Sunday, 25 June 2017

RENDER - Lena rolls with a pro

Lena is more than a little cocky and arrogant.
I mean she is aware of the fact that there are other grapplers out there better than she is.
When you have the equivalent of a black belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu you are probably allowed a certain swagger in your step.
One day there are try outs for a pro style roster.
Like WWE? Dena reckons she’s gotta give this a go – how hard can it be?
She even does up a bit of a goth look, let’s try doing the whole heel thing.
The woman she picks out is pretty big in her own right – Dena has seen her before.
Dena knows that her training partner is not at that level of being a black belt, so this is going to be easy.
The bell rings.
That seems like a long time ago.
Someone is shouting regularly. The words are things like “break it!” and counts that never get higher than four.
Dena does distinctly remember that original thumb poke, her eye is still watering a bit.
After that it seems there’s been a lot of getting choked over the ropes, grabbing by the hair, kicking when down.
The most recent event was a whip toss into the corner turnbuckles.
Dena slams back first and it’s like there’s an electric fire running the length of her spine.
Staggering off the turnbuckle and forward she walks right into the sleeper hold, and then staggers a little further to the middle of the ring.
Normally Lena would shake this easy as.
Today her bell has been (metaphorically) rung repeatedly already and her legs aren’t working properly after the turnbuckle slam on her back.
And as the sleeper squeezes in her legs aren’t coming back.
What the hell!
This isn’t fair!!!
What about all the other illegal moves and cheats up to this point?!?!?!
This part is perfectly legal, right in the middle of the ring.
Just where Treena wants it…

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