Monday, 18 May 2015

RENDER - A request and signing off for a little while...

Please don't anyone stress.

Things change. That's happened for me recently.

I don't know when I'll be doing any more renders.

May be a very long time.

I hope to upload the rest of my original roster in the next couple of weeks.

I will not be doing much (any?) new stuff for the forseeable future.

It's all ok.

Well I guess expect for the fact that I won't be uploading new stuff anytime soon.   ;)

One final upload by request before signing off for a while...

Violet managed to pull guard on the Crusher, but had absolutely not luck moving her or getting the sweep.

Violet has pretty strong legs. Maybe she can force a tap out with a scissor from the bottom?


Crusher passes guard and then pulls guard herself.

Then she shows Violet, this is how to apply a scissor from the bottom.

RENDER - reposting roster members #4 of the 1-5 scale...

So far we've introduced the top guns, dangerous experts, and experienced grapplers.

After that we have our intermediate grapplers. These wrestlers are past their white belts but not yet at the level of more experienced grapplers.

So I give you the following:


Aurora models. Swimwear. Sometimes less.

She discovered BJJ as a way of keeping in shape.

She doesn't like hurting other people.

That's why she prefers to choke them out.


Angel carries a badge and a gun.

Sometimes you need something closer to hand. Your bare hands simply.

So Angel doesn't need her gun to send you to the hospital.


Alyssa is a pro wrestler.

Yes it's all worked.

But sometimes some wrestlers go off script. That's called a shoot.

So a smart wrestler knows a little bit about how to shoot back.


Ember is a dancer.

Yes, that kind.

It's fun. It pays the bills. And it's not the guys she's interested in.

Ember prefers to swing with the girls. For her the real fun is watching and hanging with the other dancers.

Especially hanging out. Especially with women who are into hanging out with other women themselves

One day she discovers the women's division in the North American Grappler's Association (NAGA).

It's like an electric current hits her.

Rushing out she finds a BJJ class. Rolling with the guys is no real thrill, but she understands you have to learn somewhere.

Rolling with other women is exactly what she expected... Maybe even more...

She does develop one particularly challenging habit though.

When someone gets Ember in a choke hold - she doesn't tap. She'll go to sleep first.

At the same time when she gets the choke hold she doesn't let go until her opponent is asleep.

Not a nice thing to do to another person, especially one who doesn't expect it.

Wonder what comes of that?

"I like holding a soft woman gently. I like holding a stronger woman too."


Janelle is a professional dominatrix. For a fee she'll tie you up and hurt you as much as you like.

Enough of her clients ask after wrestling that she decides to look into things further herself.

Forget whips and handcuffs. Now she knows a lot of other ways to hurt you also.

"Remember your safe words, now let's see how far that will bend..."


Kay was a regional champ on her high school wrestling team.

Watch your balance when you're on the mat with her. She knows how to get you airborne.

Serious height.

You'll realise just how high when she brings you back down.


Lara is a fitness competitor.

She's also not very nice.

All the better to hurt you with.


Pandora likes cosplay.

She certainly has the strength and the figure to look the part.

Fairly new to grappling she's learning with reasonable speed.

Her lazy habit is relying on strength and power.

She has a lot of that. The more technique she adds the better she'll be.


Editor and writer for glossy magazines.

One assignment is to look into a growing trend of women in full contact combat sports.

She finds the subject more than a little interesting.

She's pretty fit and strong to begin with.

No she's something more again.

Soo Yun

Soo Yun carries a badge also. She had a bad situation on an arrest a few years ago.

She was ok, but only because the partner got in fast.

It's good to know you can rely on your partner.

Good to know you have options in case they arrive late.

"Do not get back up. Otherwise I will put you back down."


Violet has a background in gymnastics and then power lifting. Her technique is pretty good but a bit one dimensional. She likes to choke out her opponents. She also tends to rely a bit much on flexibility and power. When it works she can be a bit of a bully.

From anywhere she can bring her legs up and around you. Once she closes her ankles, the fall isn't far off.

"When the can't speak, only squeak. That's when I know I've got them."


The "Queen of Scream".

Winter is not a nice person.

But then your opinion is not something she gives a shit about.

And she's not the one known for screaming.

RENDER - Scarf hold (pin or finish)

The Kesa-Gatame is one of the most basic techniques taught in Judo.

Translated it is the "Scarf hold".

