Saturday, 2 April 2016

RENDER and Rival Agels (been awhile)

Those of you who have been following for a while know how much a fan I am of the work from Rival Angels.

If you've been a fan of online female wrestling artwork you already also (should) know about Valley Doll.

The super awesome and cool Alan at RA recently did a live Q/A where he did up a drawing of the Crusher with Valley Doll.

Seriously - check it out!

Here's the final image he did.

Here's the slightly corrected (and not previously shared I think) image with Lucy's tattoos added back in.   ;)


In the course of correspondence with Alan, we go onto another set of images...

Ones where Valley Doll applies a camel clutch to Lucy.

Work in progress image here:

Well it's been awhile, so I thought it was time to start doing some new renders...

Alan mentioned that one of Doll's fave finishers is a breast smother.

Well why not?   ;)

Turns out that Lucy's non smudge lipstick is capable of smudging....

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  1. Welcome back. Good stuff as usual.