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Monday, 10 July 2017

RENDER - Venting frustration from recent setbacks

Lena's nickname is "Monster".

She has a top flight BJJ game on the ground.

She also has a tendency to use her size and strength liberally when it helps.

Sometimes she can sucker an opponent into trying to match up the strength game. When she pulls that off it typically goes very poorly for that opponent.

Superior grapplers have learned that lesson at their peril - often the super hard way.

Eloise isn't stupid. She also knows to leave her ego at the edge of the mat - it's no use to her once the match begins.

All the same it feels to Eloise like she's spending a lot of time not just with a large opponent in top position, but with one that really likes to drives elbows and forearms into places that are seriously uncomfortable.

And it's not just the rough stuff. Eloise is still working seriously hard to avoid the finish.

First off, this is just frickin' uncomfortable.

Eloise isn't a dancer. She is pretty flexible. She's not so flexible that it isn't currently feeling like her hamstring is going to rip out off her ass.

Working, working, working, Eloise manages to get her head out.

Now she needs to free her leg, and...

Ah dammit!!! Eloise knows exactly what's happened. Looking and working one leg she bought the feint hook like and sinker.

And just like that Lena has the other leg.

That toe hold is pretty deep, and seriously nasty.

Worst part is that Eloise knows she never even came close. Not once.

Time to tap. She's still limping on her way off the mats.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

RENDER - When the monster meets the crusher (full match)

If you look through my virtual rosters you'll see that Lena is my more advanced grappler. Just shy of the top tier grapplers Lena uses a combination of black belt level technique and brute force to overwhelm most of her opponents.

She's not called "monster" for nothing.

That said she's only worked a pro match once. That was with Treena who, on paper, should have been a fairly easy go on the mats. Of course pro isn't the same as submission and Treena knows exactly how far rules will bend before disqualification.

Lena went to sleep. She also took notes afterwards.

So what happens when the monster collides with the crusher?

Lucy (our aforementioned Crusher) picked up that nickname back in high school on the wrestling team. Her mat technique is not at Lena's level. Based solely on grappling game this is a serious underdog match-up.

But Lucy has also collected her nickname from both her modern mat game and her roller derby hobby. On skates more than a few opponents have regained their senses wondering what hit them - courtesy of the crusher again.

The key points are that Lucy knows how to give and take a hit, and she's also done a respectable bit of wrestling pro style; but not as much as Treena and Lucy is the sort of person that thinks rules do matter.

So how does this all weigh up?

To begin with the monster is setting the ground rules first, while also demonstrating that the first lesson she learned from Treena was how to take advantage where it's available; the count hasn't even gotten to four yet.
 Right off the bat Lena is going with her strengths - literally.

The abdominal stretch is a pretty old school move and needs a lot of power to work.

Lena has exactly that kind of power.

 Lucy has already figured out that she isn't going to out power Lena. Maybe an aerial approach?

This is high risk. Someone is going to experience a high impact.


Even Lucy is shocked by what happens next. Going for the cross body block off the top rope Lena doesn't even try to dodge, and Lucy expects to knock her opponent over and down to the mat.

Lena simply catches Lucy mid flight; right in her arms.

Arms that are now wrapped around Lucy and starting to squeeze - really tight!

The Crusher picked up her nickname from the way she slammed people into floors (and the occasional wall or rink railing).

She also got it for what happens to things she gets her legs around.

Lucy doesn't try to power out of the bear hug. She pushes herself up - just a bit.

Just enough.

Wrapping her legs around Lena, Lucy pulls tight and squeezes back.

A *lot* stronger than Lena's arms.

Sometimes simple is best.

Lena feels her internal bits moving in ways they shouldn't, and it's starting to really hurt!

Falling forward, this isn't a power move.

Gravity is doing all the "heavy lifting" as it were.

Lucy right onto her spine.

Lena right on top.

Lena has two advantages.

She presses both of them aggressively in an effort to get the quick finish.

Those advantages are top position and an opponent that's temporarily stunned.

Get your minds out of the gutter people!

Lucy recovers quickly, and recovers from full mount to bottom position guard.

Lucy brings her legs to bear again - now she's going for the quick finish.

Lena escapes the scissor and both women get back to standing position. Lena's ribs hurt, Lucy's bell is still ringing a bit.

Which is how Lena gets advantage again, a scoop slam.

Lena knows that Lucy can use her leg scissors to squeeze out a win whenever she wants.

Lena is no slouch in terms of power either. She was a bodybuilder before deciding that she didn't want that kind of mass.

