Saturday, 30 April 2016

RENDER - Promotion by Achilles tendon hold

Lien Hua is in a pretty poor mood.

She recently experienced what a cleaning appliance must feel like when Jacelyn rolled with her last.

To whit, Jacelyn damn near literally mopping the floor with Lien Hua.

Lien Hua has seen Eloise rolling with some of the lower tier grapplers and thinks this may be a good way to get one back in the win column.

Eloise accepts and it's on.

And Lien Hua is left to wonder again what the hell is going on.

Nine times out of ten Lien Hua will easily handle any of the lower tier grapplers. She may give up the occasional fall sure, but not often.

Today it feels like she's grappling for her life.

In response she starts getting rougher herself. From top position she'll use her chin to dig into Eloise's eyes, or shove a forearm into Eloise's throat.

Eloise remains more sporting, to a point.

After 17 minutes Lien Hua should have scored three or four falls by now, and it's still nil all.

And then Eloise gets Lien Hua's foot and extends the leg.

An Achilles tendon hold can be indescribably painful and, unlike other techniques, often won't cause serious injury if applied to quickly.

All the same if you're just rolling in practice then, when you get it, you gradually ease into the pressure, otherwise it will still cause bruising and a lot of pain.

Eloise has used up her sports(wo)manship. She knows she doesn't have Lien Hua's toes properly captured, so it's not like we'd expect to tear anything in the top of the foot. Worst case there is a slim chance of rupturing the Achilles tendon itself.

Worst case.

But then driving your chin into someone's eye socket may, worst case, cause eye injuries also.

So screw worst case.

Eloise gets the blade of her forearm under the back of Lien Hua's calf and comes down with everything she's got.

Credit where it's due. Lien Hua doesn't tap.

She yells, screams, curses, twists and turns, and screams some more.

Then she taps.

Guess who recently graduated to their black belt in BJJ?

Allow me to introduce our most recent promotion and newest member of our second tier grappplig group.

Friday, 22 April 2016

DRAWING - Crusher and Corveena

Perhaps a write up another time, just quickly now...

One of my supporters, JC, recently commissioned a drawing from YomiTrooper of two of my OCs.

YomiTrooper does amazing work and you must check him out here

And here's why I'm blown away.   :D

Thursday, 21 April 2016

RENDER - Please welcome our latest graduate

Jessica has been working with Dani a lot lately.

Maybe she's getting promoted to second tier sometime herself also.

Now Jessica currently goes to bed and wakes up with Jaclyn.

Jessica and Dani are legit just mates.

And she does know how to keep these things separate.

So she is able to keep impartial while watching from mat side.

But even she is surprised.

Dani's coaching has been around defense and bottom game.

And Dani is really, really good at these.

Not today though...

Like wow. Not today.

Today Jacelyn is making Dani look like someone who has never even been on the mats.

More impressive? Jessica can tell that Jacleyn is going easy.

And making it look easy.

So when Jacelyn and Dani are done Jessica calls it.

"You're going to roll with my sis tomorrow."

We already saw how that went. An arm triangle puts Jewell to sleep.

It was Jacleyn who did that.

Jewell wakes up.

You ok? You sure.

The answer is affirmative and assertive.

And Jewell demands to roll again.

And the second time Jacelyn proves that the first time wasn't a fluke.

Please allow me to introduce our latest addition to the top tier of my grappling OCs.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

RENDER - So who did that?

Trapped in an arm triangle is one thing.

Going to sleep unwillinging is another thing.

Although one will frequently follow the other.

If you're good enough you know how to avoid this predicament.

Which is why Jewell really isn't very used to this sort of situation.

There aren't very many wrestlers who can catch her like this.

Kimiko and Jessica have certainly done this a few times.

Kimiko has a rather prominent tattoo on her left arm which is rather prominently missing in this situation.

Did Jessica dye her hair?

It's not Marielle obviously.


Monday, 18 April 2016

RENDER - Learning the triangle the hard way

Diana's background in national level amateur wrestling makes her a terror on the mats.

To a point.

Don't get me wrong - she definitely deserves the place on the mid card.

Diana can pull off either a double or single leg takedown that's practically impossible to defend.

You will wind up on your back with Diana on top.

So unless your bottom game is solid, Diana is a real challenge.

Dani trains with Jessica.

Her bottom game is better than "solid" by some margin.

So Diana has two problems. Number one she's struggling to make anything work from top position with Dani.

Problem number two?

Speaking purely for myself, if I was in Dani's guard I'd need help finding motivation to pass.

Diana is aware she's not focused fully, and that this is dangerous.

She manages to avoid letting Dani score high guard for a little while, but soon Dani's legs go from Diana's waist to her chest.

Then one leg is over her shoulder.

Diana has heard about this. Now she's experiencing it.

Dani has a textbook triangle from the bottom, trapping Diana's neck and one arm.

