Thursday, 7 May 2015

RENDER - Scorpion crush

Jessie has rolled on the mats with a few different wrestlers.

Originally her core game of brute power and hard slams got her some early wins.

The wrestlers on the roster have all caught on and they all know that once they pull guard most of Jessie's advantages are gone.

Jessie needs to broaden her game. Jacelyn is happy to help.

Today's exercise is specifically working from inside guard.

Jacelyn is only slightly impressed. Jessie has some defense but it appears there is little idea how to attack, reverse or pass.

Jessie gets swept a few times and they reset. Then there are a couple of triangles. They reset again. Even a few arm locks.

Now Jessie is working like a turtle. Everything tight and no openings.

So Jacelyn introduces a new technique.

Jacelyn takes the whizzer (opposite of underhooks - look it up if you need to) and clasps her hands under her own legs.

Jessie is now not only between Jacelyn's thighs - she's also tight to the chest, so there's no way to create space (not that she's even trying).

And now Jacleyn shows off some of her own power.

Jacelyn's top came off a little while ago. It wasn't very sturdy.

Asked later Jacelyn advises it wasn't about the bother of putting it back on all the time. She simply preferred how it felt without while she was drilling with Jessie.

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