Saturday, 16 April 2016

RENDER - Practising control

Jacelyn and Lien Hua have tangled before.

Different approaches have led to some extremely see-saw contests in the past as, relative to each other, they are nearly an absolute equal match for each other.

Jacelyn asks to roll again. Lien Hua reckons why not. Worst case she gets put to sleep a couple of times, Jacelyn is the one who's risking needing a sling or a crutch.


Something is very different today.

Lien Hua has no excuses. She feels great. Everything is fine.


Something is very different...

Every time Lien Hua is on the bottom it feels like the person on top weighs over 100 kilos.

That's over 220lbs for our friends in the US.

There are a number of tricks for making yourself "heavier" for the person on the bottom, which forces them to expend energy when they try to sweep or escape. This mainly comes down to the way you use your hips when you're on top.

Worse, Lien Hua can't keep top position. She keeps getting swept or rolled.

And today she's playing a lot of defense. Forget going for the arm bar. It's not there to be gone after.

And she's already been tapped twice to different choke holds.

And now someone is coaching from ring side.

"Lien-Hau, watch your hips - she's trying to move to the side."

"Lien-Hua, watch the left leg - she's setting a sweep."

"Lien-Hua, centre - she's going to slide her hips to your right."

The coaching makes a difference actually, and suddenly she's at least not getting pushed around the mats as badly.

Sighing, Jacelyn looks up.

"Why are you helping her?"

The reply starts with a laugh almost.

"The only way you get better is when the person you're rolling with challenges you. Before I started helping I didn't see a lot of that going on. Now posture up and move your hair out of the way so I can see your weight control better."

Jacelyn has been getting a lot of personal coaching from Jessica.

Who, as it turns out, is a very good coach indeed.

"Yeah. That's definitely it. I like that bikini top on you."


"Well I'll wear it during out next session then."

Not even Lien Hua is sure what the hell is going on.

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