Friday, 10 July 2015

RENDER - Topless

Dani's been rolling with Jacelyn.

Leaving her top off seems to have helped. Jacelyn does seem less aggressive and it's a lot easier to pull and hold guard.

Then Jacelyn passes guard.

Now she's moved to mount.

Now high mount.

Dani is flexible and powerful but not yet a match for the finesse and touch of Jacelyn's ground game.

And now the silent strangler has scored the mounted triangle.

Dani has this trick where she pops out one shoulder to slide out of situations like this.

Whether it was past experience or inside knowledge the strangler is ready for that trick and Dani's arm is going nowhere.

Instead she tries to push the strangler back and off.

It's really an accident that she ends up pushing on a breast.

Jacelyn doesn't seem to take that much offence...

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