Thursday, 21 April 2016

RENDER - Please welcome our latest graduate

Jessica has been working with Dani a lot lately.

Maybe she's getting promoted to second tier sometime herself also.

Now Jessica currently goes to bed and wakes up with Jaclyn.

Jessica and Dani are legit just mates.

And she does know how to keep these things separate.

So she is able to keep impartial while watching from mat side.

But even she is surprised.

Dani's coaching has been around defense and bottom game.

And Dani is really, really good at these.

Not today though...

Like wow. Not today.

Today Jacelyn is making Dani look like someone who has never even been on the mats.

More impressive? Jessica can tell that Jacleyn is going easy.

And making it look easy.

So when Jacelyn and Dani are done Jessica calls it.

"You're going to roll with my sis tomorrow."

We already saw how that went. An arm triangle puts Jewell to sleep.

It was Jacleyn who did that.

Jewell wakes up.

You ok? You sure.

The answer is affirmative and assertive.

And Jewell demands to roll again.

And the second time Jacelyn proves that the first time wasn't a fluke.

Please allow me to introduce our latest addition to the top tier of my grappling OCs.

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