "Yes."

"And you've gotten a bit lazy. Everyone you roll with these days; you're stronger than they are. And when someone powers up you guess you can just out-do them?"

"Ok - point made. For crying out loud you don't need to make it look that easy."

At which point there's a laugh.

"Well I've had a lot of practise rolling with someone that's stronger than me. If it makes you feel any better she is pretty good. Just not that good. But you were that stupid."

Jessica's temper rises a bit; no one likes being called stupid. "Are you going to let go of her?"

"Why should I? She hasn't tapped."

"We've talked about what I think when you pull this kind of B.S. on other people."

Lena still isn't quite sure what's going on, so Jacelyn fills her in.

"Nothing personal.  I wanted to see what you had going for myself. Now hurry up and tap out or I will put you to sleep. My girlfriend is angry and I need to make it up to her."

Lena has spent the past 15 minutes either getting swept from top position onto her back or defending an octopus that was latched onto her back. She was never even close.

Now she gets it.

Time to tap...