Doesn't change the fact that she has done a lot of squats with some massive amounts of weight in her time.

Lena can squeeze with some awesome power herself.

Lucy holds on, and Lena eventually lets go.

Lena has something else in mind and, grabbing one arm, Irish whips Lucy into the corner turnbuckle.

Lucy almost flies though the air from the power of Lena's whip. The last three steps her feet don't even touch the mat.

So when she slams back first into the turnbuckle it's like an electric shock hits her spine and the wind completely leaves her lungs.

She can barely feel her arms or legs to move.

Barely is still not nothing.

Although the crusher knows how to deliver the impact she knows how to handle it as well.

Lena is mid air and committed, and then Lucy isn't there any more.

Instead of bringing her knee down on Lucy's chest Lena comes down on the turnbuckle.

What kind of impact is that?

The serious kind. Lena's knee is hurt and she's not getting back up.

Lucy doesn't cheat. She's not going to do anything illegal.

She is rough, this isn't crochet class.

There's nothing in the rules saying that you have to wait for your opponent to get up.

And the fact is that a foot stomp to the leg is in fact legit ok in the rule book.

And now Lucy is going for another finish.

The spinning toe hold twists and cranks a lot of conective tissue in directions it was never meant to move.

Other things do move like this, just not that far.

And the occasional release, spin, and twist creates a cranking, almost yanking motion on the joint.

Lena needs to get out of this soon or she's not getting off her back.

Lena powers to the ropes and the hold is broken.

Getting back up Lena feints with a left before lunging forward off her back leg.

It's unexpected and there are a few ways it could go wrong.

This time it goes perfectly right.

Depending on your perspective that is.

Another simple, old school, brute force technique.

Lucy's back has been stretched, squeezed, and slammed around quite a bit already.

How is she holding up from this?

Well enough - Lucy is able to power and turn to get Lena's weight off her back.

Still not a great position, at least it's only the pressure on her ribs that's a problem right now.

Under different circumstances this would be a fairly major problem.

Good thing Lena's leg isn't 100% right now.

And Lucy's experience shows again. In a pro match it's a lot harder to get the quick tap out or finish.

You need to work at it.

Spinning around Lucy goes from having Lena on Lucy's back to Lena on Lena's back on the mat while Lucy is inside Lena's guard.

Posturing up Lucy uses a trick her friend Eloise showed her once - the hard way.

Lena's knee has been hurt, and now her ankle isn't doing great either.

Lena tries to twist out of the ankle lock.

Lucy lets her.

Right into a knee bar.

Lena escapes the hold and now she's in Lucy's guard.

Lena figures out what she's been doing wrong.

Win if you can, lose if you must.

*Always* cheat!

Her hands around Lucy's neck and her thumbs in the crusher's throat, Lena minds the count from the referee.

Lucy is gasping and struggling to breathe - not able to defend herself properly.

Lena doesn't wait.

Just like Lucy tried earlier with the spinning toe hold, Lena is rocking herself back and forth.

Yanking and cranking on Lucy's neck with as much power as she can muster.

Somehow Lucy escapes, using her legs to push them both across the mat into the ropes.

The referee orders the break, not before Lena cranks and pulls a few more times.

Getting to her feet Lucy is wobbly, her legs shaking and barely under control.

Like a predator tracking wounded prey Lena smells blood, moving slowly for a change.

Lucy waves a wobbly right lead that Lena grabs casually.

Reaching out with her other hand to lock up, only now does realization dawn.

Lucy was faking, her legs are under full control.

And because Lucy's right leg is hurt she's kept her balance and weight on her back left leg.

The one that Lucy's shin just connected with at speed.

Knocking out Lena's good leg puts her down again.

Smelling blood herself Lucy drops a knee into the thigh muscle of Lena's injured leg, then grabs her foot and starts cranking again - hard!

Lucy is concentrating on her balance and grip.

Her first hint that she's looking the wrong place is a sound.

The sound of Lena snarling.

Too late Lucy feels her hair being grabbed and her head yanked back and to the side.

Too late again Lena's fingers are in Lucy's face, digging into her eye socket.

Screaming and kicking Lucy can only wait for the five count.

Lena is paying attention two things.

The force she's putting into her fingers.

And that count.

She let's go at around 4.99999....

Screaming and flailing, Lucy grabs the ropes and waves blindly.

Taking her time and enjoying her opponents plight Lena stands...

Then struts over over almost casually.

Except for every second step that makes her visibly wince and bring that look of anger back to her face.

