Saturday, 30 April 2016

RENDER - Promotion by Achilles tendon hold

Lien Hua is in a pretty poor mood.

She recently experienced what a cleaning appliance must feel like when Jacelyn rolled with her last.

To whit, Jacelyn damn near literally mopping the floor with Lien Hua.

Lien Hua has seen Eloise rolling with some of the lower tier grapplers and thinks this may be a good way to get one back in the win column.

Eloise accepts and it's on.

And Lien Hua is left to wonder again what the hell is going on.

Nine times out of ten Lien Hua will easily handle any of the lower tier grapplers. She may give up the occasional fall sure, but not often.

Today it feels like she's grappling for her life.

In response she starts getting rougher herself. From top position she'll use her chin to dig into Eloise's eyes, or shove a forearm into Eloise's throat.

Eloise remains more sporting, to a point.

After 17 minutes Lien Hua should have scored three or four falls by now, and it's still nil all.

And then Eloise gets Lien Hua's foot and extends the leg.

An Achilles tendon hold can be indescribably painful and, unlike other techniques, often won't cause serious injury if applied to quickly.

All the same if you're just rolling in practice then, when you get it, you gradually ease into the pressure, otherwise it will still cause bruising and a lot of pain.

Eloise has used up her sports(wo)manship. She knows she doesn't have Lien Hua's toes properly captured, so it's not like we'd expect to tear anything in the top of the foot. Worst case there is a slim chance of rupturing the Achilles tendon itself.

Worst case.

But then driving your chin into someone's eye socket may, worst case, cause eye injuries also.

So screw worst case.

Eloise gets the blade of her forearm under the back of Lien Hua's calf and comes down with everything she's got.

Credit where it's due. Lien Hua doesn't tap.

She yells, screams, curses, twists and turns, and screams some more.

Then she taps.

Guess who recently graduated to their black belt in BJJ?

Allow me to introduce our most recent promotion and newest member of our second tier grappplig group.

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