You'll see it used in competitive judo matches all the time as a pinning/control technique.

You trap the opponents neck and one arm and, positioning your legs properly, they are going nowhere.

Then there is a more advanced technique.

After you've trapped and pinned your opponent, you tighten up your grip.

Then you lean back and lift your hips.

Get it right and two things happen.

First off the person on the bottom is going to feel like someone is pulling their head off their neck.

Second, and perhaps more important, this position puts a lot of pressure on the chest wall of the person on the bottom.

A lot of pressure.

Breathing is often difficult. Done well enough it's impossible.

This can lead to a devastating compression choke and the finish.

Josh Barnett demonstrated this in a match at Metamoris #4.

Like Dani is doing to Pandora here.

That match at Metamoris ended with a tap out because of this hold.

My crystal ball says something very similar is about to happen here (very soon).

Thursday, 14 May 2015

RENDER - Choose your equipment carefully

Corveena and Priya have more in common than a similar hair style.

The majority of people you'd ask from anywhere in the world would probably say that neither of them is considered "convectional" looking.

Neither of them care.

Seriously. Your opinion matters not one damn little bit to either of them.

And that is a very good thing.

So not exactly kindred spirits, they do have some points of common reference.

Today they are helping each other sharpen technique.
Corveena's amateur wrestling background means that Priya is spending this match on the mat on her back and going noplace fast.

Priya's submission wrestling skills and yoga enhanced flexible legs means she doesn't need to go far to threaten from bottom position, but she does need to go further than Corveena is allowing.

Both are developing on their own weak areas by going head to head with their opponent's strength.

Simple basic one piece suits and hard work.

After a few minutes Priya laughs and asks Corveena if her suit is supposed to be doing that.

Corveena looks down and realises she's wearing a suit that goes sheer when it's wet, and she's very sweaty.

Corveena normally wouldn't mind. She wrestles in a bikini top that gets sheer no problem. But this is a surprise and it's not just her top. It's the whole suit.

And just like that she's thrown off her game with embarrassment... But why?

Too late and it doesn't matter. The octopus she'd been holding onto the mat has squirmed and moved to Coveena's back.

Does Priya even have bones in those arms and legs? It feels more like tentacles and Corveena is struggling to defend hooks and a choke.

So why can't she stop thinking about the bloody sheer suit?

RENDER - Reposting roster members (#3 on the 1 to 5 scale)

So these are my mid-carders. Not black belt level but close.

These wrestlers may be either less advanced or less rounded (e.g. one dimensional in their technique).

When any of them match up it will come down to which one gets their game plan in place first.

So I give you the following....

Rajani and Priya

Twins genetically, these two are very different personalities.

Rajani prefers a book and a comfy chair at the end of the day. Priya would rather go clubbing.

Paying their way through school they teach yoga classes at a local fitness club.

The classes are popular, possibly the most popular ones at the club.

Now they both have their business degrees, so what next?

Now that they think of it, neither of them is keen on a desk job in an office.

And just like that the blindingly obvious occurs.

Quitting the club they start their own.

And just like that life is great.

One day there are two new attendees in the class.

They can tell something is going on as the two newcomers compete with each other to hold poses and outlast the other.

So at the end the twins separately approach the two women.

And now they've discovered something other than Yoga to enjoy.

And with two tutors as experienced as Kimiko and Jewell they get really good really fast...

And no, they don't wear gloves if possible. It's easier for them to get their hands around your neck without them.


Treena's background is pro style wrestling. That's still worked but one of the things you need to look out for is a "shoot". That's when your opponent decides to make things real.

Treena is one of the best shooters in the game with a lot of catch wrestling skills.

But she's particularly partial to strangles.

Like Jacelyn, Treena likes other women "that way".

She especially likes the way it feels when they go out and collapse against her body...

Lucy (aka The Crusher)

Lucy did wrestling in school.

That was fun.

Then she diversified into submission wrestling; catch and bjj.

That was even more fun.

A little while ago she got into roller derby, and now she has the thighs to match.

When she puts all three together at once? That's more fun again.

And if you ever end up between those thighs you'll find out *exactly* why it's "crusher".


Corveena was a stand out amateur wrestler in high school, even if she didn't fit in with the other kids. Especially not the Barbie types.

Good enough on the mats to make scholarship in fact.

Then it's state and nationals.

