Tuesday, 25 August 2015

RENDER - Pro style preview

Corveena and Crusher just finished rolling on the mats in a straight up submission style event.

I'd been thinking of a few things to do next, and I think I've decided.

Let's have the same two bash it out again, just this time pro style!

So Corveena is a dancer (more or less that kind - yes), and Crusher does Roller Derby for kicks.

Work clothes include shorts, fishnets, tight clothes and some pads.

So let's adorn with a pair of proper boots and continue things.

In the first instance I should make some disclaimers and observations.

If you happen to be a guy who prefers other guys then more power to you.

I am a guy who prefers women.

If/when opportunity presents being flat on my back with a woman on top and pressing down on me is pretty awesome. On a soft surface with a woman's legs wrapped around is also thoroughly awesome.

If you are a guy who prefers the intimate company of the opposite sex I would ask only how you could possibly disagree?

On the other hand, Corveena and Crusher would respectively disagree quite strenuously.

This may take a while. Please be patient.

Oh yeah. Trying a slightly different hairstyle for the Crusher. Let's see how we go shall we?


  1. OMG, she went and put her hair down. Outstanding. And wrestling no less! Their wrestling outfits are superb. Crusher's boots are amazing and I really like Corveena's bracelets.

    The wrestling action is excellent and I LOVE that pin attempt. :)