Tuesday, 12 May 2015

RENDER - Cassidy as Black Canary doing the "Dutch Clutch"

I've told you before about an awesome and beautiful woman named Cassidy Bryce who has (very graciously) been my muse a number of times before.

Go check her out here: http://cassidybryce.deviantart.com

I'm doing a cosplay request, one of my new OCs (Violet) done up as "The Huntress".

Seemed logical I should take the new outfit for a test drive.

This hold is called the "Dutch Clutch". It's a combined cobra clutch and camel clutch. It's also the signature move of a female wrestler named Leah Von Dutch (hence the name).

I think that looks pretty uncomfortable.

I suspect Violet/Huntress would agree....

My thanks to the awesome and beautiful Cass for being my muse again here.   :)

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