Diana twists and grunts and pushes. She has a lot of power and a lot of balance.

Doesn't matter. Feels like there's a python wrapped around her neck and shoulder. In fact she's unsure if there's a bone or a joint anywhere - it seems Dani can twist and bend at will to keep it tight.

Diana starts making some weird noises as the world swims.

Before she can even tap Dani lets go.

"I didn't tap."

"I was worried you weren't going to. We're just rolling right?"


"Can  we reset? Would you show me how you set that? Slowly please... I want to make sure I can follow."

Dani isn't a fool.

But then... Well why the hell not...

Saturday, 16 April 2016

RENDER - Practising control

Jacelyn and Lien Hua have tangled before.

Different approaches have led to some extremely see-saw contests in the past as, relative to each other, they are nearly an absolute equal match for each other.

Jacelyn asks to roll again. Lien Hua reckons why not. Worst case she gets put to sleep a couple of times, Jacelyn is the one who's risking needing a sling or a crutch.


Something is very different today.

Lien Hua has no excuses. She feels great. Everything is fine.


Something is very different...

Every time Lien Hua is on the bottom it feels like the person on top weighs over 100 kilos.

That's over 220lbs for our friends in the US.

There are a number of tricks for making yourself "heavier" for the person on the bottom, which forces them to expend energy when they try to sweep or escape. This mainly comes down to the way you use your hips when you're on top.

Worse, Lien Hua can't keep top position. She keeps getting swept or rolled.

And today she's playing a lot of defense. Forget going for the arm bar. It's not there to be gone after.

And she's already been tapped twice to different choke holds.

And now someone is coaching from ring side.

"Lien-Hau, watch your hips - she's trying to move to the side."

"Lien-Hua, watch the left leg - she's setting a sweep."

"Lien-Hua, centre - she's going to slide her hips to your right."

The coaching makes a difference actually, and suddenly she's at least not getting pushed around the mats as badly.

Sighing, Jacelyn looks up.

"Why are you helping her?"

The reply starts with a laugh almost.

"The only way you get better is when the person you're rolling with challenges you. Before I started helping I didn't see a lot of that going on. Now posture up and move your hair out of the way so I can see your weight control better."

Jacelyn has been getting a lot of personal coaching from Jessica.

Who, as it turns out, is a very good coach indeed.

"Yeah. That's definitely it. I like that bikini top on you."


"Well I'll wear it during out next session then."

Not even Lien Hua is sure what the hell is going on.

If anyone else is struggling suggest you check out the other blog posts here.  ;)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

RENDER - New OC Diana (another #3/mid carder)

Diana didn't always have this particular "look".

Growing up it was blonde hair and a perfect tan.

The tan was from everything athletic that could be done outside.

Into school she wound up being one of the gorgeous people simply because...

Well that really shouldn't need explaining.

Wealthy parents even pay for breast implants on her 18th.

Although she hung out with the gorgeous people though, she wasn't a cheerleader.

Lacrosse and Field Hockey first.

Then one day the wrestling team is opening tryouts to girls.

Diana is really good on the mats.

Combined with top grades the athletic scholarship is on offer from a few different schools.

Marketing is the degree while she wrestles through college.

The entire time she is one of the beautiful blonde tanned people.

And she isn't a very nice person.

Fact of the matter she's meaner than most and good at the putdowns.

It's her final collegiate meet ever. She's at the nationals.

Somehow in the title match she winds up against this crazy looking goth chick.

A well placed put down may help with the mental edge.

Nope. All the did was make weirdo angry...

Her crew is watching and cheering for her. Afraid of the embarrassment Diana resorts to dirty tricks, and every time the referee is out of position she grabs, pinches, twists or pulls where she knows she shouldn't.

Unfortunately for Diana crazy girl replies in kind again, and after getting caught in a cradle Diana has a forearm across her throat (not her own).

And the referee can't see because all he's looking for is whether or not Diana's shoulders are down.

Gasping and struggling the sense of fear and panic is overwhelming.

Then nothing.

Next thing she wakes up groggy as all hell. Just in time to see her opponent's arm raised.


The chill from the rest of the beautiful people is pretty severe.

"How did you let that piece of crap beat your saggy ass?"

That's one of the less severe things.

It passes, and after a few months it's forgotten.

She has her degree, she's working, she's partying, and life is pretty awesome when you're this good looking.

One day there's this thing like a zit on her hip. It's bleeding slightly and won't heal.

After a few days it's not better.

After a couple of weeks it's gotten bigger and she's at the doctor.

The news is as about as bad as it could possibly be.

Diana has a melanoma; skin cancer.

The surgery is scheduled immediately.

She wakes up sick and groggy and sore.

The first thing she sees is the nurse.

The next thing is the doctor.

