Tuesday, 12 January 2016

RENDER - Preview Jacelyn and Lucy with some new looks (in action)


I am still working on a "pins" only style match set of renders involving Jacelyn and Corveena in pro gear. This will be a bit longer because I'm going to need to create/set 3-4 new poses (the part that takes time).

I'm also working some renders with Jessica and Jacelyn.

Too many things on the go.

In all of this I've bought a few new suits and things and I decided to try them on Lucy (aka The Crusher) for looks. While I was at it I started playing with hairstyles...

Well one thing led to another.

So Jacleyn and the Crusher are both showing off their new looks for the camera.

Did Crusher Bogart that second photo?

I think maybe she did.

I think Jacelyn thinks she did also.

Is this going to prove a mistake?

Coming up soon you'll find out.

Using poses I've saved previously I've got a little over 20 scenes so far. Hope to finish the series and get them posted "soonish".   :)


  1. Lucy is just showing off her tattoos more clearer and everyone knows that Jacelyn is a photo-hog. XD

  2. Pins only? Please tell me there will be some full body squashing included.