Monday, 18 May 2015

RENDER - reposting roster members #4 of the 1-5 scale...

So far we've introduced the top guns, dangerous experts, and experienced grapplers.

After that we have our intermediate grapplers. These wrestlers are past their white belts but not yet at the level of more experienced grapplers.

So I give you the following:


Aurora models. Swimwear. Sometimes less.

She discovered BJJ as a way of keeping in shape.

She doesn't like hurting other people.

That's why she prefers to choke them out.


Angel carries a badge and a gun.

Sometimes you need something closer to hand. Your bare hands simply.

So Angel doesn't need her gun to send you to the hospital.


Alyssa is a pro wrestler.

Yes it's all worked.

But sometimes some wrestlers go off script. That's called a shoot.

So a smart wrestler knows a little bit about how to shoot back.


Ember is a dancer.

Yes, that kind.

It's fun. It pays the bills. And it's not the guys she's interested in.

Ember prefers to swing with the girls. For her the real fun is watching and hanging with the other dancers.

Especially hanging out. Especially with women who are into hanging out with other women themselves

One day she discovers the women's division in the North American Grappler's Association (NAGA).

It's like an electric current hits her.

Rushing out she finds a BJJ class. Rolling with the guys is no real thrill, but she understands you have to learn somewhere.

Rolling with other women is exactly what she expected... Maybe even more...

She does develop one particularly challenging habit though.

When someone gets Ember in a choke hold - she doesn't tap. She'll go to sleep first.

At the same time when she gets the choke hold she doesn't let go until her opponent is asleep.

Not a nice thing to do to another person, especially one who doesn't expect it.

Wonder what comes of that?

"I like holding a soft woman gently. I like holding a stronger woman too."


Janelle is a professional dominatrix. For a fee she'll tie you up and hurt you as much as you like.

Enough of her clients ask after wrestling that she decides to look into things further herself.

Forget whips and handcuffs. Now she knows a lot of other ways to hurt you also.

"Remember your safe words, now let's see how far that will bend..."


Kay was a regional champ on her high school wrestling team.

Watch your balance when you're on the mat with her. She knows how to get you airborne.

Serious height.

You'll realise just how high when she brings you back down.


Lara is a fitness competitor.

She's also not very nice.

All the better to hurt you with.


Pandora likes cosplay.

She certainly has the strength and the figure to look the part.

Fairly new to grappling she's learning with reasonable speed.

Her lazy habit is relying on strength and power.

She has a lot of that. The more technique she adds the better she'll be.


Editor and writer for glossy magazines.

One assignment is to look into a growing trend of women in full contact combat sports.

She finds the subject more than a little interesting.

She's pretty fit and strong to begin with.

No she's something more again.

Soo Yun

Soo Yun carries a badge also. She had a bad situation on an arrest a few years ago.

She was ok, but only because the partner got in fast.

It's good to know you can rely on your partner.

Good to know you have options in case they arrive late.

"Do not get back up. Otherwise I will put you back down."


Violet has a background in gymnastics and then power lifting. Her technique is pretty good but a bit one dimensional. She likes to choke out her opponents. She also tends to rely a bit much on flexibility and power. When it works she can be a bit of a bully.

From anywhere she can bring her legs up and around you. Once she closes her ankles, the fall isn't far off.

"When the can't speak, only squeak. That's when I know I've got them."


The "Queen of Scream".

Winter is not a nice person.

But then your opinion is not something she gives a shit about.

And she's not the one known for screaming.

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