Thursday, 14 May 2015

RENDER - This is getting gratiitous now...

Will resume more typical programming "soon".

Dani is new to grappling but, with Jessica as her private coach, has advanced a long way really fast.

Jessica and Jacelyn have some history. The salient is the silent strangler picked the wrong person to embarrass and got choked out for her efforts.

So the first time Dani rolled with Jacleyn the raven haired fitness beauty was concerned she was being set up.

No, Jessica had advised Dani she needed to challenge herself to improve her game. Challenge taken and the strangler scored another tap out.

Dani is challenging herself again, but this time she's cheating.

Jacelyn likes other women. She likes them "that way" specifically.

Now guys, I don't know about all of you, but when a woman has most of her clothing off and me in her guard I find I'm not generally well motivated to move position.

Jacelyn is experiencing that feeling right now herself. She can't finish from this position, but it's hard to see that much reason for a change.

Dani reckons if she can get the advantage in position she'll take it however she can get it.

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