She gets noticed for her look by a crew that specialise in more goth and punk style fashions. Now she's earning enough that, with scholarship, she has money spare.

So then there are the tattoos.

Life is good.

Her final match of her final year, national title at stake, and it's an old high school reunion.

Barbie. Complete with fake tan, peroxide hair and fake boobs.

The handshake is offered and rejected. Barbie explains she's not going to touch this trashy weirdo any more than she has to in order to take home the trophy.

The match starts. Rough and dirty.

Any time the referee is out of position there's gouging and illegal grabbing.

Corveena has lost track. Is she ahead or behind on points?

With only a few seconds left Corveena sinks a deep, deep cradle.

The referee is looking for the pin with seconds left on the clock. Corveen hears her coach shouting that she has to get the pin - she's more than two points down.

With her own body covering her own hands Corveena releases her grip but graps onto her own tights. Inching her right hand up she moves her forearm deeper against Barbie's throat.

Now Barbie is really thrashing around.

Grabbing her own tights Corveena flexes her wrist and arm and, where the referee can't see, sinks the choke.

And just like that Barbie is suddenly limp on her back and Corveena wins.

After school it's not really an office gig that appeals. Modelling is paying well and she can even afford to travel. While overseas she discovers she can do better again dancing on a table.

One day closer to home one of the patrons tries getting hands on.

Before the bouncers can get there Corveena has already handled the guy. His injuries don't look too bad. It seems his fall was broken by the chairs he landed on.

After her set one of the other dancers approaches. Her name is Candi (you'll meet her later). She tells Corveena she knows a gym she might like to check out.


Dani is big into two things. Yoga and outdoors. Not necessarily in that order.

She's also into other stuff like rock climbing and cross country.

Provided it's outdoors.

One day she's running a class when a jogger stops and checks things out.

Dani approaches the jogger afterwards and asks if there's any interest.


"Only if at all possible."

That's how Jessica and Dani meet.

Talking gets to laughing which gets to more talking.

And just like that a friendship is struck.

Jogging climbing together Dani asks Jessica if she'd like to learn yoga.

Jessica says sure.

And Dani asks what Jessica's first sport is.

"You mean like WWE?"

No. Not like WWE.

Easier to show.

Dani likes this too, even if it's not outside.

And with her new friend as a full time tutor, her game comes a long way really, really fast.

Diana didn't always have this particular "look".

Growing up it was blonde hair and a perfect tan.

The tan was from everything athletic that could be done outside.

Into school she wound up being one of the gorgeous people simply because...

Well that really shouldn't need explaining.

Wealthy parents even pay for breast implants on her 18th.

Although she hung out with the gorgeous people though, she wasn't a cheerleader.

Lacrosse and Field Hockey first.

Then one day the wrestling team is opening tryouts to girls.

Diana is really good on the mats.

Combined with top grades the athletic scholarship is on offer from a few different schools.

Marketing is the degree while she wrestles through college.

The entire time she is one of the beautiful blonde tanned people.

And she isn't a very nice person.

Fact of the matter she's meaner than most and good at the putdowns.

It's her final collegiate meet ever. She's at the nationals.

Somehow in the title match she winds up against this crazy looking goth chick.

A well placed put down may help with the mental edge.

Nope. All the did was make weirdo angry...

Her crew is watching and cheering for her. Afraid of the embarrassment Diana resorts to dirty tricks, and every time the referee is out of position she grabs, pinches, twists or pulls where she knows she shouldn't.

Unfortunately for Diana crazy girl replies in kind again, and after getting caught in a cradle Diana has a forearm across her throat (not her own).

And the referee can't see because all he's looking for is whether or not Diana's shoulders are down.

Gasping and struggling the sense of fear and panic is overwhelming.

Then nothing.

Next thing she wakes up groggy as all hell. Just in time to see her opponent's arm raised.


The chill from the rest of the beautiful people is pretty severe.

"How did you let that piece of crap beat your saggy ass?"

That's one of the less severe things.

It passes, and after a few months it's forgotten.

She has her degree, she's working, she's partying, and life is pretty awesome when you're this good looking.

One day there's this thing like a zit on her hip. It's bleeding slightly and won't heal.

After a few days it's not better.

After a couple of weeks it's gotten bigger and she's at the doctor.

The news is as about as bad as it could possibly be.

Diana has a melanoma; skin cancer.

The surgery is scheduled immediately.

