Monday, 23 March 2015

A little bit about me...

Hobbyist 3d artist with a specific interest in women (vs women) wrestling.

I used to be at DeviantArt. Left a while ago.

Back again but keeping a lower profile.

Also doing more cosplays. I really like doing scenes based on real people but only if they give me permission first.

Check those out here:

My Deviantart page

I'll be (even) less active than I was before and many of my uploads (esp my wrestling ones) will be going to my blog here instead of my DA page.

I'll also link those on my Google+ page here.

Finally I also have a Facebook page and some stuff goes there also FaceBook.

You can call me Cale (not my real name) or afwfan (is my handle).

My specific interest is singles women wrestling to submission (for preference) or pin.

I don't like seeing injuries. Please tap before something breaks or pops.

I like pro-style or staged if it's well done. Recently WWE has been really good but a couple years ago I wouldn't/couldn't be bothered.

I do have a specific thing for long drawn out sleepers... I do not know why. Here I'm definitely preferring pro style (I know it's not real). Seeing someone choked out for real isn't nearly as much a thing for me, if at all.

I genuinely believe almost all women are beautiful.

In this arena how they roll on the mats is more important than looks by a mile.

Even competitive I'm not particularly interested if the women have no technique (e.g. most DWW?), and if it's hopelessly fake (e.g. Steel Kittens) I can't even watch, regardless of how amazing Belinda Belle looks.

On the other hand, Gia Primo, Veve Lane, Sable (from LWS), Keri Spectrum, Venom (LWS), Laken Fire, Mistress Lina, Tia, Ariel X, and so many more that I can't even begin to name them all...

Well just bloody amazing!!!

I don't want to diminish or disparage any of the real women who compete at any level (for themselves or others) in any way.

I just really like watching two women grappling. I am really sorry if that offends anyone. That is just how I feel.

Regardless of anything else people deserve respect.

If they happen to be wrestling, modelling, cosplaying (or anything else) for themselves or interested observers that entitlement does not change in the least.

I will do my (perhaps very flawed) best to show that to all.

Hope you enjoy looking around here.


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