Monday, 23 March 2015

RENDER - New OC Violet

Many years ago if you were a fan of competitive female wrestling, genuine competitive, I think there were only two producers.

VideoSports Ltd is actually still around and a lot of their old catalog is available online for download and DVD.

My fave was CandB Video. Alas they are gone it seems. I liked them better for a few reasons. First off the wrestling standard was typically a bit higher. Secondly they used sleepers, and I have always had a real thing for those. Finally, I was never as much into topless (Video Sports). I liked the bikinis and one piece suits at CandB.

And of all the CandB women (and Silver Sun), beautiful though they all were, I did have a favorite.


I got a couple of her vids. Not all of them, ergo not enough. She has done a few vids elsewhere. I bought one of the vids she did a Les Femmes Fatales. She was looking awesome as usual in a red bikini, scored one fall with a sleeper, then a lot of simple scissor holds.

I understand she started in gymnastics, then got onto power lifting before getting into wrestling.

She was "ok", but when she tangled with a legit submission grappler I understand she got owned pretty clearly (vs Mistress Josephine). From what I read it sounds like she really didn't know how to defend from guard and gave up her back twice for a choke out before having to stop due to injury.

I wish there was someplace you could still get her FvF videos from CandB and I wish there was someplace I could get the video of her match with Josephine.

An insane sexy looking woman smoking either bikinis or one piece suits and working the sleeper hold long before any other production company or crew of wrestlers did.

I hope she's doing well.

So that all said - our latest addition to the roster.

Violet is also has a background in gymnastics and then power lifting. Her technique is pretty good but a bit one dimensional. She likes to choke out her opponents. She also tends to rely a bit much on flexibility and power. When it works she can be a bit of a bully.

From anywhere she can bring her legs up and around you. Once she closes her ankles, the fall isn't far off.

"When the can't speak, only squeak. That's when I know I've got them."

Violet has picked her opponent well.

Jessie also relies on power. More than Violet even.

And Jessie's game is one dimensional, but pure power has done her ok.

Violet is, deceptively, well out of Jessie's league in the pure power stakes.

Violet likes getting her opppent's head between her thighs. Giving them a close look at that tattoo as she crushes their head and neck.

For Jessie the choke out is a little more technique based. Maybe not applied that well. Well enough.

Power does make a difference.

Violet remembers Jessica. They crossed paths a few times back when they were both lifting.

Violet won those. All of them. She is that much stronger. She wasn't usually very nice about it either.

Jessica is rolling with a few of the newer grapplers. There's a certain method here. She deliberately rolls badly. Tapping out and losing falls.

Yes this helps a newer grappler fine tune some things and build a bit of confidence.

Sometimes it also lulls someone else into a false sense of confidence.

Violet is still a bit of a bully, so between falls she calls out Jessica.

Jessica makes a show of hesitating, then accepts.

The next day they roll, and in about five seconds she figures out what's happened.

While Violet was picking up some amateur wrestling and basic submission skills, Jessica has been perfecting a world class submission grappling game.

Jessica pulls guard and Violet is trying to defend. Jessica transitions her hips first. After that it's pretty easy.

Fuschia has a match with Robin from Femmes Fatales. Robin would up bleeding slightly from her eyelids after Fuschia's fingernails went where they shouldn't.

Violet can be a little nasty when she's desperate also.

So Jessica just asks her.

"And what do you think I'm going to do if you try that crap?"

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