Monday, 18 May 2015

RENDER - Scarf hold (pin or finish)

The Kesa-Gatame is one of the most basic techniques taught in Judo.

Translated it is the "Scarf hold".

You'll see it used in competitive judo matches all the time as a pinning/control technique.

You trap the opponents neck and one arm and, positioning your legs properly, they are going nowhere.

Then there is a more advanced technique.

After you've trapped and pinned your opponent, you tighten up your grip.

Then you lean back and lift your hips.

Get it right and two things happen.

First off the person on the bottom is going to feel like someone is pulling their head off their neck.

Second, and perhaps more important, this position puts a lot of pressure on the chest wall of the person on the bottom.

A lot of pressure.

Breathing is often difficult. Done well enough it's impossible.

This can lead to a devastating compression choke and the finish.

Josh Barnett demonstrated this in a match at Metamoris #4.

Like Dani is doing to Pandora here.

That match at Metamoris ended with a tap out because of this hold.

My crystal ball says something very similar is about to happen here (very soon).

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