Monday, 18 April 2016

RENDER - Learning the triangle the hard way

Diana's background in national level amateur wrestling makes her a terror on the mats.

To a point.

Don't get me wrong - she definitely deserves the place on the mid card.

Diana can pull off either a double or single leg takedown that's practically impossible to defend.

You will wind up on your back with Diana on top.

So unless your bottom game is solid, Diana is a real challenge.

Dani trains with Jessica.

Her bottom game is better than "solid" by some margin.

So Diana has two problems. Number one she's struggling to make anything work from top position with Dani.

Problem number two?

Speaking purely for myself, if I was in Dani's guard I'd need help finding motivation to pass.

Diana is aware she's not focused fully, and that this is dangerous.

She manages to avoid letting Dani score high guard for a little while, but soon Dani's legs go from Diana's waist to her chest.

Then one leg is over her shoulder.

Diana has heard about this. Now she's experiencing it.

Dani has a textbook triangle from the bottom, trapping Diana's neck and one arm.

Diana twists and grunts and pushes. She has a lot of power and a lot of balance.

Doesn't matter. Feels like there's a python wrapped around her neck and shoulder. In fact she's unsure if there's a bone or a joint anywhere - it seems Dani can twist and bend at will to keep it tight.

Diana starts making some weird noises as the world swims.

Before she can even tap Dani lets go.

"I didn't tap."

"I was worried you weren't going to. We're just rolling right?"


"Can  we reset? Would you show me how you set that? Slowly please... I want to make sure I can follow."

Dani isn't a fool.

But then... Well why the hell not...


  1. Is it possible for a midcard to someday move up in rank, from, say, three to two? If so, how far up?

    Could someone at a higher level move down? Maybe due to age or long-term injury?

  2. You're stories always have a lot of heart and intrigue going on. Never dull.