She wakes up sick and groggy and sore.

The first thing she sees is the nurse.

The next thing is the doctor.

"Excellent outcome. We've removed the affected area and surrounding lymph nodes and we believe we've got all of it before it could spread. As soon as pathology comes back we'll have confirmation and everything should be all clear!"

Diana's heart jumps, but why does it hurt so much?

"We had to remove quite a bit. It will leave a minor scar; nothing to stress about."

Two days later the pathology comes back.

Diana is in the clear.

Her heart soars.

A week later the bandages come off and she gets to see the sutures.

Her heart sinks.

It looks like she's been bitten by a shark.

That's what a melanoma surgery can be like.

Sure enough they confirm that almost an entire kilo of her body has been cut out.

After a couple of months the stitches are out and the healing has well begun.

Only then does she realize that she hasn't heard from any of her "friends" in all this time.

She makes some calls.

The beach?

Ummmm.... Ok....

The anxiety of being out in the sun is worse than she thought. She's covered in sunscreen and wearing a full sun suit.

When her friends see her the laugh and tell her they won't be seen with her dressed like that.

Sheepishly she takes off her sun shirt and is now only wearing a bikini.

Her friends stare at her like she's a piece of mouldy meat.

One at a time...

"You are so pale! That scar is disgusting! You look horrible!"

All together...

"We won't be seen with you looking like that."

For someone who was such a terror on the wrestling mats so very recently Diana has never felt smaller or more weak.

She hardly leaves the house for two weeks.

She's afraid of the sun and terrified of getting another cancer.

Where did the strong and determined person go?



How far?


Not too far.

And after a couple of months and some time with a psychologist...


Diana is now back.

The pale skin is really nice.

It's just a matter of getting the clothes and makeup to match.

The blonde hair was natural. Screw it. Diana goes for black, and for kicks lights up a crazy red fringe.

She doesn't got out in the sun anymore if she can help it.

She's not afraid of it, she is not careless with it.

It just seems to fit that she's more nocturnal these days.

Finally she won't accept the scar.

A brightly colored tattoo is much nicer.

Now she needs to get to work. Lacking much by way of real experience she gets an entry level job as a coordinator and hostess for...

Well let's just say the establishment caters to a somewhat adult male audience.

And the staff love her. If the bouncers ever need to lean in and check on something instead of getting in the way or carrying on like a panic monkey Diana is cool and calm and fearless.

And she never insults anyone and she only ever has nice and decent things to say to everyone.

There's a new Dancer named Candi on the stage.

Our entry level OCs

When one of the patrons gets "grabby", Diana notices something.

Candi isn't scared and knows how to handle herself.

After the set Diana asks. Candi tells her about the gym.

So now Diana is back on the mats and, not just amateur style wrestling, she's learning submissions also.

And one day she can't quite believe her eyes...

Diana asks Corveena if she'd like to roll.

Corveena is friendly and returns the handshake and "Sure! Glad too."

(see above in this post)

They trade a few tap outs. Diana compliments Corveena on her wrestling game.

Corveena tells her thanks, and that Diana is no slouch either.

So Diana asks...

"You don't recognise me, do you?"

Corveena smiles, a little bit confused...

"Sorry... No I don..."

Diana grabs  Corveena's hair and shorts, pulling guard and locking down a tight body scissor.

Corveena curses and throws a punch, but Diana has let go before it even lands.

Diana laughs.

"Remember me now?"

Corveena does remember now.

"I choked you out once before!"

"I know. It's cool. No  hard feelings. I cheated first and you cheated better. Fair and square."

Corveena can't quite figure out what to make of this...

And she realises Diana isn't joking.

"You used to be blonde."

"Yes, and you've gotten more tattoos."

Tracing her finger lightly on Corveena's chest, "I like this one a lot."

Diana never told anyone that there was another reason she enjoyed the wrestling so much.

She kept it hidden a long time because she was supposed to be into guys.

Into girls is supposed to be wrong...

Stronger, better Diana let all of that go a long time ago.

And Corveena is caught off guard again as Diana closes her guard and pulls tight again.


"I didn't say we should stop yet."


Gabi started working tables in school.

Grades were good and college was next.

Then she found out that she could make better tips at places like Hooters.

Then she found out that the tips were even better places where you're willing to take your top off.

And then there's up on the stage.

