Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Free content - my pose presets

I've uploaded some updates to my wrestling pose library at ShareCG.

My wrestling pose library

Good luck and have fun guys.

And please let me see your work if you can.   :)


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  2. Hey thanks for uploading these pose presents. I use them from time to time as references for when I'm making similar moves or I'll make simple changes to better fit the character. In a way it's what got me into DAZ3D and the bases for my learning curve.

    If you want to see how I've used them check out my deviantart page a few years back (2012?) I made a match request with Mystique vs Valerie in 4 renders and you gave it a quick turn around, I pretty much always wanted to see Mystique in more things, so what I'm saying is if you ever want to make some requests let me know I owe you.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  3. My DA page is
    You're welcome to come take a peek, though the physiques run to the buff end of the scale (as opposed to the svelte physiques on the other end of the scale.)

    What do you use as references? I sometimes get a stillcap from like Stardom, Shimmer, or NEFW (professional and joshi leagues).

    1. Thanks mate, had a look at your DA profile.

      #1 You have some really groovy stuff going on - my compliments.

      #2 Notice you're playing with some of your own pose setups. Awesome again mate.

      #3 Notice you've got a lot more likes and comments on many of your renders than I ever got on my DA page. Pardon me while I feel slightly inadequate/jealous by comparison. ;)

      I hope my poses are of some use to you now and then. Keep up the great work and good look with everything mate.

    2. Forgot to add...

      For reference I normally use Google image search.

      I can "name" all of the holds I've posed so, if I want to do a new one, I search for it and then select images.

      Occasionally I also get inspired by something I'll see someplace (e.g. I've seen a few holds on femalewrestlingzone that I've since posed).

      Good luck mate.