Sunday, 16 August 2015

RENDER - So who wears which suit (cont)?

Crusher and Corveena just came back from the shop with a bag filled with new (matching) bikinis.

Obviously we had some kind of going out of clearance sale on the day...

Let's keep sorting out who wears which one shall we?   ;)

Corveena was an elite amateur wrestler. Her submission game isn't as good. Very few grapplers would be better at controlling position on the ground though.

Crusher is a lot more rounded. Especially her submissions holds. Especially from bottom position. And anything that involves her legs around her opponent...


So far position seems to carry advantage this day.

Quite happy with how that arm triangle turned out.

To be continued further...


  1. Look at all of these brilliant images! As much as I adore the Crusher, I have to admit that the holds that Corveena is putting Lucy through are EPIC. But like in any good story, the bigger the odds, the bigger the comeback!

    Go Lucy! :D