Saturday, 22 August 2015

RENDER - This is not a glamour shot...

Assuming you have the right figures, poses, props, and textures, this kind of render is very easy to set.

My wrestling renders the same if I have the pose preset (saved from earlier renders), but a lot more work if it's a new hold (I need to set both figures and they need to be set relative to each other).

That said sometimes it's fun just to try something a little different. And this is a little different...

I read about one MMA fighter that said their opponent, with a background in judo, wouldn't understand what they were in for; what does a judoka know about getting punched in the nose?

That opponent's response was that, as a judoka they knew quite a few things. How it felt to have the side of your head slammed into a hard floor and what a broken nose felt like from an accidental (or not) flailing elbow, knee or heel while you rolled.

Corveena's background is amateur wrestling. She's sparring with someone to work her striking game.

The original plan is light sparring, but her opponent knows that, in order to really improve, you need to include full speed and power in the practice.

That opponent had made a similar assumption that, as a wrestler, this would be the end of practice.

That assumption looks like it's about to be corrected...

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