Monday, 10 July 2017

RENDER - Venting frustration from recent setbacks

Lena's nickname is "Monster".

She has a top flight BJJ game on the ground.

She also has a tendency to use her size and strength liberally when it helps.

Sometimes she can sucker an opponent into trying to match up the strength game. When she pulls that off it typically goes very poorly for that opponent.

Superior grapplers have learned that lesson at their peril - often the super hard way.

Eloise isn't stupid. She also knows to leave her ego at the edge of the mat - it's no use to her once the match begins.

All the same it feels to Eloise like she's spending a lot of time not just with a large opponent in top position, but with one that really likes to drives elbows and forearms into places that are seriously uncomfortable.

And it's not just the rough stuff. Eloise is still working seriously hard to avoid the finish.

First off, this is just frickin' uncomfortable.

Eloise isn't a dancer. She is pretty flexible. She's not so flexible that it isn't currently feeling like her hamstring is going to rip out off her ass.

Working, working, working, Eloise manages to get her head out.

Now she needs to free her leg, and...

Ah dammit!!! Eloise knows exactly what's happened. Looking and working one leg she bought the feint hook like and sinker.

And just like that Lena has the other leg.

That toe hold is pretty deep, and seriously nasty.

Worst part is that Eloise knows she never even came close. Not once.

Time to tap. She's still limping on her way off the mats.

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  1. Lena showing herself to be the monster that she can be.