Degree is finished, and by now Gabi is doing just fine dancing and taking her clothes off. The audience and the attention that cause others nerves don't trouble her at all.

And of course she enjoys the attention, which leads to meeting a few guys.

So at this point she knows how much she enjoys sex, which is a lot.

Now there's another income source and between the clubs and private dates she's enjoying life and earning heaps.

No delusions though. All things pass so she knows to save for a rainy day.

Meeting others and working the business she discovers that by getting into adult video work she can headline clubs and charge a premium for private engagements.

And it's not like a camera is that different to an audience.

Gabi has no delusions. She does have sense. She looks after herself (no drugs) and learns to avoid/deal with the trickier producers and private clients.

Specifically an early piece of advice was to take up grappling classes. In this business there are a lot of ways to end up on your back and need to know how to handle yourself.

Along the way she starts doing video wrestling work now also.

This stuff is definitely adult themed. The bonuses are for things like taking your opponents tops off.

Gabi has heard she can develop her technique here. She meets Dani and they agree to roll.

Gabi has game. Back and forth she's trading falls. Looks like another tier-3 grappler here.

And now Gabi has Dani in a camel clutch.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"Sorry. gotta practice for my video company. Just a little groping. It's not like I'm taking your top off."

Dani manages to roll out. Now Gabi still has her back and her neck. And one hand is still fondling her breasts.

Depending on your perspective Dani grabs at the wrong hand. There's an arm around your neck.

Too late, there are two of them.

Gabi doesn't crank down on the choke. She just holds it, tightening slowly to run the hold longer.

In fact Dani ultimately escapes, then reverses.

Now Dani is on top.

And now Gabi is grabbing hair and trying to pull Dani back so she can breathe.

Nah. Tap out it is.

Dani can see the lighter side of the situation.

"Does that kind of submission count for more this company you work for?"

Gabi laughs. "You need another job? I know someplace you could make serious coin!"

RENDER - This is getting gratiitous now...

Will resume more typical programming "soon".

Dani is new to grappling but, with Jessica as her private coach, has advanced a long way really fast.

Jessica and Jacelyn have some history. The salient is the silent strangler picked the wrong person to embarrass and got choked out for her efforts.

So the first time Dani rolled with Jacleyn the raven haired fitness beauty was concerned she was being set up.

No, Jessica had advised Dani she needed to challenge herself to improve her game. Challenge taken and the strangler scored another tap out.

Dani is challenging herself again, but this time she's cheating.

Jacelyn likes other women. She likes them "that way" specifically.

Now guys, I don't know about all of you, but when a woman has most of her clothing off and me in her guard I find I'm not generally well motivated to move position.

Jacelyn is experiencing that feeling right now herself. She can't finish from this position, but it's hard to see that much reason for a change.

Dani reckons if she can get the advantage in position she'll take it however she can get it.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

RENDER - Cassidy as Black Canary doing the "Dutch Clutch"

I've told you before about an awesome and beautiful woman named Cassidy Bryce who has (very graciously) been my muse a number of times before.

Go check her out here:

I'm doing a cosplay request, one of my new OCs (Violet) done up as "The Huntress".

Seemed logical I should take the new outfit for a test drive.

This hold is called the "Dutch Clutch". It's a combined cobra clutch and camel clutch. It's also the signature move of a female wrestler named Leah Von Dutch (hence the name).

I think that looks pretty uncomfortable.

I suspect Violet/Huntress would agree....

My thanks to the awesome and beautiful Cass for being my muse again here.   :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

RENDER - Scorpion crush

Jessie has rolled on the mats with a few different wrestlers.

Originally her core game of brute power and hard slams got her some early wins.

The wrestlers on the roster have all caught on and they all know that once they pull guard most of Jessie's advantages are gone.

Jessie needs to broaden her game. Jacelyn is happy to help.

Today's exercise is specifically working from inside guard.

Jacelyn is only slightly impressed. Jessie has some defense but it appears there is little idea how to attack, reverse or pass.

Jessie gets swept a few times and they reset. Then there are a couple of triangles. They reset again. Even a few arm locks.

Now Jessie is working like a turtle. Everything tight and no openings.

So Jacelyn introduces a new technique.

Jacelyn takes the whizzer (opposite of underhooks - look it up if you need to) and clasps her hands under her own legs.

Jessie is now not only between Jacelyn's thighs - she's also tight to the chest, so there's no way to create space (not that she's even trying).

