Monday, 27 July 2015

RENDER - Elegant not, effective yes

Corveena and Lucy (aka the Crusher) have both picked up new bikinis.

The mirrors by the mats are better for getting a closer look.

So it's out to the gym floor to take a look.

Turns out they both liked the same suit.

Well this is awkward.

So how to two trained grapplers sort out a situation like this?

The last time they got on the mats Corveena got the double leg too easily, and once she'd been suckered into the Crushers guard her rib cage found out the hard way why the nickname.

Lesson learned, Corveena is more careful to keep out of that situation.

Using her national level wrestling skills she can get pretty much any position she wants, it's just a matter of getting the finish.

The Crusher is a little better at the submission game so, even though she's on the defensive, she's not in a lot of trouble.

Until this that is.

The technique isn't locked in. It's sloppy in fact.

But Corveena's arms are deceptively strong.

Grabbing at the strangling arm while also trying to yank Corveena's head forward...

The Crusher is feeling a little crushed herself right now...

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  1. I think any one in their RIGHT MIND can see that it looks better on Lucy. (I may be biased)

    It's an amazing image. The look on Corveena's face is absolutely fierce! Crusher Lucy, as usual, will never look bad in my eyes. XD