Friday, 14 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit?

Ok, this is pretty thin. :)

For those who are fans of pro-wrestling long enough, I'd wager you've seen thinner.   ;)

Luck (aka the Crusher) and Corveena are trying on suits purchased on sale out on the floor mats.

Turns out they both stocked up.

And this has created several awkward situations.

Well only one of them can wear a given suit.

And there's one obvious way for two grapplers to sort that out.

Corveena knows Lucy has a brutal scissors. She's still a little careless in that, with her background in wrestling and bridging, her neck is *very* strong.

Scroll down and I think you can figure out when the surprise happens.

I know that lots of swimwear vendors do lots of swimsuits in different styles, colours and trims.

If there is anything better looking than a simple black bikini or swimsuit I'm unsure I've seen it.

Occasionally a different primary colour (red, blue, white), but black is just about always awesome.

Crusher and Corveena get this I think, so both of them are hoping to win that one.

Wonder who does?


  1. All of these images are phenomenal. Corvinna looks amazing, the moves are amazing but I completely mark out for Crusher Lucy. Is it the tattoos, red hair, eye shadow...? I don't know, but she's amazing.