And now Jacleyn shows off some of her own power.

Jacelyn's top came off a little while ago. It wasn't very sturdy.

Asked later Jacelyn advises it wasn't about the bother of putting it back on all the time. She simply preferred how it felt without while she was drilling with Jessie.

RENDER - Reposting roster members (#2 on the 1 to 5 scale)

In my virtual roster I had a number of different OCs. Most had some kind of inspiration someplace.

The other factor was that there was a hierarchy.

A number one is a grappler with an elite game and skill set.

A number five would be someone fit but with very limited ground game.

The deal is that when two equally ranked grapplers collide the winner will be a coin flip based on which one manages to enforce their preferred game.

When a lower ranked grappler tangles with a higher ranked grappler the lower ranked wrestler will pretty much only score a fall in the event of some real luck.

Earlier I posted my "top" grapplers.

Here are my next rank - the #2's...


A woman of independent means and wealth, always looking for new ways to challenge herself.

This includes serious physical activity, which means keeping seriously fit.

Carido, weights, classes and personal trainers.

Some years ago someone convinced her to try kick boxing.

That was a lot of fun.

Looking into martial arts more generally she finds out about the grappling arts also.

That turns out to be even more fun, especially since you can spar full contact without needing to worry about the occasional black eye.

Who needs rock climbing or skydiving for a thrill?

"Pilates did get a little boring after a while."

Lien Hua

Lien Hua works in the Hong Kong movie scene. Action and martial arts films are her specialty.

And she does her own stunts.

She's as famous for breath taking falls from heights as she is for her bone crunching fight scenes.

Someone asks her about how she does the jumps and falls. Almost modestly she refers her background in gymnastics plus break fall training from martial arts.

Then they ask her about the fight scenes. Again she's almost modest crediting a medal winning competitive and full contact Wushu game. Smiling she adds...

"I guess the best way to do a strong fight scene is to have a solid fighting background. It's a lot easier to film a painful looking fight scene when you already know how to cause that kind of pain."

Jacelyn and Lien Hua

These two have rolled before. Complete series and script rendered and posted December past.

Since then Jacelyn has been promoted to our top guns.

Jacelyn's here now

May re-upload that someday...

Here's the promotional shot they did for that one. In the last pic Jacelyn is giving Lien Hua a hand covering up a little bit, which Lien Hua didn't expect obviously.

Very gracious that...


Eloise was very much the tomboy growing up. Track and field, swimming, cross country, rowing, even some weights.

Then it's college and suddenly there are some real bills to face.

So it's off to wait tables. Not every place is the same. A diner doesn't tend to tip as well as a cafe oddly enough. A restaurant seems to be better than a cafe. Some restaurants are definitely better than others.

One night a customer offers her something better than a cash tip.

She has her own place, higher end. She needs staff that are charming, polite, good at their job.

They also need to be really good looking in a tight short dress.

And now Eloise is doing well enough off tips that she wonders how much use the degree would be.

With money to spend there's a bit of partying.

College lapses.

It becomes a lot of partying.

One day it's suddenly a lot harder to fit back into that little black number. The legs sticking out the bottom of the dress have lost a of tone and very obviously picked up some flab.

The manager notices and Eloise is called into the office.

Four weeks off.


Come back in shape or go back to busing tables in some greasy little diner.

And now Eloise has two problems.

It's not like she ever saved any money and having paid rent yesterday she's broke and needs to survive four weeks...

Eloise has been decent and cool with the people at work. One of the security guys finds out what just happened and tells her there's a front counter job at a gym he knows. They are looking for a woman on front desk and it's free use of the gym.

But because it's a gym, don't they want someone who already looks super-fit?

The security guy assures her he'll put in a word. Sure enough she gets the gig.

Pay isn't great but it's a port in a storm for four weeks.

The first surprise is first day.

It's a fighter's gym.

Sure they have cardio gear and weights.

What they mostly have is rings, a chain link cage, heavy bags, and tackling dummies.

Really it makes sense. Who wants a bouncer that only does spin class?

The second surprise is that there are quite a few women on the mats also. They come and go happily and, sometimes, even walk out of the place with a black eye or a puffy lip from practice only to come back and go again.

The third surprise is the fifth day. It's quiet out front Eloise is doing some tidy up out back.

She stops to watch a woman her size take on a guy who looks like an NFL linebacker on the mats.

