Friday, 17 February 2017

Someone hacked my account...

I'm perhaps a bit old school - prefer to pay for content I want to download. So there I am ready to make my purchase when...


Try again


The sinking feeling/hunch hits me...

Because I value relative anonymity I've I kept a standalone visa debit card for a number of years now.

Every so often I'd deposit a bit then, when inclination struck, use it to make a purchase online. Never have much in the account, normally make a deposit before I make a purchase.

Few weeks ago I drop $100AUD on the account for a day when I feel like buying something.

Yesterday a quick check in the online account and someone, not me, has been shopping recently.

Little over a buck left.


The world we live in.

Account is closed out. Need to figure out what (if anything) I may consider about a new one.

Meantime, no online purchases for me...