"Excellent outcome. We've removed the affected area and surrounding lymph nodes and we believe we've got all of it before it could spread. As soon as pathology comes back we'll have confirmation and everything should be all clear!"

Diana's heart jumps, but why does it hurt so much?

"We had to remove quite a bit. It will leave a minor scar; nothing to stress about."

Two days later the pathology comes back.

Diana is in the clear.

Her heart soars.

A week later the bandages come off and she gets to see the sutures.

Her heart sinks.

It looks like she's been bitten by a shark.

That's what a melanoma surgery can be like.

Sure enough they confirm that almost an entire kilo of her body has been cut out.

After a couple of months the stitches are out and the healing has well begun.

Only then does she realize that she hasn't heard from any of her "friends" in all this time.

She makes some calls.

The beach?

Ummmm.... Ok....

The anxiety of being out in the sun is worse than she thought. She's covered in sunscreen and wearing a full sun suit.

When her friends see her the laugh and tell her they won't be seen with her dressed like that.

Sheepishly she takes off her sun shirt and is now only wearing a bikini.

Her friends stare at her like she's a piece of mouldy meat.

One at a time...

"You are so pale! That scar is disgusting! You look horrible!"

All together...

"We won't be seen with you looking like that."

For someone who was such a terror on the wrestling mats so very recently Diana has never felt smaller or more weak.

She hardly leaves the house for two weeks.

She's afraid of the sun and terrified of getting another cancer.

Where did the strong and determined person go?



How far?


Not too far.

And after a couple of months and some time with a psychologist...


Diana is now back.

The pale skin is really nice.

It's just a matter of getting the clothes and makeup to match.

The blonde hair was natural. Screw it. Diana goes for black, and for kicks lights up a crazy red fringe.

She doesn't got out in the sun anymore if she can help it.

She's not afraid of it, she is not careless with it.

It just seems to fit that she's more nocturnal these days.

Finally she won't accept the scar.

A brightly colored tattoo is much nicer.

Now she needs to get to work. Lacking much by way of real experience she gets an entry level job as a coordinator and hostess for...

Well let's just say the establishment caters to a somewhat adult male audience.

And the staff love her. If the bouncers ever need to lean in and check on something instead of getting in the way or carrying on like a panic monkey Diana is cool and calm and fearless.

And she never insults anyone and she only ever has nice and decent things to say to everyone.

There's a new Dancer named Candi on the stage.

Our entry level OCs

When one of the patrons gets "grabby", Diana notices something.

Candi isn't scared and knows how to handle herself.

After the set Diana asks. Candi tells her about the gym.

So now Diana is back on the mats and, not just amateur style wrestling, she's learning submissions also.

And one day she can't quite believe her eyes...

Diana asks Corveena if she'd like to roll.

Corveena is friendly and returns the handshake and "Sure! Glad too."

The mid-card

They trade a few tap outs. Diana compliments Corveena on her wrestling game.

Corveena tells her thanks, and that Diana is no slouch either.

So Diana asks...

"You don't recognise me, do you?"

Corveena smiles, a little bit confused...

"Sorry... No I don..."

Diana grabs  Corveena's hair and shorts, pulling guard and locking down a tight body scissor.

Corveena curses and throws a punch, but Diana has let go before it even lands.

Diana laughs.

"Remember me now?"

Corveena does remember now.

"I choked you out once before!"

"I know. It's cool. No  hard feelings. I cheated first and you cheated better. Fair and square."

Corveena can't quite figure out what to make of this...

And she realises Diana isn't joking.

"You used to be blonde."

"Yes, and you've gotten more tattoos."

Tracing her finger lightly on Corveena's chest, "I like this one a lot."

Diana never told anyone that there was another reason she enjoyed the wrestling so much.

She kept it hidden a long time because she was supposed to be into guys.

Into girls is supposed to be wrong...

Stronger, better Diana let all of that go a long time ago.

And Corveena is caught off guard again as Diana closes her guard and pulls tight again.


"I didn't say we should stop yet."

Saturday, 2 April 2016

RENDER and Rival Agels (been awhile)

Those of you who have been following for a while know how much a fan I am of the work from Rival Angels.

If you've been a fan of online female wrestling artwork you already also (should) know about Valley Doll.

The super awesome and cool Alan at RA recently did a live Q/A where he did up a drawing of the Crusher with Valley Doll.

Seriously - check it out!

Here's the final image he did.

Here's the slightly corrected (and not previously shared I think) image with Lucy's tattoos added back in.   ;)


In the course of correspondence with Alan, we go onto another set of images...

Ones where Valley Doll applies a camel clutch to Lucy.

Work in progress image here:

Well it's been awhile, so I thought it was time to start doing some new renders...

Alan mentioned that one of Doll's fave finishers is a breast smother.

Well why not?   ;)

Turns out that Lucy's non smudge lipstick is capable of smudging....