And four minutes later the linebacker is tapping out.

And three minutes after that he taps again.

Eloise asks the woman when she leaves the ring - "Was that fake?"

The answer is very chilly; everyone notices. "No"

Everyone notices except Eloise that is...

"Can I learn how to do that?!?!"

Her voice even squeaks a bit when she asks.

Three weeks later she's working fit at the restaurant again.

After a few months a new sense of discipline sets in. She goes back to college to resume her degree.

After a few years she's not working service at the restaurant. She's assistant manager.

Completely qualified. Eloise has her bachelor's in commerce and an MBA after that.

Looks are still important. No-one who meets Eloise seems to worry about that.

Oddly her expertise in covering bruises with makeup may help with that.

One day one of the wealthier customers is getting aggressive and obnoxious. He's really drunk.

Eloise is closer, so when the drunk grabs the waitresses arm it's Eloise who gets there first.

The floor security is moving quickly now. Not remotely quickly enough.

Even Eloise is caught off guard when the guy throws a punch.

The drunk is linebacker size. He actually has some technique.

He hits Eloise solid on the cheek and she experiences a flash of black and bright lights in her head.

Which may be why the next thing she remembers is the security guy grabbing her and shouting "Let him GO!!!".

The drunk is purple in the face and making some very unusual gurgling sounds.

Looks like he's lost control of his bowels and bladder also.

She lets go very quickly indeed once she figures out what the smell is.

Where his right arm used to be there's a thick string of spaghetti with two spiral fractures and a dislocated shoulder.

The only person charged with anything is the linebacker.

Once he sobers up he also at least has the decency to pay for the replacement of a torn dress and repair of a broken shoe heel.

Eloise knows how to cover the bruise under and around her eye. The puffiness goes down in a few days. None of her teeth got loosened.

She had her eye on a new dress anyway so she's happy with how this all worked out.

Eloise never saw the woman in that original gym again. One day she quite literally runs into on a street corner and says hello.

The other woman remembers Eloise, introduces herself properly, and explains that after a lot of travel she's going to a different place these days.

And Eloise ends up at Kimiko's new gym.

Checking the place out she runs into Violet.

Violet makes the mistake of thinking Eloise probably isn't that good and offers the challenge.

Eloise is actually rather shy, which affects the way she replies to a stranger.

Violet becomes more certain she's picked an easy mark.

After pulling guard and scoring a quick tap with a simple scissor hold (Violet has very strong legs) she thinks this will be a fun bit of exercise tormenting the newcomer.

Except Eloise now knows to avoid Violet's guard.

Violet figures out pretty quickly this won't be easy after all.

Eloise quit the front counter job at the gym after a year and became a regular paying customer instead.

Seven years since she first started going.

Three times a week, doing Brazilian Ju-Jistu classes without fail.


Lena was originally a law student, paying her bills clerking at a local firm.

She was always a gym and fitness junkie. She particularly enjoyed lifting weights.

Not a power lifter, not quite. Closer to a bodybuilder.

At one point she did get a bit bigger, but then she decided she didn't like that so she cut back.

So she had the figure of what we now know to be a fitness model.

And because she could she even got herself breast implants.

One day she sees an ad looking for fitness models.

Lena has always been outgoing and looking at herself asks the obvious question.

Why not me?

Turns out it's why not indeed.

She's going really well and, one day, discovers that she can make a career as a model and personal trainer.

Basically she gets paid for doing her true passion.

Hanging around the fitness model circuit there are a few interesting "elements" on the periphery.

Lena is open minded so she has no problem with women who make a few extra dollars wearing less than a full bikini. So do more than that. Again she's cool.

To each their own, even if it's not for her.

And then one of the other models asks her about wrestling.

"Like in mud or oil?"

No. Legit and it's competitive no less. There's more to be made if she's willing to do it topless but if she wants to try she can wear a one piece suit, just the more revealing the better...

So Lena gives it a go.

And gets her ass kicked in the process...

Well that won't do.

So Lena decides to find a place where she can learn to wrestle, and ends up in a BJJ acadamy.

That was over a decade ago. Lena still goes to the same place for lessons.

Three times a week.

She also runs her own fitness studio and does seriously well as a personal trainer and physio therapist (changed majors obviously).

Her nick name at the first place is "monster".

Between black belt technique, size, and power... Well if she gets you on your back on the mats that nickname makes very clear sense indeed....