Monday, 16 March 2015

RENDER - New OC Ember

Ember is a dancer.

Yes, that kind.

It's fun. It pays the bills. And it's not the guys she's interested in.

Ember prefers to swing with the girls. For her the real fun is watching and hanging with the other dancers.

Especially hanging out. Especially with women who are into hanging out with other women themselves

One day she discovers the women's division in the North American Grappler's Association (NAGA).

It's like an electric current hits her.

Rushing out she finds a BJJ class. Rolling with the guys is no real thrill, but she understands you have to learn somewhere.

Rolling with other women is exactly what she expected... Maybe even more...

She does develop one particularly challenging habit though.

When someone gets Ember in a choke hold - she doesn't tap. She'll go to sleep first.

At the same time when she gets the choke hold she doesn't let go until her opponent is asleep.

Not a nice thing to do to another person, especially one who doesn't expect it.

Wonder what comes of that?

"I like holding a soft woman gently. I like holding a stronger woman too."

Ember has found the gym. The anticipation is pretty intense, but she's heard about and is looking for something specific.

Asking a couple of discrete questions and picking up some hints she comes to Jacelyn and asks to roll.

Jacelyn gets the guillotine from the guard. Ember fights and true to old habits she goes to sleep before she taps out.

She's been playing it pretty easy, so when she wakes up and asks Jacelyn if she can try that hold?

The silent strangler agrees. The new wrestler seems pretty green so she reckons she can escape once it's on.

Too late Jacelyn realises she's been played. Tapping out she realises that Ember isn't letting go either...

When she wakes she's still in Ember's guard and Ember has holding her like a hug.

Jacelyn is pissed and now. And now Ember's real game is out.

Jacelyn feels like she's wrestling an octopus. But Jacelyn is the better grappler.

It takes a few minutes but position is reversed, and now Jacleyn has advantage.

Working high guard Jacleyn is looking for another choke. Triangle or another guillotine.

Ember's head is on the middle of Jacelyn's chest, and something happens that Jacelyn really didn't expect.

She's not complaining though.

Jacelyn prefers to hang with other women also.

Suddenly something else is going on all together in fact...

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