Thursday, 14 May 2015

RENDER - Choose your equipment carefully

Corveena and Priya have more in common than a similar hair style.

The majority of people you'd ask from anywhere in the world would probably say that neither of them is considered "convectional" looking.

Neither of them care.

Seriously. Your opinion matters not one damn little bit to either of them.

And that is a very good thing.

So not exactly kindred spirits, they do have some points of common reference.

Today they are helping each other sharpen technique.
Corveena's amateur wrestling background means that Priya is spending this match on the mat on her back and going noplace fast.

Priya's submission wrestling skills and yoga enhanced flexible legs means she doesn't need to go far to threaten from bottom position, but she does need to go further than Corveena is allowing.

Both are developing on their own weak areas by going head to head with their opponent's strength.

Simple basic one piece suits and hard work.

After a few minutes Priya laughs and asks Corveena if her suit is supposed to be doing that.

Corveena looks down and realises she's wearing a suit that goes sheer when it's wet, and she's very sweaty.

Corveena normally wouldn't mind. She wrestles in a bikini top that gets sheer no problem. But this is a surprise and it's not just her top. It's the whole suit.

And just like that she's thrown off her game with embarrassment... But why?

Too late and it doesn't matter. The octopus she'd been holding onto the mat has squirmed and moved to Coveena's back.

Does Priya even have bones in those arms and legs? It feels more like tentacles and Corveena is struggling to defend hooks and a choke.

So why can't she stop thinking about the bloody sheer suit?

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