Lucy still can't see or defend herself, which makes it almost easy for Lena to grab two handfuls of hair, drag her to her feet, and back to the centre of the ring.

Lena throws her hands into the air - no one is pulling any hair now.

And like a whip wraps them around Lucy's neck, monstering down with as much power as she can bring too bear.

Lucy fights and struggles, then slowly collapses to the mat.

Lucy's chest heaves as she gasps and brings ragged breath into her body.

Pushing herself back up Lucy gets her ass off the mats.

Lena doubles down with as much power as she can muster while Lucy twists and turns.

The sleeper hold is locked in tight and positioned perfectly.

So much so that Lena doesn't feel Lucy's arm reaching behind Lena's leg, nor down to take hold of her shin.

By the time realises what's about to happen it's too late again.

Lifting up, then coming back down. Her wounded leg across Lucy's.

Textbook shinbreaker.

Lucy has had enough. Rough is one thing. Dirty is another.

Eye gouging!

Lucy grabs Lena by the hair and yanks her head forward between the crusher's thighs.

Hooking Lena's arms Lucy groans and lifts.

Lucy's back is protesting every way to Sunday. If this doesn't work she won't get another chance.

It works - well enough.

And falling back Lucy brings the monster down - right on top of her own head.

Lucy takes a moment to compose - she's still moving. She can stand. Her back is on fire. She can still move.

Lena is effectively paralyzed on the mat - not moving at all.

Lucy lifts the monsters good leg - then points to the audience.

Spinning around Lucy locks down the figure four leg lock.

Lifting her own hips off the mat - the crusher gives it everything she's got.

Lena has her mobility back - and her voice.

Snarling - initially.

Lena tries to power her way out, turning or dragging herself to the ropes.

The snarling is a lot lounder.

Lucy is too strong.

It's less a snarl and more of a roar now.

Lucy blocks every attempt to roll.

The roar is getting more ragged, and higher pitched.

When Lena drags or twists close to the ropes Lucy drags and twists back

The roar has become a scream.

The screaming continues.

And when Lena taps Lucy lets go.

The screaming stops.

Now it's just moaning drowned by the ring of the bell.

When the monster meets the crusher - this day at least - the crusher wins.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

RENDER - Lena rolls with a pro

Lena is more than a little cocky and arrogant.
I mean she is aware of the fact that there are other grapplers out there better than she is.
When you have the equivalent of a black belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu you are probably allowed a certain swagger in your step.
One day there are try outs for a pro style roster.
Like WWE? Dena reckons she’s gotta give this a go – how hard can it be?
She even does up a bit of a goth look, let’s try doing the whole heel thing.
The woman she picks out is pretty big in her own right – Dena has seen her before.
Dena knows that her training partner is not at that level of being a black belt, so this is going to be easy.
The bell rings.
That seems like a long time ago.
Someone is shouting regularly. The words are things like “break it!” and counts that never get higher than four.
Dena does distinctly remember that original thumb poke, her eye is still watering a bit.
After that it seems there’s been a lot of getting choked over the ropes, grabbing by the hair, kicking when down.
The most recent event was a whip toss into the corner turnbuckles.
Dena slams back first and it’s like there’s an electric fire running the length of her spine.
Staggering off the turnbuckle and forward she walks right into the sleeper hold, and then staggers a little further to the middle of the ring.
Normally Lena would shake this easy as.
Today her bell has been (metaphorically) rung repeatedly already and her legs aren’t working properly after the turnbuckle slam on her back.
And as the sleeper squeezes in her legs aren’t coming back.
What the hell!
This isn’t fair!!!
What about all the other illegal moves and cheats up to this point?!?!?!
This part is perfectly legal, right in the middle of the ring.
Just where Treena wants it…

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

RENDER - Dim the lights

If you follow my deviantart page you may know that I recently experimented with my first ever fully nude render.

Thinking further, I have no inclination to go there again.

I simply prefer to have something left to the imagination.

There is *something* about a simple black bikini (or one piece suit) that I *much* prefer.

Kinda like Lena is checking out here.

"How about you put your top on and we put these mats to proper use?"

Lena is a bit bemused.

By comparison Lucy is pretty... Well... Pretty scrawny - by comparison at least.

If you follow my blog you'll also know that I have a tier in my virtual roster, and that Lena is in a significantly higher grade than the Crusher.

Still, Lucy has never shied away from a challenge... But why did she choose this one? Especially with another grappler that's (in)famous for roughing her...

Well actually, what Lena is infamous for is a habit of monstering her opposition.

Lucy just grabbed a serious size mouthful here!