Friday, 24 March 2017

RENDERS - Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz is a personal trainer and pro wrestler.

That's a little too simple. After some brief correspondence I'd add a few superlatives.

Awesome would get used a lot. Then I'd need a thesaurus and other words that mean the same thing as awesome would mean a lot also.

You can find some of her matches on youtube et al - do yourself a favour and go googling.

If you want a closer look check out her pages...

This awesome (and gorgeous) woman has kindly allowed me to apply my meagre talents at creating a virtual version.

The middle shot is an homage to a photo Trish Stratus once did. Check out Tasha's pages and find her version - I reckon it's even more awesome.

Her signature is the springboard bulldog. That would leave a mark!

Genuine article is way better - go check her out.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Back soon....

Few things on the go...

A very big tip of the hat to my original muse Cassidy Bryce for re-inspiring me to pick up the laptop again.

Check her out here

A little while ago in a happy accident I discovered these...

There's more. By now you should get the idea. The women are gorgeous.

The wrestling is legit. It may be slippery as all get out, but when someone goes for the rear naked choke they are going for real.

Patience please - more renders coming soon....   :)

Friday, 17 February 2017

Someone hacked my account...

I'm perhaps a bit old school - prefer to pay for content I want to download. So there I am ready to make my purchase when...


Try again


The sinking feeling/hunch hits me...

Because I value relative anonymity I've I kept a standalone visa debit card for a number of years now.

Every so often I'd deposit a bit then, when inclination struck, use it to make a purchase online. Never have much in the account, normally make a deposit before I make a purchase.

Few weeks ago I drop $100AUD on the account for a day when I feel like buying something.

Yesterday a quick check in the online account and someone, not me, has been shopping recently.

Little over a buck left.


The world we live in.

Account is closed out. Need to figure out what (if anything) I may consider about a new one.

Meantime, no online purchases for me...

Saturday, 21 January 2017

RENDERS - Probably going to be awhile before the next few...

Every so often I hit a bit of a flat spot. Lack of motivation and that.

So to that end I've completed a couple because they were either something I felt like or easy to do along the way.

Limited narrative this time, we'll lift that again in future also.

In the meantime, absent another motivation lift I'll be asking everyone for more patience than normal even.

Priya likes her choke holds, which is why in the first instance she's going for a pro style leg lock.

Later she's got a good defensive position from guard. Normally that's pretty safe. That assumes of course you know how to see the Ezekiel choke coming and defend same. Oops?

There's a really good breakdown of this technique here on YouTube.

Corveena gets hers back later. And then Jacelyn even gets a similar version (in reverse) on Kimiko of all people, from a standing position no less.

Nap times all around?

Friday, 6 January 2017

RENDERS - Over at Rival Angels

Ok, you already know all about Rival Angels.

So I'm already officially repeating myself.

Which is why none of you need to be told that you need (right now) to go here (the RA website) and check them out.

I'm humbled to have some of my renders put there.

Recent examples as follows.   :)

And for crying out loud check out the rest of the archives there also (where all the really good stuff is found).

Friday, 30 December 2016

RENDERS - Corveena and Diana pins style

You can find out more about Corveena and Diana both here.

If you don't already know them you need to read up for (all of) the rest of this to make sense.

Mid tier roster members

Both have elite national grade backgrounds in amateur wrestling. In fact that's how they originally met.

A spiteful affair where Corveena basically managed to wrestle dirty better than Diana.

A long time ago and lot of water under the bridge all is cool now.

Talking about it the obvious question is, want to try that again?

Both still have a top flight game.

It's long and hard and dead even.

Then Corveena's shoulder blades both touch the mat.

"Yes!" is the response from Diana.

Corveena's response is a bit more chilly.

"You pulled my hair...."

"Oops." The grin is a pretty poor attempt at contrite.

"No hard feelings still?"

"Hmmm... Best of three? Keep it clean this time - yeah?"


Both are grappling clean again.

Corveena gets one of Diana's feet, and doing something Diana has seen only once before. She'd forgotten. Now she remembers...

And now she's on her back and her legs are tied in a knot with Corveena.

Twisting to keep one shoulder up, Corveena gets one arm under Diana's chin.

For anyone trying to keep up go read Diana's bio in the link about...

"Now this brings back some memories..."

Diana is trapped and going no place.

Except instead of making the choke illegal, Corveena does keep it clean.

Doesn't mean it's not rough. So leaning forward down onto the mat her arm scissors on Diana's neck.

Diana has two choices.

She can roll back to avoid choking out. That means a pin fall.

Or she can go to sleep...

The inspiration for this render is from the video here.

Freestyle pin

I'm unsure I have the words to explain how awesome this particular pin is. I'd only add that I hope the poor young woman who loses the fall is ok. It is no joy at all for me to see her upset or injured, which is odd because it is "something" for me to see her struggling the way she must before the eventual loss.

When all is done not much is settled today. At least it ends of a laugh. Still no hard feelings.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

RENDERS - NSFW (seriously NSFW)

I'm unsure if anything I ever upload here is "SFW" per se?

Some things are definitely less "SFW" than others.

Some are simply NSFW full stop.

I'm going to wager these fall into the latter category.

If you scroll far enough down you will see what I mean.

As in topless.

And this isn't what was actually requested, it just seemed the way to go when I did them.

Fortunately this did not generate significant objection.

In response to a commission request from someone who deserves it, and then some.

My pleasure.