Thursday, 14 January 2016

RENDER - Preview Jacelyn and Jessica

When we first met Jewel's younger / bigger / stronger sister we found out that she was very atheletic provided it was as outdoors as possible.

Inside it was either power lifting or Judo.

Mostly Judo.

And a lot of power lifting.

But mostly Judo, which led to Ju Jitsu in Brazil, which turned into an elite / world class grappling game backed up by explosive strength and power.

In terms of my virtual roster she is an absolute top gun.

She also has little use for things she sees as frivolous.

Her swimsuits are basic and functional - they are all well suited to swimming and surfing.

Her shoes are mostly the comfortable kind. As in running shoes, rock climbing shoes, wrestling shoes, and a couple pairs of boots.

Her makeup box is dominated by varieties of waterproof broad spectrum sunscreen.

Now there was the one time her sister nagged her into entering a fitness contest.

She she was actually winning until one of the other competitors got in her head before the swimsuit part of the contest.

Nervous and self conscious on the stage in a bikini she ultimately lost to another woman.


That's ok. The first time they got on the mats the Strangler didn't know what she'd signed up for and wound up getting put to sleep.



Jessica is that good.

But Jewell is determined to get her younger sister thinking a bit more about looks, so with some nagging and hassle convinces her to try some makeup, hair highlights, and a pretty skimpy suit.

Self esteem and all that.

Frankly Jessica knows better. Most people do.

But sometimes you just gotta let someone grab the damn makeup brush so they will shut up.

Jessica isn't particularly comfortable in front of the camera. With coaching and a lot of prodding she strikes a couple of poses.

Jacelyn is booked with the same photographer and in the room.

She's pretty complimentary.

She asks Jessica if she'd like a couple of tips?

Jessica shrugs. This really seems silly to her. What the hell... Why not.

So then Jacelyn pops a few poses herself.

Then she offers her advice...

Too bad you can't fill out that suit properly. Next time maybe try a parka.


Did someone just let their mouth write a check that their ass probably can't cash?

I think we'll find out pretty soon...

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