Monday, 27 July 2015

RENDER - Elegant not, effective yes

Corveena and Lucy (aka the Crusher) have both picked up new bikinis.

The mirrors by the mats are better for getting a closer look.

So it's out to the gym floor to take a look.

Turns out they both liked the same suit.

Well this is awkward.

So how to two trained grapplers sort out a situation like this?

The last time they got on the mats Corveena got the double leg too easily, and once she'd been suckered into the Crushers guard her rib cage found out the hard way why the nickname.

Lesson learned, Corveena is more careful to keep out of that situation.

Using her national level wrestling skills she can get pretty much any position she wants, it's just a matter of getting the finish.

The Crusher is a little better at the submission game so, even though she's on the defensive, she's not in a lot of trouble.

Until this that is.

The technique isn't locked in. It's sloppy in fact.

But Corveena's arms are deceptively strong.

Grabbing at the strangling arm while also trying to yank Corveena's head forward...

The Crusher is feeling a little crushed herself right now...

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

RENDER - Rival Angels

It's hard to imagine you may not have heard of this guy, but I do suppose anything is possible.

Rival Angels is a web comic about the lives of female wrestlers.

And it's awesome.

Check them out here.

The creator has very kindly allowed me to indulge my fandom by allowing me to create some 3D versions of his wrestlers in action.

Here Ultragirl is displaying a figure four leglock and gogoplata on Candi, one of my roster members.

In the final render my (poorer) version of two of his wrestlers, Xtina and Krystin, showing us how a Death Star choke hold works. You can see the (better) original here.

Go check him out.   :)

RENDER - Dani and the Crusher revisited

Last time Dan and Lucy rolled the Crusher locked in a triangle choke only for Dani to sneak out using a trick with her shoulder (she self-dislocated it).

This time the Crusher has learned her lesson and simply squeezes the sides of Dani's head directly.

Dani manages to roll through, but doesn't seem to have improved her position...

Friday, 10 July 2015

RENDER - Topless

Dani's been rolling with Jacelyn.

Leaving her top off seems to have helped. Jacelyn does seem less aggressive and it's a lot easier to pull and hold guard.

Then Jacelyn passes guard.

Now she's moved to mount.

Now high mount.

Dani is flexible and powerful but not yet a match for the finesse and touch of Jacelyn's ground game.

And now the silent strangler has scored the mounted triangle.

Dani has this trick where she pops out one shoulder to slide out of situations like this.

Whether it was past experience or inside knowledge the strangler is ready for that trick and Dani's arm is going nowhere.

Instead she tries to push the strangler back and off.

It's really an accident that she ends up pushing on a breast.

Jacelyn doesn't seem to take that much offence...

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

RENDER - That didn't go as expected....

One person has emailed me. I'm still waiting to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this...

Dani is new to the ground game and has come a long way in a very short time.

The Crusher is still a really big task.

It's hard and fast worked and Dani is spending too much time in the Crusher's guard. Working down she makes what could be fatal mistake, and just like the Crusher closes her triangle.

Match over...


What was that popping sound?

Dani does yoga, so she's freaky flexible.

Dislocating your own shoulder is cheating!

The Crusher feels like she's trying to squeeze jello.

Calm as, Dani pulls out.

From pulling out of the guard Dani wastes no time in taking the Crusher's back.

She's not going to get into guard again, but the Crusher is defending her neck.

More old school, Dani's offered the full nelson.

So she takes it.

Not really a submission, but the Crusher is not having fun.

And no matter how she twists and turns Dani is still latched on, using her own legs to adjust position and even give the Crusher's ribs a taste of her own medicine.

It's a few minutes later when the Crusher's arm brushes Dani's cheek.

It's cold.

The Crusher has lost circulation in her arm. Both of her arms.

Dani decides it's time to transition to a finish.

You know what's it's like when you lose circulation in your arm or leg?

It goes to "sleep". Cold, limp and lifeless.

Hard to defend when that's happened to both of your arms.

What's worse is when it "wakes" up again, and you get those terrible pins and needles.

That's not exactly what the Crusher feels in her elbow joint right now...